"I got an acorn barnacle! Maybe I can grow a barnacle tree?" —New Leaf

The acorn barnacle (どんぐりフジツボ Donguri fujitsubo?) is a benthic animal found at the bottom of the sea. It has a tiny, stationary, circular shadow. Diving is the only way to catch it.

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"They attach to hard places, and though they looks like bivalves, they are related to shrimp and crab. Some species are even edible and have a very crab-like taste to them, making it a fine delicacy. Young acorn barnacles come from eggs, do not have shells, and float around the ocean like shrimp. They gradually develop their shells as they grow into the image we usually see."

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Acorn barnacle
"I got an acorn barnacle! Maybe I can grow a barnacle tree?"
Size 1 inch
Time All day
Season All year


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Free-living barnacles are attached to the substratum by cement glands that form the base of the first pair of antennae; in effect, the animal is fixed upside down by means of its forehead. Barnacles have two distinct larval stages before developing into a mature adult. Typical acorn barnacles develop six hard calcareous plates to surround and protect their bodies. For the rest of their lives, they are cemented to the substrate, using their feathery legs to capture plankton.

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