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• 8/5/2015

Visiting Towns

I am Animal Crossing Player, I have visited this site many time to look for other players to visit.  If there is any players, I would like to hear you so I can visit other towns and get Katie to visit my town let her to visit other towns.  As well as helping petitions that my town fokes get.  Top all that you a Badge for traveling to other towns.  E-Mail me, contact me on my page or talk to me on this discussion board.  I will give out my new friend code.

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• 8/8/2015

You know you can always get friend codes at the island. That's what I do when I want to play NL. Lots of people who go to island give out their FC like water. Try it out ;)!

Get those visitation badges!

P.S. Try a blog out as well. You might get someone!

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