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Animal Crossing: Sweet Day (どうぶつの森 キャンディーまつり Dōbutsu no Mori Kyandī Matsuri?, Animal Forest: Candy Festival) is a 1-2 vs. 1-4 minigame that is included in Nintendo Land for the Wii U. 2-6 players can play the game against one (or two) players using the GamePad and the rest using the Wii Remote sideways. The player(s) with the GamePad plays as the two Gatekeepers Copper and Booker, while the players with the Wii Remotes play as the animals that resemble Dizzy, Peanut, Lily, and Tangy.

The icon for the game in Nintendo Land.

The animals must run around a town area collecting candies scattered across the stage on ground and/or in trees, while avoiding Copper and Booker. The player(s) using the GamePad can utilize both of the GamePad's control sticks to control both gatekeepers simultaneously. If the players using Wii Remotes can collect a certain number of candies before the time limit runs out, they will win. However, the more candies the player holds, the slower they can run, making the characters easier to catch for the guards. The Animals are able to drop candies at will in order to run faster.

Stash Rules (2 Players / 1-2 vs. 1): The Gatekeepers must try to catch the single animal Dizzy three times. The player playing as Dizzy must collect 15 candies and place them into any of the bowls around the course while evading both of the Gatekeepers.

Carry Rules (3-6 Players / 1-2 vs. 2-4): The players playing as the animals must carry the candy at all times while trying to avoid getting tackled by the two Gatekeepers for a total of three times. As always, the more candy the player carries, the slower they get. If that happens and a gatekeeper is about to catch them, it's wise to drop some candy and run away. For the animals to win, they must safely carry a total of a certain amount of candies. 

A 'Carry Rules' game

  • With 2 animals playing, they have to gather 30 candies.
  • With 3 animals playing, they have to gather 35 candies.
  • With all 4 animals playing, the have to gather 40 candies.

This game can allow up to 6 players to play. To do this, two players must share the Gamepad, as both will play as the gatekeepers. 

  • Player 1-A plays as Booker: using the ZL Button and left control stick.
  • Player 1-B plays as Copper: using the ZR Button and right control stick.

The remaining players that use the Wii Remote have their Miis wear animal villager costumes based on the player's number.

  • Player 1 plays as Dizzy.
  • Player 2 plays as Peanut.
  • Player 3 plays as Lily.
  • Player 4 plays as Tangy.

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