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• 8/2/2016

Survey Results

Here's an analysis of the July Survey results. This will help us to understand what our readers and users want better from our site.

Section 1

On average, on which kind of device do you use the wiki most often?

Usually desktop computer 64%
Usually mobile 24%
I use the wiki roughly equally on all devices. 7%
Usually tablet computer 5%

On average, which section of the site do you visit the most?

Top three responses:

  1. Villager pages - 26%
  2. Collectables pages - 14%
  3. Community - 12%

On average, which section of the site do you visit the least?

Top three responses:

  1. Community - 58%
  2. Music pages - 14%
  3. Long-form articles - 7%

On average, which section of the site do you find the most useful?

Top three responses:

  1. Collectables pages - 40%
  2. List pages - 14%
  3. Guide pages - 12%

On average, which section of the site do you think could be improved the most?

Top three responses:

  1. Furniture pages - 18%
  2. Event pages - 15%
  3. List pages - 7%

Are there any sections or topics that you think the Animal Crossing Wiki is missing or lacks sufficient coverage on in particular?

  • 4 people mentioned the need for better furniture pages with more pictures.
  • 5 people mentioned that they would like better guides.
  • 3 people mentioned that they would like more coverage of foreign or time-exclusive content.


Most respondents use the desktop computer when they browse the wiki; they will all get to see stylised templates and infoboxes. However, almost a quarter use their phones more often than the desktop -- we should try to cater more to these users.

Villagers and collectables pages are visited often, whereas our interactive sections like the community are not. We should try to make our community more inviting to new users on our forums and chatroom.

Collectables pages are seen as the most useful, whereas other useful sections such as furniture pages were seen as needing improvement. Several respondents mentioned needing more pictures on furniture pages, as well as information on refurbished furniture.

Section 2

This section was about satisfaction. The following table will list the average satisfaction for each section of our site. Satisfaction will be normalised to 100 and calculated in the following way

25(\frac{x_1 \times 1 + x_2 \times 2 + x_3 \times 3 + x_4 \times 4 + x_5 \times 5}{n}-1)

where x1 is the number of responses for 1/5 satisfaction and so on and where n is the sample size.

Below 75% satisfaction is colored red, between 75% and 85% orange, and above 85% green.

Topic Satisfaction Sample size
New Leaf coverage 87 69
Happy Home designer coverage 71 47
Amiibo Festival coverage 70 38
Wild World/City Folk 86 50
GCN games 77 42
News 75 51
Long-form articles 81 62
Short-form articles 88 63
List pages 86 65
Community 74 33
Visual appearance 80 69
Guides 86 62
Japanese exclusive 72 38
Staff and admins 89 52
Wiki rules 87 46
Mobile appearance 54 43


By far the least satisfying aspect of our site is the appearance of the site on mobile. It would be very useful to improve that. Other important sections that need improvement that are flagged here are improvements to HHD and aF pages.

Section 3

In this section respondents were asked about how useful improvements to certain sections of the site would be. Usefulness will be normalised to 100 and calculated in the following way

25(\frac{x_1 \times 1 + x_2 \times 2 + x_3 \times 3 + x_4 \times 4 + x_5 \times 5}{n}-1)

where x1 is the number of responses for 1/5 usefulness and so on and where n is the sample size.

Below 70% usefulness is colored red, between 70% and 80% orange, and above 80% green.

Topic Usefulness Sample size
List pages 74 73
Guide pages 84 73
Fansite pages 55 73
Clothing pages 82 73
Videos 60 73
YouTube channel 73 73
User-created content 77 73
Hacking tutorials 66 73
Mobile browser improvements 76 58
Villager moving guides 87 73
Organizing visits 68 73
Friendcode sharing 68 73
Special characters 69 73
Cameos 57 73
Collectables 76 73
Villager pages 75 73
Furniture 79 73
Events 78 73
Wiki appearance 67 73


It is clear that respondents want to see improvements to our guides, especially on villagers. Furthermore, clothing is also highlighted as needing improvement. Respondents value community improvements less; perhaps they prefer other communities that are larger and more established.

Section 4

This section was about what people would like to see added to our site. The full set of responses is enclosed.

On average, which section of our site needs the most improvement, and why?
clean up articles
Staff pages, kind of unorganized; generally needs work
Furniture pages and Nintendo staff pages need the most improvement because those two sections lack the most information.
Any list page that's lacking images. It makes it difficult to discern what I'm searching for from any other item without an image.
furniture, since it's very large and hard to oversee
Can't think of one.
Happy Home Designer. There's like one page.
The forum. The layout looks kind of tacky and unfinished. It could really use some improvements visually.
I'm unsure
E-Reader card sections on some villager pages
Clothing; not all clothing has a picture to show what it looks like
Furniture, because pages which group the various types of furniture (such as chairs, tables or stereos) are absent or need improvement.
I do not have any suggestions for improvement.
Furniture pages
Furniture lists. Furniture lists are super unorganized and don't seem to contain all the information from all the games in the series. They also lack pictures and you know everyone likes those pictures.
I feel that one page in relation to the nooks store upgrades should be created - this saves page hopping.
I'd say furniture, because some furniture pages don't show if they can be refurbished or not.
I think there are too many ads, and that really slows the site down and makes it hard to quickly browse. Its very slow and sometimes frustrating.
The website is very slow and glitchy most of the time.
The section on furniture. I need to know what kinds of furniture would be good gifts to certain villagers.
Sometimes pictures don't load or just aren't there
Community remove ads
Furniture customizations, to see what they'll look like
All of the website is good
The site graphics need the most work. The background is a .jpeg with a lot of static so it doesn't look the best. Also, the white text on the patterned background isn't easy on the eyes; visitors can read it, but a solid color or a similar background with more contrast with the white text would work better.
Guides, item lists by theme
Search because it take a bit to load and it glitchs a bit on tablet
Information about the older downloadable items such as the zodiac set and 7-11 set.
I think that some fish and bug pages are a bit ambiguous. Some specification would be nice! Instead of "Found on summer nights" the wiki could write "Can be seen fastly wandering in 2x2 patches of clear land on summer nights.
Lists of available furniture/DLC
Bugs and Fish
The amiibo card for some special characters on their respective pages looks unfinished with "Please enter a request" filling the request box. Only a slight annoyance for someone who knows that they won't request anything and it sort of makes sense, but I feel like it could confuse someone who hasn't used the cards and is considering buying them.
The site doesnt really need much improvement. you guys are great.
Everything is very well done, the only things I have found that could be improved is a few mistakes in events, I don't remember which one(s) it was, but just the same as sometimes Thonky is wrong/was misinformed. It was just a mistake in what you could do/were required to do in that event. I'm sorry I can't be more helpful, but the wikia ia already great!
bug/fish list, could help to have the lists by month
I don't know
game guides. currently the wiki has brief mentions on how to achieve different tasks such as badges, but I would love to see more in depth coverage with tips and tricks.
list pages
Certain pages on villagers have a lot of time and energy devoted to them, but some of the more unpopular villagers have almost nothing on their pages.
I'm hoping the previous answers would help determine that. The site is large, the content is all pretty good, there is nothing in specific dire need of attention.
I don't think it's needs many improvements and if it does the improvements are only minor overall this wiki is really good
In general the pages are good but I dont feel satisfied with the information I see. I feel the need to continue searching for information on other sites. Also I think strategy guides should be on this wikia just like Final Fantasy's. If there are then ignore that, also there should be information about hacking on here, because it is not quite clear what it is or what affects there are in the game. And regardless its not necessary tutorials I'm asking but I'm more just curious what happens in a hacked game and what possibilities are available to those who choose to hack. It feels like I'm playing chutes and ladders and everyone else is in candy land. I know what to expect in general with new leaf but everyone else is on cloud 9 having fun.
Hmmm, that is a tough question as I've honestly never looked at your site from the "needs improvment" perspective. I have been very fortunate to find what I've been looking for easily, each time I use the site or app.
Maybe the villager section, include what item a villager would like/dislike to have on their birthday
How do things
Everything looks super good at the moment. Except the Bugs (City Folk) page could be improved a bit.
Probably the furniture lists and just lists in general, idk they're really slow on my mobile nd just look / feel messy
More info for things that are complex to explain and may need a tutorial
Homepage, general improvements
Paintings; they lack sufficient coverage in the sense that there aren't any lists of them. Also, if you're going to make a list page of them, perhaps remind your desktop readers to use ctrl+f for finding concerns.
The section on events (either internet or in-game)
Some of the paintings that classify as genuine or forgery are blurry and hard to see.
I can't think of any particular section that needs much improvement
I feel the Japanese only content, while it is good now, could definitely be improved on, there isn't as much information on the page as I think there is on the topic.
Mobile use (especially for Windows phones) because the site crashes frequently
Sections that show big collectors of items like clothing, fish and bugs i would like to see in the lists pictures of the items
Telling us how to befriend Labelle in City FOlk
Clothing as some items are only pictures and have no descriptions
If you could add one new section to our site, what would it be?
not sure
Standalone furniture and prices
I believe we have all the necessary sections to cover the entire franchise at the moment.
Honestly, I would really like a printable version of the fish, bugs, and deep sea creature lists that use minimal ink and paper. Possibly a place to check off what you've already caught?
idk it pretty much has everything but a section or something dedicated to hacking would be cool
I'm unsure
The Guide Section
I do not have any suggestions for a new section.
A proper guides section
Beds, Clocks, Chairs & Sofas, and Closets & Dressers.
I don't believe a whole section is required for improvement
Hacking for sure. Since a lot come to find it but there's no section for hacking the save file.
Maybe a section on interactions with other characters (like on the island or through the station)
QR codes
I don't think it needs a new section.
More info about hacking or villagers moving
Shut up
Furniture customizations
Animal crossing comics.
Nothing, really.
Moving villagers guide
Custom disigns 
What dates the trees and grass change colour
Discussion board for dream codes
Moving villagers in and out of town
A section with the outfits unlocked in amiibo Festival listed and pictured for all the characters.
Video Tutorials
Guide To Redd's Artwork
i dont know
ALL the music! Samples of music boxes, all different versions of the hour music.
dream codes sharing
Video tutorials for beginners
guides on how to complete certain in game tasks, such as getting badges
moving villagers in and out
Summary lists (furniture, hairstyle, bugs, fish...) - quick and easy to use
Tricks to catch rare bugs and fish like spotting rare fish based on their shadow(I think that's a thing?)
Possible Acres you can get in your towns.
When you've already covered it all...
none that I can think of
If I think of anything limebthis, I'll message you via tumblr; I cannot think of anything going needing added though right now.
Power save guide section, a guide on how to hacking, a qr code section, and villagers moving in and out section
A town tunes page where everyone can list what tunes they have for their town.
Hmmm...maybe something specifically designated for public works ? I know there's already a page but idk maybe something more in depth , like instead of having to go to that public work, you just can see in a list how to get that one. Other than that Idk.
tbh, idk
Section on the differences between mayors and non-mayor players in towns
Something - preferably a guide - to do with establishing yourself in the community that doesn't include contributing (much).
A section on the mechanics of the game (eg how the towns are rendered)
I really don't know. I honestly just look at the Wikia for a few things, and everything I want on here is already here.
As mentioned earlier in the survey, I'd be interested in a section for user-created designs or the capability to exchange friend codes and visit each others' towns. Many players put a lot of effort into designing their town, so that aspect of the game is something I'd like to see more on (i.e. design guides and tips).
A section where fans could discuss what they want in a new game.
Prices to things that you sell
You have everything i need
Types of clothes (not sure if this is there oops)
QR Code collection that people can add to
Is there anything lacking on our wiki that you have to use other sites to find the relevant information?
Lists of non-series furniture (standalone)
Item images.
Good pictures. Well I have uploaded probably more than a thousand in the last few days. :)
Not really.
Sometimes there will just be bits of informaiton missing, or info just isn't that clear. Sometimes ill just go to another site because theres a better layout or they have an overall better guide.
No, I visit this wiki to find an answer lacking on others sites.
Not that I have known.
Friend code forums and pages. You can't find a good way to find a friend code here..darn.
Qr Codes for sure.
Furniture styles.
Rule 34
Customizations of furniture
r/animalcrossing on Reddit
Perfect Town guide
I use Thonky for the guides as the wiki doesn't have as extensive information on some topics
Glitchy for tablet users
Updated pictures of villagers, like the nice HD ones on the amiibo cards.
Bug guides
sometimes disscrepancies in things like flower breeding
Hybrids Flower Guide
Haven't attempted to look for information directly on the wiki, a lot of specific guides for the game I have read have come from Thonky just because it was first on the list after googling.
Not really. Good job!
I have to use thonky more often to deal with Redd's paintings
Sometimes for event information, but other than that, no.
Thonky is very organized and specific
game guides and tips, as well as organizing visits. Also, the encyclopedia layout on thonky is incredibly useful
Hairstyle guide is better on Thonky
Time travel
Lists of furniture/clothing/accessories
I don't think it's anything lacking , I just find it easier to find guides to get new buildings in main street
Qr code designing, Happy Home Designer
I'm not sure thatyour sure is LACKING per se, I think I use the other apps just because they're DIFFERENT.
Hacks, cheats, video based tutorials
I sometimes go onto Nookipedia to check if the Bugs and Fish times are the same.
Besides hacks and things like getting a villager to move
Pictures of some items
nope, not really
secondary player characters in a town! (non-mayors)
Not particularly, I'm very content with everything I find on here. My above answers were out of ease or that extra extent of coverage, that's all - the info's all still there.
Not really. Actually, this site provides more information than any other site I've used. It's definitely my go to site for any Animal Crossing information.
The main thing I use other sites for aside from some small step-by-step guides is to find QR codes and design ideas.
No. I find that this wiki definitely has sufficient information for what I am looking for.
Youtube dose a better job of showing you hacks and other guide like information
How to befriend Labelle in City Folk
How can we improve the experience for users on mobile or tablet-based browsers?
Improve infoboxes and tables
Editing the main-page so that mobile users can see the full potential that desktop users see. The main page on mobile is a mess.
Remove advertisements
Maybe have the layout a little more organized.
Make it faster
Improved scroll-based mobile browsers
Not really.
I don't know.
The pictures sometimes don't load of pretend not to be there
Better links
Be better
Better interface
Better design
Better visuals (such as backgrounds)
Nothing, it's fine
On my iphone 6s the mobile site looks really bad. It has pop up adds that block the article text constantly. Also pages look completely different than they do on the desktop site, sometimes so much so that I cannot even find the same information.
No maore gliches when searching 
Make the tables and body of text align properly.
Less lag, but that might just be the tablet
I don't use those devices to access the wiki (sorry!)
Nothing jumps to mind, although the site on mobile does look a little bland in comparison to a web-based browser.
No improvements
make the text a little bigger
make it look better
Sorry I don't use my mobile for this, can't help you there.
page loading quickly
I don't know
better image layout
less lag
Specific apps
There are too many pop up ads that I accidently tap
I dunno lol
don't know, I don't use mobiles to browse wikis.
at least on my mobile it doesn't seem to work right (the layout) it cuts across each other and then an ad will come up that you can't get rid off (I assume this is the one in the background)
Make content more organized
Shrugs. I've no complaints & use mobile or tablet primarily.
I don't know but I have problems with the web browser crashing on my phone but I'm sure it's probably my phone and not the actual site
It's perfect
Maybe just make sure that the screen and words fit good on a mobile screen.
Allow the option for the original browser version
idk, don't use it often.
just more compatibility, less ads...
Whatever you do, DON'T make an Animal Crossing Wiki app, courtesy of Wikia. They're even harder to use than the browser versions - they lag, too. What I would recommend is to perhaps customise your theme a little more, as someone who uses Wikia frequently I do appreciate pretty CSS edits.
I have not used the site on any mobile/tablet devices
The site is kind of slow on mobile. A speed improvement would be nice.
I'm not sure how much of this boils down to my mobile browser, but I find that the pages such as the fish list are laid out in a way that makes navigating them difficult, and they tend to jump sections as I'm scrolling. I usually try to use the desktop site just because it's much easier to use, but it isn't any kind of hardship for me to do so.
Improve the looks of it.
Fix any bugs preventing the pages from loading properly
I haven't seen the wiki on a mobile
Don't use
make page fit better on screens, when i rotate my tablet half the page dissappears instead of resizing
Do you have any other thoughts about the quality of our site?
it is good TM
The overall quality of the ACW is above average, and usually has more information on any single topic than any of the aforementioned sites.
the site is extremely handy, thank you very much.
You guys have done pretty well.
It's absolutely great, but there are some little nooks and crannies (heh) that could be improved.
The wiki's quality is great
I love this site and I find it very useful. Keep up the good work? ^.^
The graphic aspect must be improved.
The wiki does change with the seasons, just like in New Leaf. It almost feels that I am actually playing Animal Crossing.
Less ads, or at least make the website run more smoothly
It's just really slow and buggy.
No thank you! :)
This survey is tedious
I really would like more extensive lists on clothing and furniture themes. Some themes only have a few items listed when I know there are many more.
None, just thanks for having the wiki up!
Thank you for uploading this survey!
Your site is so useful and you did SO much to make it awesome. Hats off to you, mate.
You guys are great. The site is amazing.
I can't imagine how much research you have to do to gather all that information, but it's incredibly helpful, and MUCH appreciated - thank you so much!
I like the tone of the site and the emphasis on being polite to one another and doing the right thing
Thank you for everything you provide to the ac community!! i would be lost without this site.
on mobile it can be very laggy
I think the quality is really good , it's easy to understand and find things the lists and guides are great and pages for villagers and characters are amazing
it is an AMAZINGLY helpful and informative site! I would FAIL big time at April fools, Halloween, villager birthdays etc without y'all!
The quality is great - probably the best wikia site (visually) out there. Correct info and extremely useful for animal crossing players.
It's fine on desktop but mobile it's just slow and messy looking but I feel like the sites covers plenty of content
I love this site :)
Guides on community would be helpful, and certainly beneficial for the wiki's, well, community. Other than that, I haven't really got many concerns with the quality of the site.
I think the site is great as it is right now, but it wouldn't hurt to polish some sections of it.
high quality, keep up the good work

Section 5

This section was about demographics. 'Prefer not to say' responses were discarded.

  • 70% of respondents were between 13 and 21.
  • The number of male and female respondents was approximately equal. 3% of respondents identified as neither.
  • 60% of respondents were from the United States.
  • Around 50% of respondents say they go straight to the Animal Crossing Wiki to look up Animal Crossing information. 10% are community members who do not edit frequently.
  • The community was remarkably flexible with time-travelling - only 20% believe that it is cheating.


What our results show clearly is that our users very much would appreciate improvements to our guide pages, furniture pages and to how our site appears on mobile. I would suggest that moving forward we strongly focus on these topics.

Please leave a message on my message wall for raw responses to each question.
Thanks to all who responded!

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Yeah I feel bad for anyone who has to view the wiki on a mobile device. Anyone know a good mobile optimized wiki?
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