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Animal Crossing 2 was a planned sequel to Animal Crossing. It was planned to be released on the Nintendo GameCube, the same system as the original English release. The game was never released to the public. There is a video for Animal Crossing DS shown at E3 2004 that has the gameplay of an unfinished version of Animal Crossing: Wild World which is similar to what people think is Animal Crossing 2. In a screenshot that was released, it is shown that the Wishing Well is replaced with the Bell Shrine, which was featured in the Japanese-only games. Also, Ace and Anicotti are shown having a picnic. This screenshot is the international version because the symbols around Anicotti are the international laughing symbols. Another screenshot simply shows a female player by their house, with Peaches nearby.


It is unknown why this game was canceled, but due to the imminent release of the Nintendo DS, Nintendo likely decided to make a game that could take advantage of the new hardware would be more worthwhile than a second console outing. Therefore, Wild World was released instead.