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AC Kapp'n Dock

A player talking to Kapp'n

The island in the Nintendo GameCube games is a location separate from the town, consisting of two acres. It can be accessed by talking to Kapp'n at the dock. Each save file will have an island-exclusive villager, who can be one of several island-type villagers complete with an island bungalow.

The bungalow contains four shirts on creation, two Blue Aloha shirts and two Red Aloha shirts. This bungalow can be customized in the same manner as the player's house, but there is no gyroid outside the bungalow, so it is not possible to save on the island.

The island is the only way to obtain coconuts in the game. In Animal Forest e+ the Birdwing Butterfly, Hercules Beetle, Puffer Fish, and Blue Marlin are only available on this island. Flowers, fruit, and saplings from the village can be planted here, though the latter are sometimes harder to grow.

The island can be saved to a Game Boy Advance. If the player chooses to do so, they must set up the connection to the Game Boy Advance once more. Kapp'n will save the island to the Game Boy Advance. Once this is finished, the player can continue to interact with their villager on the island, helping them catch fish, eat fruits or coconuts left on the ground, or catch flying presents. This takes place during the return voyage to the village.

The changes made to the island in the Game Boy Advance can then be uploaded back to the GameCube the next time the player goes to visit the island. This can be a useful tactic for making Bells, as the island villagers can drop slowly increasing amounts of Bells for the player's interactions. The player can also get a tan when out in the sun long enough, since it is always summer. However, this can be avoided by the use of an umbrella.