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• 12/27/2016

Checking grammar etc

Recently I've noticed a lot of spelling mistakes, wrong pronouns, etcetera on page which I've tried to edit as best I can. When I first joined I made these silly mistakes (e.g using `you` instead of `the player`) and got a polite message with a link to the rules and some templates, which I read and never made mistakes again. Two ideas:

1) Is it worth, if it doesn't happen already, sending emails to all new editors with the rules attached for clarification? As I say, this might already happen and I just failed to notice...

2) We could have people that simply go around pages once in a while and check for spelling or grammar mistakes and edit them. Alternatively, to make it easier, every time somebody edits or creates a page, somebody else could scan it briefly for mistakes. This is probably too time-consuming. 

Just putting it out there, anyway.

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• 12/27/2016

If I'm editing a page, or see recent edits, I will always grammar check the page and often make other edits as well. If the user is regular, and still makes consistent mistakes, then it is easy to send them a link to the rules and/or point out the problems at hand. For now, that's what we have. 

Adding the rules tro the welcome message is possible. I'm surprised it isn't already there, actually.

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