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Audie (モニカ, Monika?, Monica) is a peppy wolf villager introduced in Pocket Camp and New Horizons. She has the fitness hobby.


Audie is a wolf villager with orange fur, likely meant to seem similar to a fox. This is also hinted at with her initial phrase, which is "foxtrot". She has yellow hair in a tuft and wears yellow eyeshadow with winged eye-liner. She has a pair of white sunglasses placed in front of her ears. She seems to take a tropical theme, as shown by her sunglasses, Tropical Muumuu tee, and overall bright appearance. Due to her makeup, she may be mistaken for a snooty villager. She also looks very similar to a Japanese Gyaru, a type of fashion where girls tan their skin, making it look orange, and bleach their hair.


Below is a brief description of the peppy personality. For more information, click here.
Peppy villagers appear to be in a good mood often and are easy to become friends with. As a peppy villager, Audie will have the tendency to over-react in conversations about trivial subjects, and will usually be over-excited to see the player or other villagers. This villager, like other peppy villagers, will rarely be discouraged from doing anything, including the usual hobbies. Peppy villagers dream of becoming famous in the future and read Ms. Nintendique, an unseen magazine read by snooty, normal, and other peppy villagers in the Animal Crossing Series. Peppy villagers will also have a very short attention span, which means they soon forget some arguments or tasks given to the player which were not completed. Audie may easily get upset in conversation when the wrong things are said. She will get along well with other villagers, particularly lazy, normal, jock, sisterly and other peppy villagers, but she may annoy and upset cranky and snooty villagers, whose personalities differ to hers. Due to the nature of peppy villagers, she may mention how "old" or "boring" cranky villagers are compared to her opposing, upbeat personality.


In New Horizons, Audie's house is light blue with a white latticework door and an orange thatch roof. The interior has the tropical vista wall and the blue floral flooring. She has a green diner neon sign, a natural palm-tree lamp, a light brown rattan low table and rattan end table. She also has a silver double-door fridge, open-frame kitchen, yellow kitchen mat, blue menu chalkboard, and a fruit basket sitting upon an orange-themed cardboard box. Additionally, she has coconut juice and a tape deck that plays K.K. Island. A white wall fan hangs on the wall. When Audie crafts a recipe, she uses the birch ironwood DIY workbench.

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New Horizons (interior) New Horizons (exterior)

Pocket Camp

Audie's preferred theme is sporty. Her profile says:

Audie has the ability to brighten anyone’s day with her warm presence. No matter where you are, you’ll feel like you’re on vacation when you’re talking to her.

Campsite Invitation Requirements

Friendship Level: 0

Friendship Rewards

At level 7 friendship, she will reward you with a sunflower tee and sparkle stones (x1).

At level 9, she will reward you with sparkle stones (x1).

At level 15, she will request that you craft a palm-tree lamp.

At level 20, she will reward you with pic of Audie and sparkle stones (x1).

At level 25, she will reward you with sparkle stones (x1).

At level 30, she will reward you with sparkle stones (x1).

At level 35, she will reward you with sparkle stones (x1).

At level 40, she will reward you with sparkle stones (x1).

At level 45, she will reward you with sparkle stones (x1).


  • Audie is the only wolf with the peppy personality.
  • Some believe that her English name comes from Audrey Buchanan, the 88-year old grandmother of the 33-year old game designer Paul Hubans, who logged over 3,500 hours in New Leaf, as her player name was Audie.
  • She, along with the other New Horizons newcomers, were added to Pocket Camp in an update which was released at the same time as the release of New Horizons.
  • Like many other villagers, she is a standard species, but she is intended to look like another not yet in the game. In her case, she looks like a fox.

In other languages

Language Name
Flag of Japan Japanese モニカ Monika
Flag of France small French Monica
Flag of Spain Spanish Mónica
Flag of Germany small German Katharina
Flag of Italy small Italian Lupilia
Flag of the Netherlands Dutch Audie
Flagofrussiasmall Russian Оди Audie
Flagofchinasmall Chinese 莫妮卡 Mònīkǎ
Flag of South Korea Korean 모니카 Monika

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