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• 8/27/2014

Uploading AC:NL Pictures from 3DS to Wiki?

I'm long in the tooth but new to Wikis.  Can someone tell me how to upload pictures of my town to the Wiki, or is that not allowed?  I like this Wiki site the best for AC:NL over IGN or Thonky because I found the information to be more reliable.



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• 8/27/2014

We encourage everyone to post pictures that are Animal Crossing related, so as long as they end up on a page. It's not necessary to upload something if you don't intend to use it. (your userpage counts as a page!)

To get the pic of your town on your computer, insert your SD Card wherever necessary and go through the SD Card's files until you find the right picture. Go to Special:Upload to upload the file on the wiki. Once it's been uploaded, go to the page you wish to put it on. Click "Edit" and on the side of the page, you should see "Add features and media." Open it and select Photo. Depending on how recently you uploaded the picture, it should be seen when opening Photo. If you remember what the file was called, you can also search for it. (Note: Try to make the file name match the picture. If it's a picture of Rosie sleeping on a tree stump, call it something like RosieStump. This makes it easier to find.)

Select the photo and put it on the page. If you have any problems, leave another message on the thread. Good luck!

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