January 20th - February 18th

January 20thOpal the elephant
January 21stGenji the rabbit
January 22ndFrancine the rabbit
January 23rdGwen the penguin
January 24thRhonda the rhino
January 25thSavannah the horse
January 26thVivian the wolf and Cyrus the alpaca
January 27thAurora the penguin and Admiral the bird
January 28thMargie the elephant
January 29thCube the penguin
January 30thFlurry the hamster
January 31stHarriet the dog and Winnie the horse
February 1stBill the duck and Rover the cat
February 2ndJitters the bird
February 3rdOlivia the cat

February 4thLily the frog
February 5thPenelope the mouse
February 6thAnnalisa the anteater
February 7thBoomer the penguin
February 8thBlanca the cat and Frobert the frog
February 9thFlora the ostrich and Cleo the horse
February 10thStitches the cub
February 11thPompom the duck
February 12thDrago the alligator
February 13thRibbot the frog
February 14thMuffy the sheep
February 15thKitty the cat
February 16thAnabelle the anteater
February 17thDobie the wolf
February 18thDora the mouse

Star Signs
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