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Here at the Animal Crossing Wiki, we aim to provide useful, up to date, and complete information. However, in order to do this, one must remain neutral and be without any bias or opinion when editing articles. This is called having a neutral point of view, or the concept of neutrality.

What is neutrality?

Neutrality is the concept of remaining neutral. When editing or writing an article, it has to be with a neutral point of view. In other words, writing without bias or opinion, and not as if giving advice.

How do I remain neutral?

When writing or editing, avoid speaking in the first person and using the word "you".

Do not include popular opinions such as calling characters by fan-made nicknames. Official nicknames used in-game should be mentioned briefly, but not be mentioned repeatedly throughout the article.

Only write about facts. Using opinions is not neutral; for example, this would be describing a villager with as little bias as possible. However, including a quote with bias is acceptable.

What if it's unavoidable?

Edits can be reverted or re-edited by other users who may be able to make neutral observations about an area of the Animal Crossing series. However, disregarding the guidelines with repeated violations and replacing content with non-neutral sentences may be treated as vandalism. If this is the case, an administrator or another user may contact you about your behavior with a warning or advice on how to reach neutrality.

Further questions

If you do not understand, feel free to ask one of our administrators or another user via their message wall.