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Assemble! Animal Crossing (あつまれ どうぶつの森 ~のんびり島だより~ Atsumare Dōbutsu no Mori ~Nonbiri Shima Dayori~?, Animal Crossing: New Horizons ~News from the Carefree Island~) is an ongoing manga series written and drawn by Minori Kato[1], released in 2020. The manga is set on a deserted island and follows the plot of New Horizons. The manga currently has two chapters.[2][3]


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Hana Shimatani becomes a winner of a raffle and wins an invitation to a southern island. While vacationing with her father and mother on the island, she leaves them to their flirting session to go look around the island. She takes her sketch book and starts sketching the native flowers. After sketching flowers in one area she decides to go check out another area. Meanwhile no so far from her Timmy and Tommy are chasing a great purple emperor butterfly. Hana hears the boys steps and turns her head towards them, exclaiming, "What was that just now?" Shocked by Hana, the two boys turn their heads towards her. Hana asks who are they but before she can hear an answer their run away into the bushes. Hana crawls through the bushes and arrives at a beach and fruitful trees. She finds Timmy and Tommy again talking to Tom Nook in front of Resident Services. Tom Nook excitingly welcomes Hana to the deserted island and is willing to help Hana live on the island. Hana is shocked about how the raccoons are talking.

Throughout the course of the manga, Hana, will start her life on the island with the help of Tom Nook, Timmy and Tommy, and other characters. From upgrading from tent life, to making the island less deserted, and decorating the island to make it livelier. The magical world of the deserted island awaits Hana.


Hana Shimatani[]

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Hana Shimatani is the main protagonist of the manga series. She is 10 years old at the start of the manga. She is the winner of the raffle and wins an invitation to a southern island. While vacation with her parents she meets Timmy and Tommy, and follows them into an unknown place; where she me Tom Nook. Tom Nook gives her a tent and helps her build it while giving her some furnishings. By the end of chapter two she is invited to the campfire session, after her little nap in her tent.

Tom Nook[]

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Tom Nook introduces Hana to the deserted island after Timmy and Tommy bring her onto the deserted island place. Tom Nook hands her a tent and helps her build it and furnish it with outdoor related furniture, such as a camping cot, lantern, and radio. By the end of chapter 2, Tom Nook invites Hana to the campfire event they are going to have but doesn't have enough wood. In which he has an idea to ask if Hana would like to help gather wood for the campfire.

Timmy and Tommy[]

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Timmy and Tommy are twin tanukis that bring Hana into the world of Tom Nook's deserted island. They help Tom Nook out with many tasks. Timmy is older than Tommy.

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