Thoughts on home exterior ideas!

Hello there!

This is my first time posting here on Animal Crossing Wikia. I apologize if I am at fault with any rules and/or policies!

I wanted to get your opinions on how I should go about designing the exterior of my home.

Here is what it currently looks like:

If the link is not viewable then here is a description of the exterior items that I have.

Architecture: Mansion (Default)

Door: Arched Cabin Door - Theme: Rustic

Fence: Sculpted Hedge - Theme: Harmonious/Rustic

Mailbox: Barrel Mailbox - Theme: Antique/Harmonious/Rustic/Toy Shop

Pavement: Colorful Gravel

Roof: Purple Shingle Roof - Theme: Antique/Rustic

Exterior Wall: Garden Exterior - Theme: Fairy Tale

I realize that there is definitely a mixture of themes going on (Currently Harmonious, but I plan on changing it).

Based on what my exterior looks like now, I definitely would like to change the door and mailbox to better suit the rest of my home. I am also thinking about changing the pavement to Pebble Pavement and the fence to just the regular Hedge (still the same theme). However, my main concern is the design of the door and mailbox.

I have some ideas, but I would like to get your opinions as well!

Thank you,