This is a list of paintings and sculptures in New Leaf.

Amazing Painting
Basic Painting
Calm Painting
Common Painting
Dynamic Painting
Famous Painting
Fine Painting
Flowery Painting
Graceful Painting
Jolly Painting
Moody Painting
Moving Painting
Nice Painting
Neutral Painting
Perfect Painting
Quaint Painting
Scary Painting
Scenic Painting
Serene Painting
Solemn Painting
Warm Painting
Wistful Painting
Worthy Painting
Ancient Statue
Beautiful Statue
Gallant Statue
Great Statue
Motherly Statue
Mystic Statue
Robust Statue
Valiant Statue

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Academic paintingAmazing paintingBasic paintingCalm paintingClassic paintingCommon paintingDainty paintingDetailed paintingDynamic paintingFamous paintingFine paintingFlowery paintingGlowing paintingGraceful paintingJolly paintingLovely paintingMoody paintingMoving paintingMysterious paintingNeutral paintingNice paintingOpulent paintingPerfect paintingProper paintingQuaint paintingRare paintingScary paintingScenic paintingSerene paintingSinking paintingSolemn paintingStrange paintingTwinkling paintingWarm paintingWild paintingWistful paintingWorthy painting
Ancient statueBeautiful statueFamiliar statueGallant statueGreat statueInformative statueMotherly statueMystic statueRobust statueRock-head statueTremendous statueValiant statueWarrior statue
Crazy ReddForgery (New Horizons)MuseumPaintingSculpture
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