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Current Catches at 8:24 AM (GMT)
Net (New Leaf icon).PNG
Name Image Price Location
Dace Dace HHD Icon.png 200 River
Koi Koi HHD Icon.png 4,000 River
Freshwater goby Freshwater Goby HHD Icon.png 300 River
Catfish Catfish HHD Icon.png 300 River pool
Pike Pike HHD Icon.png 1,800 River
Cherry salmon Cherry Salmon HHD Icon.png 1,000 River
Char Char HHD Icon.png 3,800 Beach waterfall
Rainbow trout Rainbow Trout HHD Icon.png 800 River
Mitten crab Mitten Crab HHD Icon.png 2,000 River
Angelfish Angelfish HHD Icon.png 3,000 River
Ray Ray HHD Icon.png 3,000 Redhibiscusacnl.png Ocean
Coelacanth Coelacanth HHD Icon.png 15,000 Ocean*
Yellow perch Yellow Perch HHD Icon.png 240 River
Seahorse Sea Horse HHD Icon.png 1,100 Redhibiscusacnl.png Ocean
Zebra turkeyfish Zebra Turkeyfish HHD Icon.png 400 Redhibiscusacnl.png Ocean
Barred knifejaw Barred Knifejaw HHD Icon.png 5,000 Redhibiscusacnl.png Ocean
Dab Dab HHD Icon.png 300 Ocean
Moray eel Moray Eel HHD Icon.png 2,000 Redhibiscusacnl.png Ocean
Crucian carp Crucian Carp HHD Icon.png 120 River
Barbel steed Barbel Steed HHD Icon.png 200 River
Carp Carp HHD Icon.png 300 River
Goldfish Goldfish HHD Icon.png 1,300 River
Black bass Black Bass HHD Icon.png 300 River
Horse mackerel Horse Mackerel HHD Icon.png 150 Redhibiscusacnl.png Ocean
Sea bass Sea Bass HHD Icon.png 200 Redhibiscusacnl.png Ocean
Red snapper Red Snapper HHD Icon.png 3,000 Redhibiscusacnl.png Ocean
Olive flounder Olive Flounder HHD Icon.png 800 Redhibiscusacnl.png Ocean
Ribbon eel Ribbon Eel HHD Icon.png 600 Yellowhibiscusacnl.png Ocean
Giant trevally Giant Trevally HHD Icon.png 4,500 Yellowhibiscusacnl.png Ocean
Whale shark Whale Shark HHD Icon.png 13,000 Yellowhibiscusacnl.png Ocean
Redhibiscusacnl.png Also found on island Yellowhibiscusacnl.png Island exclusive fish

Name Image Price Location
Monarch butterfly Monarch Butterfly HHD Icon.png 140 Flowers
Long locust Long Locust HHD Icon.png 200 Ground
Migratory locust Migratory Locust HHD Icon.png 600 Redhibiscusacnl.png Ground
Rice Grasshopper Rice Grasshopper HHD Icon.png 400 Ground
Mantis Mantis HHD Icon.png 100 Redhibiscusacnl.png Flowers
Orchid mantis Orchid Mantis HHD Icon.png 430 Redhibiscusacnl.png White flowers
Red dragonfly Red Dragonfly HHD Icon.png 80 Air
Walking stick Walkingstick HHD Icon.png 600 Redhibiscusacnl.png Trees
Ladybug Ladybug HHD Icon.png 200 Flowers
Violin beetle Violin Beetle HHD Icon.png 260 Tree stumps
Tiger beetle Tiger Beetle HHD Icon.png 1,500 Redhibiscusacnl.png Grass
Spider Spider HHD Icon.png 300 Trees
Stinkbug Stink Bug HHD Icon.png 120 Trees
Bagworm Bagworm HHD Icon.png 300 Trees
Flea Flea HHD Icon.png 70 villagers
Pill bug Pill Bug HHD Icon.png 250 Rocks
Bee Bee HHD Icon.png 4,500 Trees
Ant Ant HHD Icon.png 80 Candy or rotten turnips
Wharf roach Wharf Roach HHD Icon.png 200 Redhibiscusacnl.png Beach
Fly Fly HHD Icon.png 60 Rotten turnips
Redhibiscusacnl.png Also found on island Yellowhibiscusacnl.png Island exclusive bug

Deep-sea creatures
Name Image Price Shadow
Turban shell Turban Shell HHD Icon.png 300 Small
Abalone Abalone HHD Icon.png 400 Redhibiscusacnl.png Medium
Ear shell Ear Shell HHD Icon.png 300 Redhibiscusacnl.png Small
Mantis shrimp Mantis Shrimp HHD Icon.png 1,250 Redhibiscusacnl.png Small
Sweet shrimp Sweet Shrimp HHD Icon.png 650 Small
Oyster Oyster HHD Icon.png 400 Small
Clam Clam HHD Icon.png 300 Small
Octopus Octopus HHD Icon.png 1,200 Medium
Acorn barnacle Acorn Barnacle HHD Icon.png 200 Redhibiscusacnl.png Very small
Pearl oyster Pearl Oyster HHD Icon.png 1,600 Small
Scallop Scallop HHD Icon.png 1,000 Redhibiscusacnl.png Medium
Sea anemone Sea Anemone HHD Icon.png 100 Redhibiscusacnl.png Medium
Sea star Sea Star HHD Icon.png 100 Redhibiscusacnl.png Small
Sea slug Sea Slug HHD Icon.png 200 Redhibiscusacnl.png Small
Lobster Lobster HHD Icon.png 2,500 Redhibiscusacnl.png Large
Spotted garden eel Spotted Garden Eel HHD Icon.png 600 Yellowhibiscusacnl.png Small
Chambered nautilus Chambered Nautilus HHD Icon.png 900 Yellowhibiscusacnl.png Medium
Giant isopod Giant Isopod HHD Icon.png 9,000 Yellowhibiscusacnl.png Medium
Redhibiscusacnl.png Also found on island Yellowhibiscusacnl.png Island exclusive deep-sea creature

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Thursday, October 22nd, 2020 (UTC)
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Villager and Special Character Birthdays
Today is Katie's and Sylvana's birthday! Balloon (New Leaf icon).PNG

October 1stBoyd the gorilla and Raymond the cat
October 2ndDiva the frog and Orville
October 3rdBig Top the elephant
October 4thGoose the chicken
October 5thElmer the horse
October 6thTex the penguin and Bitty the hippo
October 7thCobb the pig
October 8thKiki the cat
October 9thDrift the frog
October 10thBenedict the chicken and Franklin
October 11thKitt the kangaroo
October 12thLyman the koala and Plucky the chicken
October 13thChops the pig and Gonzo the koala
October 14thEgbert the chicken
October 15thBrewster, Hippeux the hippo, and Bea the dog
October 16thFriga the penguin

October 17thLimberg the mouse
October 18thAl the gorilla and Redd
October 19thClay the hamster
October 20thAntonio the anteater
October 21stTimbra the sheep and Sandy the ostrich
October 22ndKatie and Sylvana the squirrel
October 23rdGroucho the bear
October 24thBroffina the chicken and Snooty the anteater
October 25thPortia the dog
October 26thEugene the koala
October 27thJambette the frog
October 28thGaston the rabbit and Katrina
October 29thRodeo the bull
October 30thWade the penguin
October 31thJack and Labelle

A list of available fish, bugs, and deep-sea catches this month can be found at
List of collectables available this month.

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October 6th, 2020
The software that runs the wiki has been updated. There will be a number of issues with the site in the coming weeks. Furthermore, the chat has been closed after 9 years.

September 30th, 2020
The Autumn Update for New Horizons is now available to download!

September 25th, 2020
The Autumn Update for New Horizons has been announced for September 30th!

August 12th, 2020
It's the Animal Crossing Wiki's fifteenth anniversary today! Thanks for all your hard work, everyone!

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