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The Animal Crossing Calculator (ニンテンドーDSi電卓 どうぶつの森タイプ, Nintendō Dhī Esu Ai Dentaku Dōbutsu no mori Taipu?, Nintendo DSi Calculator: Animal Crossing type) is a DSiWare application. It can be purchased for 200 Nintendo Points on the Nintendo DSi. It is also available to purchase on the Nintendo 3DS, via Nintendo eShop. It costs $1.99.


  • Normal: A basic calculator
  • Unit Converter: Converts the measurements of length, area, weight, speed, volume, temperature, time, and age
  • Age Calculations: Human, hamster, cat, parakeet, small dog, rabbit, large dog, horse

Easter Eggs

  • Nook & Flowers: If the sum contains only sequential digits (e.x. 12345), press the equal sign and Tom Nook with flowers will appear from the bottom of the screen
  • Nook & Balloons: If the sum contains all of the same digit (e.x. 77777), Nook will appear with balloons that float up until they fly out of view

References to the Animal Crossing series

  • The "Ta-dah" sound that plays in the Nook & Balloons Easter egg is the same sound that plays when pressing "Show it off" on a bug or fish
  • The sound that plays in the Nook & Flowers Easter egg is the music that plays while drinking coffee
  • The sounds that plays when on-screen buttons are hit are option menu sounds from the game
  • A normal calculation will play the same sound when the player makes a purchase with Bells


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