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• 10/3/2015

Visiting Towns

Hey! I'm new to the forum and stuff so I don't know if this is what people usually do. Buuutt I would really like to get the 100 visits in my town so that I can change my train station theme. Since I'm the only one in my friends group that plays ACNL then I thought to look to others who play the game. So if you guys are interested in visiting my town (and I don't mind visiting yours) message here or on my wall. My friend code is on my page with some info on my town. Also, if you just don't want to visit but do some trading that would be fun too. I have plentiful fruit but I'm always lookng for some that I don't have, same with furniture and etc. Thanks for reading!

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• 10/3/2015

you're best looking on somewhere like animal crossing community or the bell tree forums, it's pretty quiet around here and not a lot of us still play New Leaf

• 10/16/2015

I play and would love to visit. What is your FC code? Mine is 0877-3890-3020

• 11/10/2015

looking for people that would let me travel to their town and vice versa

my native fruit is : apple also have orange and island fruits

looking for pear/ peach/ cherry 

FC: 3540-2622-1678...add me and ill add you !

• 11/17/2015
• 11/29/2015

Be careful not to let people into your towns that are a bit weird, I made that mistake once with a girl that stole of my flowers and stuff.

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