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This article is about the Able Sisters store. For information on the individual characters, please see their individual pages: Mabel, Sable, and Label.
Able Sisters Gallery

Able Sisters is a clothing shop/tailor shop, one of the main stores in the Animal Crossing series. It is owned and run by Sable and Mabel, the Able sisters. The store was owned and run by their parents, until a fatal sewing accident led to the business being handed over to Sable, who also had to take care of her younger sister, Mabel. In game the store is referred to as "tailors".

In all of the games except for New Leaf, the store resembles a small cottage. Some feature an attic space or side room which may be the sisters' living area. It has an emerald green roof, with blue featured windows with white shutters. The store also has a large white door for the entrance, with the Able Sisters sign directly above it.

In New Leaf, the store is much larger with an external stairway leading up to the top floor which eventually becomes Shampoodle, where the player can change their hairstyle. It retains the blue sign above the door, but no longer resembles a cottage.

In New Horizons, the store must be built and can be placed anywhere on the island. The exterior of the shop has a display window showcasing what they're selling.


In Animal Crossing[]

In the original Animal Crossing, it is always placed in one of the F acres, except for acre F5 where the dock is located.

In Wild World[]

In Wild World, it is always placed directly east of Nook's shop. On the game cover they are in separate places though.

In City Folk[]

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In City Folk, it can be found anywhere in the Town. In this shop, the player can buy clothes, umbrellas, hats and accessories. The shop also deals in patterns. The player is able to create or acquire patterns to use as shirts, hats, umbrellas, floor patches, home walls and home floors. The player's designs can also be displayed around the shop. Not only will other players be able to get them, but other animals will also wear them.

The player can design normal patterns at any time from the patterns menu. Speak with Mabel (the blue hedgehog who follows the player around) to make Pro Designs, which can have different patterns for the front, back and each arm of the clothing. It costs 350 Bells to make one Pro Design. Sable and Mabel are sisters, with Sable being the oldest of ten years and Mabel being the youngest. These two sisters play a big part in the side story episode. Sable (at the sewing machine) is very unfriendly to start with, but if the player speaks to her (over the course of 15 or 16 days) she will become more friendly, as in previous AC games. She may even tell a story.

In New Leaf[]

AnimalCrossing 205

Able Sisters as seen in Main Street

In New Leaf, the store can be found in the Main Street. Upon starting the game it is next to Nookling Junction to the left of it, and the Museum or the bench to the right. However, once the player has met certain requirements, the Gardening Store will be built between the Nookling store and the Able Sisters store.

The shopfront has two entrances - one with a green top on the door, which leads to the main clothes store, ran by Sable and Mabel, and one with a pink bow on the door, which leads to the accessories section, ran by Labelle. The two sections are also connected internally, so the player can easily access one section from the other.

Initially, the only items Mabel and Sable offer in their store is shirts and designs, as well as skirts and pants which are new to the series. These take the place of accessories, which used to be on show in the top right of the store. In the clothing section, the player can buy clothing (tops, dresses, and bottoms), save custom designs, create pro designs, and scan QR Codes for new designs. The clothing available changes on a daily basis, with either three tops or two tops and a dress available, and two bottoms. Interacting with these will cause Mabel to reveal which category the clothes belong in (Sporty, Cute, Iconic, Rock 'n' Roll, Official, Ornate, Flashy, Modern, Historical, or Basic). By interacting with Mabel, the player is given the option to create a 'pro' design, which allows a more detailed level of customization than a regular custom design for the price of 500 Bells, or save a custom design in the store, which allows other villagers to be seen wearing it, and frees up space in the player's design inventory. Eight custom designs can be displayed in the store at any one time. By interacting with Sable, the player will learn more about the Able sisters themselves, and eventually be given the option to use a large sewing machine at the back of the store to scan QR Codes with the 3DS camera for new designs.

Labelle runs the accessories store, where the player can buy a variety of accessories, which will vary from day to day. These include helmets, hats, glasses and face accessories, and umbrellas. There are, at any one time, three hats/helmets/hair accessories on display, three facial accessories/glasses, and one umbrella. Interacting with these will cause Labelle to inform the player whether the item is unisex, for men, or for women, and trying it on will reveal which category the item belongs to. The only exception to this is the umbrella, which the player is not allowed to 'try on', and do not belong to any category. Speaking to Labelle will only trigger one of a few lines of flavor text, unlike the other two sisters.

Once the player has spent 8,000 Bells in the Able Sisters store, Kicks' store will open next door to the right of the building. It will offer shoes as well as other accessories, such as socks.

When the player spends at least 10,000 Bells between the Able Sisters or Kicks, the beauty salon Shampoodle will open directly above Able Sisters. It is accessed via an external staircase.

In Pocket Camp[]


Sable, Mabel, and Labelle's pop-up on-the-go shop in Pocket Camp

Sable, Mabel, and Labelle have a mobile truck shop in Pocket Camp, where players can buy clothes and accessories for themselves and villagers. They appear at the Market Place. Every day, 3 items are on display. In the morning until 1:00 PM, Mabel will be seen with clothing that the player can purchase. At 1:00 PM Labelle will be available for the player to buy accessories.

In New Horizons[]


Mabel's clothing stand in the rain.

In New Horizons, the Able Sisters shop initially is not present on the Deserted Island and must be built. After Nook's Cranny is built, the player will encounter Timmy and Tommy speaking with Mabel about selling her wares on the island. From then on, Mabel will appear in the Resident Services plaza and sell a small selection of clothing. If the player purchases at least 1 item throughout two visits, then on Mabel's next visit, she will reveal that she and Sable have decided to open a shop on the island and will ask the player to choose its location. The player can place the plot for the shop, which is 5x4 tiles anywhere on the island they see fit. The shop will open two days after the plot is placed.

The completed shop sells a wide selection of tops, bottoms, dresses, headwear, accessories, socks, and shoes. Most of the items on display change each day, but the two mannequins on the left of the floor that are adorned with seasonal items change only every Monday. There is also a much larger selection of items that can only be viewed in the dressing room, a new addition to the shop which allows the player to both try on and buy multiple articles of clothing at once. Purchased clothing can either be worn out of the shop or shipped to the player's House storage. If the player's house storage is full, the purchased clothing will show up in their inventory instead.

After opening the shop, Label and Kicks will begin appearing in the Resident Services plaza as special visitors. Label will perform fashion checks, while Kicks offers socks, shoes, and backpacks.

Unlike Nook's Cranny, the shop will not kick the player out when the time hits 9PM.

As of the 1.5.0 Halloween update, players can purchase different costumes for the event.


Able Pictures

In Animal Forest+, Animal Crossing, and Animal Forest e+, the Able Sisters do not sell clothing and accessories directly, as Tom Nook sells them in his stores instead. Starting from Wild World, the Able Sisters sell products along with offering designs. The products they offer include the following:

  • Clothes
  • Umbrellas
    • In New Horizons, umbrellas are no longer sold at the Able Sisters. They are now found at Nook's Cranny in the cabinet.
  • Accessories
    • Glasses
    • Hats
    • Masks
    • Helmets

Clothes and accessories can be tried on before they are bought by interacting with the item, and from there Mabel or Labelle will reply with a list of options - trying on being one of them.


Designs are created by talking to Mabel. Designs are player-created patterns that allow the player to create customizable objects that best suit their needs. They can be used as clothing, headgear, umbrellas, paintings, wallpaper, flooring or used as tiles to place outside on the ground.

PRO designs[]

A PRO design is a more advanced design the player can make in City Folk, New Leaf, and New Horizons which costs 350 Bells, 500 Bells, and 800 Miles respectively. Unlike regular designs, which have the pattern on the reverse and obverse on clothing, the player can customize the front, back, and each sleeve individually. PRO designs take up one pattern slot, and, like normal patterns, can be displayed and used through the Able Sisters store.


QR Codes (New Leaf)[]


Example of an Exported Pattern QR code.

Once the player has spoken to Sable on ten separate days (at least once per day), a new sewing machine will appear in the shop. This machine will allow the player to scan and create QR codes.

Creating a QR code will generate an image that contains the pattern's name, a preview image, and the QR code. The image will then be exported to the SD card and will be accessible via the Camera Software. Exported Pro Designs may require more data than a single QR code can contain, and up to four QR codes will be generated for one design that has to be scanned in sequence to reproduce the pattern. Players can share QR codes by uploading them to a website via the 3DS's Web Browser, or by inserting the SD card into a PC and extracting the QR code from there.

Scanning a QR code is straightforward and requires a current pattern to be overwritten in order to save it. Once a pattern is chosen for overwriting, simply point the 3DS's camera at the QR code and align the crosshairs to match up with the code. If a multi-code Pro Design is scanned, the game will detect it and prompt the player to scan the subsequent codes. Regular and Pro Designs scanned via QR code cannot be edited or shared in-game (e.g., with villagers via the pattern displays, or other players). If a QR code is difficult to scan, adjusting the brightness around the code may increase chances of success.

Custom Designs Kiosk (New Horizons)[]

In New Horizons, the Able Sisters shop has a Custom Designs Kiosk in the back right corner. When the player first uploads a design to this kiosk, they are assigned a creator code, which can be shared and used by other players find all of the code owner's designs. Individual designs are also assigned a unique code. Using this feature requires an active Nintendo Online Subscription.

In other languages[]

Able Sisters
Language Name Translation
Japan Japanese エイブリルシスターズ Eiburirushisutāzu -
France French Soeurs Doigts de Fée -
Spain Spanish Hermanas Manitas -
Germany German Mode Schneider -
Italy Italian Sorelle Ago e Filo -
The Netherlands Dutch Zusjes Able -
Russia Russian Сёстры Эйбл Syostry Eybl -
South Korea Korean 에이블 시스터즈 -