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The Animal Crossing Wiki is a wiki devoted to the Animal Crossing series, known as Animal Forest in Japan. As a wiki, we rely on the edits of everyday people just like you for its content!

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Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver the most accurate and recent information on the entire Animal Crossing franchise as possible.

Anyone with a Wikia account can edit the Animal Crossing Wiki by selecting the edit tab at the top of each page or section. You can register here. Come join the team and contribute by delivering the best Animal Crossing information!

Our Team

The Animal Crossing Wiki Staff team consists of several rollbackers, patrollers, discussion moderators, administrators, and bureaucrats.

For questions about the wiki, contact an administrator.


Founded on August 13th, 2005 by Aeryka under the name Animal Crossing City as a WikiCity, the wiki quickly grew under the oversight of several administrators and bureaucrats. The wiki soon became Animal Crossing Wiki, a Wikia, specializing in everything Animal Crossing.

Since then, the Animal Crossing Wiki has grown into what you see today. We look forward to a bright future, bringing our readers and users relevant and useful information about the Animal Crossing series.