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• 8/30/2014

Collecting perfect fruit

I am on a mission, what is that mission you may ask? To collect all the different types of fruit! These are the fruit that I am looking for, at least 2 perfect apples, at least 2 perfect pears, at least 2 perfect cherries, at least 2 perfect peaches and at least 2 perfect oranges. I am paying 50,000 bells for every 2 of perfect fruit you can get! If interested reply and also my fc is 3239-4700-8323

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• 7/24/2016

I have perfect pears, I can give you as many as you want but in return, I would like some other types of just normal fruit like Apples, Cherries and Oranges (i already have peaches) 

That's all I ask for thanks!

FC: 498-5171-1503

• 7/25/2016

I have Perfect Oranges. I don't need anything in return, though, so thats ok.~

FC: 2595-2969-9284 

• 8/2/2016

I have way more perfect cherries than I need! Come and get as many as you like if you want. FC: 4656-9833-6522

• 8/2/2016

I'm up for that, do you what me to give you perfect pears for the cherries? 


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