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Blathers tells the player that the art given to him is a fake

Art pieces are paintings and sculptures that can be purchased from Jolly Redd's Treasure Trawler and donated to the museum, provided they are not forged. Donating the first piece to the museum will allow Blathers to expand the museum, which requires one day of construction.

In New Horizons, the genuine and forged pieces look different, allowing the player to identify them before purchasing. There are 14 pieces that are always genuine.

The academic painting, detailed painting, glowing painting, mysterious painting, sinking painting, twinkling painting, informative statue, rock-head statue, tremendous statue, and warrior statue are new to New Horizons.

Occasionally, male villagers may mail a resident a piece of art. Jock and Lazy villagers can send any piece of art, which can be either real or fake. Cranky villagers can send sculptures, which can be either real or fake. Smug villagers will send only fake pieces to the player.[1] Female villagers regardless of type do not send art to the player.

Forged art cannot be sold at Nook’s Cranny and will either need to be given to a villager or thrown away in a trashcan in order to get rid of it.

Artwork was introduced in the Earth Day update on April 23rd, 2020.


Painting name Forgery Genuine Description
Academic painting Animal-crossing-new-horizons-guide-redd-academic-painting-texture-fake Animal-crossing-new-horizons-guide-redd-academic-painting-texture-real The forged painting has a coffee stain on the top right whereas the genuine does not. The forgery also has a strange key taped to the back.
Amazing painting Animal-crossing-new-horizons-guide-redd-amazing-painting-texture-fake Animal-crossing-new-horizons-guide-redd-amazing-painting-texture-real In the forged painting, the man with the red sash is not wearing a hat; whereas in the genuine painting, he is.
Basic painting Animal-crossing-new-horizons-guide-redd-basic-painting-texture-fake Animal-crossing-new-horizons-guide-redd-basic-painting-texture-real In the forged painting, the boy has bangs covering his entire forehead; whereas in the genuine one, there is less hair covering his forehead.
Calm painting N/A Animal-crossing-new-horizons-guide-redd-calm-painting-texture-real This painting is always authentic.
Common painting N/A Animal-crossing-new-horizons-guide-redd-common-painting-texture-real This painting is always authentic.
Detailed painting Animal-crossing-new-horizons-guide-redd-detailed-painting-texture-fake Animal-crossing-new-horizons-guide-redd-detailed-painting-texture-real The forged painting has purple flowers, whereas the genuine one has blue flowers.
Dynamic painting N/A Animal-crossing-new-horizons-guide-redd-dynamic-painting-texture-real This painting is always authentic.
Famous painting Animal-crossing-new-horizons-guide-redd-famous-painting-texture-fake Animal-crossing-new-horizons-guide-redd-famous-painting-texture-real In the forged painting, the woman has raised eyebrows, which makes her look angry, whereas in the genuine one, she has no (or very faint) eyebrows, which makes her look calm.
Flowery painting N/A Animal-crossing-new-horizons-guide-redd-flowery-painting-texture-real This painting is always authentic.
Glowing painting N/A Animal-crossing-new-horizons-guide-redd-glowing-painting-texture-real This painting is always authentic.
Graceful painting Animal-crossing-new-horizons-guide-redd-graceful-painting-texture-fake Animal-crossing-new-horizons-guide-redd-graceful-painting-texture-real The forged painting has the lady taking up almost the entire painting, but the lady takes up only 2/3 of the painting instead. The forgery also looks to the left during the evening and has a shadowy figure on the back.
Jolly painting Animal-crossing-new-horizons-guide-redd-jolly-painting-texture-fake Animal-crossing-new-horizons-guide-redd-jolly-painting-texture-real The forged painting is missing the artichoke bud sticking out of the chest, whereas in the genuine one it is present.
Moody painting N/A Animal-crossing-new-horizons-guide-redd-moody-painting-texture-real This painting is always authentic.
Moving painting Animal-crossing-new-horizons-guide-redd-moving-painting-texture-fake Animal-crossing-new-horizons-guide-redd-moving-painting-texture-real There are no trees in the forged painting, whereas the genuine one has them.
Mysterious painting N/A Animal-crossing-new-horizons-guide-redd-mysterious-painting-texture-real This painting is always authentic.
Nice painting N/A Animal-crossing-new-horizons-guide-redd-nice-painting-texture-real This painting is always authentic.
Perfect painting N/A Animal-crossing-new-horizons-guide-redd-perfect-painting-texture-real This painting is always authentic.
Proper painting N/A Animal-crossing-new-horizons-guide-redd-proper-painting-texture-real This painting is always authentic.
Quaint painting Animal-crossing-new-horizons-guide-redd-quaint-painting-texture-fake Animal-crossing-new-horizons-guide-redd-quaint-painting-texture-real In the forged painting, there is lots of milk pouring out of the container; whereas in the genuine one, there is only a small amount.
Scary painting Animal-crossing-new-horizons-guide-redd-scary-painting-texture-fake Animal-crossing-new-horizons-guide-redd-scary-painting-texture-real In the forged painting, the man's eyebrows are pointing up in the middle, making him seem concerned, while they point down in the middle in the authentic painting. During the evening, the man smiles in the forgery.
Scenic painting Animal-crossing-new-horizons-guide-redd-scenic-painting-texture-fake Animal-crossing-new-horizons-guide-redd-scenic-painting-texture-real The forged painting has one person on the hill, whereas the genuine painting has three people and more dogs.
Serene painting Animal-crossing-new-horizons-guide-redd-serene-painting-texture-fake Animal-crossing-new-horizons-guide-redd-serene-painting-texture-real In the forged painting, the woman is holding a gray ferret, whereas in the genuine one, it is a white ermine.
Sinking painting N/A Animal-crossing-new-horizons-guide-redd-sinking-painting-texture-real This painting is always authentic.
Solemn painting Animal-crossing-new-horizons-guide-redd-solemn-painting-texture-fake Animal-crossing-new-horizons-guide-redd-solemn-painting-texture-real In the forged painting, the man in the far back is pointing upwards, whereas in the genuine one, he is touching the wall.
Twinkling painting N/A Animal-crossing-new-horizons-guide-redd-twinkling-painting-texture-real This painting is always authentic.
Warm painting N/A Animal-crossing-new-horizons-guide-redd-warm-painting-texture-real This painting is always authentic.
Wild painting

Left Half

Animal-crossing-new-horizons-guide-redd-wild-painting-left-half-texture-fake Animal-crossing-new-horizons-guide-redd-wild-painting-left-half-texture-real The forged painting has a dark figure, whereas the genuine one has a light figure.
Wild painting

Right Half

Animal-crossing-new-horizons-guide-redd-wild-painting-right-half-texture-fake Animal-crossing-new-horizons-guide-redd-wild-painting-right-half-texture-real The forged painting has a light figure, whereas the genuine one has a dark figure.
Wistful painting Animal-crossing-new-horizons-guide-redd-wistful-painting-texture-fake Animal-crossing-new-horizons-guide-redd-wistful-painting-texture-real In the forged painting, the woman is wearing a star-shaped earring; whereas in the genuine one, the earring is sphere-shaped. The woman also closes her eyes during the evening and reopens them the following day.
Worthy painting N/A Animal-crossing-new-horizons-guide-redd-worthy-painting-texture-real This painting is always authentic.


Sculpture Forgery Genuine Description
Ancient statue ACNH AncientStatue Fake1 ACNH AncientStatue True1 The forged statue has antennae, whereas the genuine statue does not. The eyes on the forgery glow blue during the evening and can float for a short duration when interacted with.
Beautiful statue ACNH BeautifulStatue False1 ACNH BeautifulStatue True1 The forged statue has a set of necklaces, whereas the genuine statue does not.
Familiar statue N/A A40 r This statue is always authentic.
Gallant statue A42 f A42 r The forged statue holds a book in its right hand, whereas the genuine statue does not.
Great statue N/A A21 r This statue is always authentic.
Informative statue NH-Statue Informative Forged NH-Statue Informative Genuine The forged statue is blue, whereas the genuine one is grey. The forgery also glows during the evening.
Motherly statue MotherlyStatueFake A41 r The forged statue has its tongue sticking out, whereas the genuine one does not.
Mystic statue 20200426 092011 A17 r The forged statue has an earring, whereas the genuine statue does not.
Robust statue A83 f A83 r The forged statue is wearing a watch on its right arm, whereas the genuine statue is not.
Rock-head statue A46 f ACNH RockHeadStatue True1 The forged statue is smiling, whereas the genuine one is not.
Tremendous statue ACNH TremendousStatue False1
NH-Tremendous Statue-genuine
The forged statue has a lid with a handle in the middle, whereas the genuine only has the handles on the side.
Valiant statue ACNH ValiantStatue Fake1 98a9b069622225ac10c76a461244b3f6 The forged statue is mirrored, with the left leg in front, whereas the genuine statue has the right leg in front.
Warrior statue ACNH WarriorStatue False1 ACNH WarriorStatue True1 The forged statue is holding a shovel, whereas the genuine one is not.

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