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The Acorn Festival is an event found in Wild World. It starts on the first Monday of October and ends the next week. Cornimer uses his powers to spread acorns around the player's town under oak trees. The amount of acorns the player can get and under which trees vary. The objective is to collect all 230 acorns during the event. Alternatively, the acorns can be sold for varying amounts of bells.

Acorn Types

  • Small acorn
  • Acorn
  • Round acorn
  • Large acorn
  • Rotten acorn

After the player collects the acorns, they must hand them in by paying a visit to Cornimer, who will be seen standing outside the Town Hall. If the player gives any rotten acorns, the whole batch will be taken and not added to your score. If the player talks to Cornimer with no acorns of any kind, he will either tell you how many acorns he needs, or tells the player a fortune which is given by letter. Residents in the town may ask for an acorn, if the player gives a rotten acorn to a villager they will receive a pitfall seed.

One of Cornimer's fortunes.

The Mushroom Series

Cornimer will give the player one of the following items from the Mushroom Series depending on how many acorns have been handed in.

  • 5 acorns = Mush Stool
  • 10 acorns = Mush End Table
  • 25 acorns = Mush Lamp
  • 40 acorns = Mush Chair
  • 60 acorns = Mush Dresser
  • 80 acorns = Mush Closet
  • 100 acorns = Mush Stand
  • 120 acorns = Mush Table
  • 140 acorns = Mush TV
  • 170 acorns = Mush Bed
  • 200 acorns = Forest Wall
  • 230 acorns = Forest Floor