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To Do List

Here you will find a variety of different tasks you can do here on the Animal Crossing Wiki. These tasks utilize the special pages system of Wikia.

Some tasks may require more skill than usual, so be advised and extra careful when editing pages you are unfamiliar with. If you think there is a problem with a page, be sure to mark it with one of the relevant page markers to draw attention to it.


Project Pocket Camp
  • Uploading and organizing textures from Pocket Camp
  • Adding pages for Pocket Camp items and mechanics
  • Listing furniture crafting from Pocket Camp
  • Designing Pocket Camp homepage for official release date
Project Furniture Pages

The furniture pages are one of the most neglected and in need of updating, most dont even have the right sprites, lack information on their refurbishment, and the tables generally look old and untidy.

Project Welcome Amiibo Furniture
  • List of Happy Home Designer furniture icons for Welcome amiibo card templates that need to be uploaded:
Air pump
Air purifier
Alto saxophone
Arched brick floor
Balance beam
Bamboo bench
Bamboo fence
Bamboo-grove wall
Barrel planter
Basement flooring
Basic display stand
Basic teacher's desk
Basic wall
Beauty salon cart
Big amp
Bistro table
Black phone
Board game
Book stands
Boston bag
Box-shaped seat
Bread basket
Bread-making set
Brick oven
Brown seat
Bus-stop stand
Cable spool
Cafe-curtain wall
Casablanca lilies
Changing room
Chain divider
Coconut juice
Coin locker
Compact car
Concrete wall
Conveyor belt
Cruiser bike
Cup of tea
Curry plate
Cypress plant
Daimyo's tray
Daisy meadow
Decorative plate
Desk bell
Desktop TV
Document stack
Do-not-enter sign
Donut box
Electric bass
Elegant bench
Elegant chair
Espresso machine
Exercise ball
Fancy display case
Fancy tea set
Fancy tile floor
Fruit drink
Field floor
File cabinet
Flagstone floor
Floor light
Floor monitor
Floor seat
Floral wall
Flower bed
Flower display case
Garbage bin
Garden chair
Garden faucet
Garden lantern
Garden rock
Garden table
Garden tools
Glass screen
Glass teapot
Greenhouse box
Hallway wall
Handwashing area
Hanger rack
Hanging chair
Hose reel
Ice cream display
Ikebana display
Imperial pot
Iron garden chair
Iron garden table
Ivy partition
Ivy wall
Jail bars
Jewelry case
Kaiseki meal
Kiddie meal
Kitchen counter
Kitchen dishwasher
Kitchen refrigerator
Kitchen stove
Kitchen wall
Kitschy tile
Laboratory capsule
Lecture-hall bench
Lecture-hall desk
Library wall
Lobby floor
Locker stack
Lucky doll
Lunch box
Lunch pack
Massage recliner
Meadow vista
Meeting-room table
Menu chalkboard
Merchandise table
Metal-and-wood chair
Metal-and-wood table
Metal box
Metal can
Metal-rim table
Milk canister
Modern cash register
Modern screen
Monochrome wall
Mosaic wall
Moss ball
Music-room wall
Natural bench
Natural chair
Natural table
Natural wood floor
Office phone
Oil-stained floor
Old wallpaper
Palm-tree lamp
Pavement floor
Perfume bottles
Pile of cash
Pink wood floor
Plant partition
Plastic canister
Plastic file box
Pylon set
Ramen cup
Ramshackle floor
Record box
Red cash register
Regal wall
Retro screen
Rice bales
Rice balls
Rice-paddy wall
Ring cushion
Rolling cart
Rolling closet
Rolling file cart
Round cushion
Salon chair
Salon mirror stand
Sandy beach floor
Scattered papers
School locker
Serving cart
Shanty wall
Shaved ice
Shopping bag
Simple panel
Skateboard rack
Slipper rack
Silver mic
Snare drum
Sound mixer
Sports car
Stack of books
Stadium wall
Standing TV
Steamed lobster
Steel flooring
Steel-frame wall
Stone-tile floor
Stone wall
Store shelf
Succulent plant
Summit wall
Swinging bench
Table with cloth
Tall garden rock
Tatami floor
Tearoom wall
Terrace rug
Theater seat
Tin watering can
Tire stack
Tong-and-tray stand
Tool box
Tool cart
Tool shelf
Towel rack
Toy piano
Tree-lined wall
Tropical vista
Video camera
Warming buffet
White office desk
Whole pizza
Wildflower floor
Wooden bear
Wooden bucket
Wooden counter
Wooden-deck floor
Wooden display stand
Wood paneling
Wood-plank table
Zen backpack
Zen barrel
Zen cupboard
Zen cushion
Zen low table
Zen phone stand
Zen screen
Zen tea set
Project Infoboxes

Infoboxes are cluttered and take too much space, especially on mobile.

General To-do
  • People tend to add a lot of random species that aren't technically recognized by the game (species of a villager is used in Halloween alongside personalities to determine what an animal is afraid of, for example). Since nobody has checked the code of the game, the next best thing that indicates a villager's species is this list: To-do: Verify all species on the wiki are correct and match the ones in that list and remove fake additional species.


Simple Tasks

These tasks are for editors who are new to editing. Before you begin any of these tasks, be sure to read Help:Getting started

  • Dead-end Pages - These pages are not linked to.
  • Lonely Pages - These pages do not link to other pages.
  • Unused Files - These are uploaded files that are unused.
  • Stub Articles - These are pages that are short and incomplete.
  • Old Pages - These are pages that have not been edited recently and may be out of date.
  • Fewest Revisions - These are pages with too few revisions, and may be out of date.
  • Broken Redirects - These are pages being redirected to non-existent or the wrong pages.
  • Double Redirects - These are pages redirecting to other redirect pages.
Categorizing Tasks

These tasks are reasonably simple, but require knowledge on how to edit and add categories to pages and media on the Wiki. These sorts of tasks require knowledge on the type of categories that are used on the Wiki.

Time Consuming Tasks

These are tasks which may require some time to do. Good editing and wikicode knowledge are necessary.

  • Cleanup Articles - These articles have been marked as articles requiring a clean up.
  • Wanted Pages - These are pages which are linked to, but do not exist.
  • Short Pages - These are pages which are short in length. They may need more information or Deleting
  • Long Pages - These are pages which are long in length. They may need splitting up or repeated information removed.
  • Special Pages - This page contains a full list of special pages.