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amiibo are a set of character figurines and cards that interact with the NFC readers in the Nintendo Switch's joycons, Wii U Gamepad, and touch screen of the New Nintendo 3DS. Nintendo released an external amiibo reader for the original Nintendo 3DS on September 25, 2015, alongside the North American launch of HHD.


amiibo Festival[]

amiibo Festival requires use of amiibo to play any of the mini-games. Amiibo features are required for the Amiibo Festival Board Game, while all other mini-games require amiibo cards.

Welcome amiibo[]

In the New Leaf update, Welcome amiibo, released on November 2nd, 2016, amiibo support for both cards and figurines became available for the title. Additions include a variety of villagers who had not yet appeared in New Leaf, as well as new villagers from other Nintendo titles. These villagers will initially stay in RVs, but may move into the player's town as well.

With the Welcome amiibo there are a total of five series of amiibo cards, with a special sixth series released in collaboration with Sanrio and the Hello Kitty brand.

New Horizons[]

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Music when using the amiibo Phone

In New Horizons, the player may scan in amiibo at either the Nook Stop in the Resident Services building once the Campsite has been constructed, at Photopia on Harv's Island, at The Roost once it's been added to the Museum, or at Paradise Planning in the Happy Home Paradise DLC expansion once the amiibo scanner is available. All previously released amiibo are compatible with New Horizons, as well as new set of cards produced for this game. Initially, however, the villagers Chai, Chelsea, Étoile, Marty, Rilla, and Toby, as well as all who did not appear in the game at launch, had limited functionality compared to other amiibo.


Flora being invited to the campsite


Asking Flora to become a resident

If opting to scan amiibo at the Nook Stop, the player may invite an amiibo's villager to the island's campsite. From here, the player has the option of speaking to the camper, who will request a DIY furniture item be crafted and delivered to them. Should the player not already have the recipe for the requested item, it will be given to them by the camper. Once the item has been delivered, the player may suggest the camper move to the island. The camper will decline the invitation both the first and second time the player performs this task, but will accept the invitation the third time it is offered.


Villagers invited to Photopia

If the player scans an amiibo in Photopia, that amiibo's character will appear and be able to be used in a photo shoot the same way regular island villagers may - unlike regular villagers, however, special characters are not able to have their clothing changed. Additionally, prior to Version 2.0, not all would appear in Photopia - only the characters who already appear in the game could be used this way. Regardless of whether the character may be used for photo shoots, scanning the character's amiibo will unlock a poster of them to be purchased from the Nook Stop for 1,000 Bells.


List of posters in New Horizons

Animal Crossing amiibo[]

Model-based amiibo for Super Smash Bros.[]

Model-based amiibo for Happy Home Designer and amiibo Festival[]

amiibo Cards[]

Series 1[]

Series 1 was released on September 25th, 2015 in North America, and October 2nd, 2015 in Europe.[1]

Series 2[]

Series 2 was released on TBAth MonthName YYYY.

Series 3[]

Series 3 was released on TBAth MonthName YYYY.