This project is currently inactive. There is currently not an official organization for the content and edits contained within this project, but that should not stop you from making contributions related to this project.

This is home base for the newest project on the wiki, Project Species! Project Species is all about making all of the pages up to the normal standard. If you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact one of the members or here. Thank you.


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Feel free to add the following template to your user page:

This user is a member of
Project Species.


  • Each villager should have a list like this about all the same species villager. Also this should be on the species page.

Special characters
AlpacaAxolotlBeaverBoarCamelChameleonFoxFrill-necked LizardGiraffeHedgehogHumanKappaMoleOtterOwlPantherPeacockPelicanPigeonRaccoonReindeerSeagullSea LionSkunkSlothSpecterTapirTortoiseTurkeyWalrus


Special Characters
BlancaBlathersBookerBrewsterCelesteChipC.J.ClerkCopperCornimerCyrusDaisy MaeDr. ShrunkDigbyDon ResettiEmceeFarleyFlickFranklinFrillardGracieGramsGulliverGyroidHarrietHarveyIsabelleJackJingleJoanKapp'nKaitlinKatieKatrinaKicksK.K. SliderLabelLeifLeilaLeilaniLloidLottieLunaLyleMabelNatOrvillePascalPavéPellyPetePhineasPhone ClerkPhyllisPlayerPorterReddReeseResettiRoverSableSaharahSerenaSnowmanTimmyTom NookTommyTortimerWendellWhite owlWilburWishyWispYellow birdZipper T. Bunny
  • Each page should have some info about the species.
  • Each page should have a list/gallery of villagers that are of that species.
  • There should be a list with link to each specie page that is related


Template:Animal Crossing City:Project Species/example

Species Pages

They will have a * if I made a box like the tiger one above, or if it is already existing.

Villager Species

  1. Tiger*
  2. Wolf*
  3. Dog*
  4. Cat*
  5. Sheep*
  6. Monkey
  7. Gorilla*
  8. Squirrel*
  9. Duck*
  10. Bird*
  11. Anteater*
  12. Cub*
  13. Bear
  14. Horse*
  15. Octopus*
  16. Frog*
  17. Elephant*
  18. Alligator*
  19. Eagle*
  20. Goat*
  21. Koala*
  22. Kangaroo*
  23. Mouse
  24. Ostrich*
  25. Penguin*
  26. Pig*
  27. Rhino*
  28. Rabbit*
  29. Lion*
  30. Chicken
  31. Cow*
  32. Bull*
  1. Owl
  2. Tortoise
  3. Reindeer
  4. Bovine (disambig)
  5. Reptile (disambig)
  6. Turtle
  7. Skunk
  8. Porcupine
  9. Axolotl
  10. Mole
  11. Pelican
  12. Boar
  13. Turkey
  14. Beaver
  15. Giraffe
  16. Otter
  17. Peacock
  18. Walrus
  19. Pigeon
  20. Sea Lion
  21. Raccoon
  22. Tanuki


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