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August is one of the Summer months in the Animal Crossing series, except for New Horizons, where there is an option to live in the Southern Hemisphere, in which case August will be winter. In New Leaf, Cumulonimbus clouds will appear occasionally.

Events in August[]


Villagers born during this month fall under either the or signs.

August 1stKid Cat the cat
August 2ndVladimir the cub and Harvey
August 3rdBenjamin the dog and Tad the frog
August 4thBones the dog
August 5thPoppy the squirrel
August 6thChester the cub
August 7thRory the lion and Boots the alligator
August 8thBud the lion and Leif
August 9thSoleil the hamster
August 10thCole the rabbit
August 11thGigi the frog and Ace the bird
August 12thGloria the duck
August 13thTabby the cat
August 14thRod the mouse and Leopold the lion
August 15thWendy the sheep
August 16thLeila and Nate the bear

August 17thStinky the cat
August 18thRocco the hippo and Tiansheng the monkey
August 19thAlice the koala and Tybalt the tiger
August 20thLopez the deer
August 21stWart Jr. the frog
August 22ndRolf the tiger
August 23rdK.K. Slider and Nana the monkey
August 24thNan the goat and Jacob the bird
August 25thTipper the cow
August 26thRowan the tiger
August 27thBangle the tiger
August 28thChrissy the rabbit and Lloid
August 29thGruff the goat
August 30thHazel the squirrel
August 31stAudie the wolf

Available collectables[]

Note: Several prices for critters were not updated for New Horizons.

NameLocationSale priceTime of dayGames
AnchovyOcean2004am - 9pm
AngelfishRiver1,0004pm - 9am
ArapaimaRiver10,0004pm - 9am
ArowanaRiver10,0004pm - 9am
Barbel SteedRiver200All day
Barred KnifejawOcean5,000All day
BarreleyeOcean15,0009pm - 4am
BassRiver300All day
BettaRiver2,5009am - 4pm
Black BassRiver300All day
Blue MarlinPier10,000All day
BluegillRiver3009am - 4pm
Brook TroutPool150All day
Butterfly fishOcean1,000All day
CarpRiver300All day
CatfishPool8004pm - 9am
ClownfishOcean650All day
CoelacanthOcean (rain)15,000All day
CrawfishPond250All day
Crucian CarpRiver120All day
DaceRiver2004pm - 9am
DoradoRiver15,0004am - 9pm
EelRiver2,0004pm - 9am
Freshwater GobyRiver3004pm - 9am
FrogPond120All day
GarPond6,0004pm - 9am
Giant CatfishPool3,0004pm - 9am
Giant SnakeheadPond5,5009am - 4pm
Giant TrevallyPier4,500All day
GoldfishRiver1,300All day
GuppyRiver1,3009am - 4pm
Hammerhead SharkOcean8,0004pm - 9am
HerabunaRiver300All day
Horse MackerelOcean150All day
JellyfishOcean100All day
KillifishPond300All day
KoiRiver4,0004pm - 9am
Large BassRiver3,000All day
Mahi-mahiPier6,000All day
Moray EelOcean2,000All day
NapoleonfishOcean10,000All day
Neon TetraRiver5009am - 4pm
Nibble FishRiver1,2009am - 4pm
Ocean SunfishOcean4,0004am - 9pm
Olive FlounderOcean800All day
Pale ChubRiver1609am - 4pm
PiranhaRiver2,5009am - 4pm, 9pm - 4am
Popeyed GoldfishRiver1,3009am - 4pm
Puffer fishOcean240All day
RainbowfishRiver8009am - 4pm
Ranchu GoldfishPond4,5009am - 4pm
RayOcean3,0004am - 9pm
Red SnapperOcean3,000All day
Ribbon EelOcean600All day
Saddled BichirRiver4,0009pm - 4am
Saw SharkOcean12,0004pm - 9am
Sea BassOcean200All day
SeahorseOcean1,100All day
SharkOcean15,0004pm - 9am
Small BassRiver200All day
Snapping TurtleRiver5,0009pm - 4am
Soft-shelled TurtleRiver3,7504pm - 9am
SquidOcean400All day
SuckerfishOcean1,500All day
SurgeonfishOcean1,000All day
SweetfishRiver900All day
TilapiaRiver800All day
Whale SharkOcean13,000All day
Zebra TurkeyfishOcean400All day
NameLocationSale priceTime of dayGames
Agrias ButterflyNear flowers3,0008am - 5pm
AntOn rotten turnips, rotten fruit and candy80All day
Atlas mothOn trees3,0007pm - 4am
BagwormShake trees300All day
Banded DragonflyFlying4,5008am - 5pm
BeeShake trees2,000All day
Birdwing ButterflyNear flowers4,0008am - 4pm
Blue weevil beetleOn palm trees800All day
Brown CicadaOn trees2008am - 5pm
Cicada shellOn trees100All day
Citrus Long-horned BeetleOn tree stumps350All day
CockroachOn trees, turnips and flowers.(GCN, WW)5All day
Coconut CrabShake native palm trees (they do not appear on the island)3007pm - 8am
Common BluebottleNear flowers3004am - 7pm
CrabOn the beach150All day
Cyclommatus StagOn palm trees8,0005pm - 8am
Darner DragonflyFlying2008am - 5pm
Diving BeetleIn the river8008am - 5pm
Drone BeetleOn trees80All day
Earth-boring Dung BeetleOn the ground300All day
Emperor ButterflyNear flowers2,5005pm - 8am
Evening CicadaOn trees5504am - 8am, 4pm - 7pm
FleaOn villagers70All day
FlyNear garbage60All day
Fruit BeetleOn trees100All day
Giant CicadaOn trees5008am - 5pm
Giant StagOn trees10,00011pm - 8am
Giant water bugIn the river2,0007pm - 8am
Golden StagOn palm trees12,0005pm - 8am
Goliath BeetleOn palm trees6,0005pm - 8am
GrasshopperOn the ground1608am - 5pm
Hermit Crabdisguised as seashells1,0007pm - 8am
Horned AtlasOn palm trees8,0005pm - 8am
Horned DynastidOn trees1,3505pm - 8am
Horned ElephantOn palm trees8,0005pm - 8am
Horned HerculesOn palm trees12,0005pm - 8am
House CentipedeUnder rocks2507pm - 8am
Jewel BeetleOn tree stumps2,400All day
Lantern FlyOn trees1,8004pm - 7pm, 11pm - 8am
Long LocustOn the ground2008am - 7pm
Longhorn BeetleOn trees2608am - 5pm
Madagascan sunset mothNear flowers2,5008am - 4pm
Man-faced stink bugOn flowers1,0007pm - 8am
MantisOn flowers4308am - 5pm
Migratory LocustOn the ground6008am - 7pm
Miyama StagOn trees1,000All day
MosquitoFlying1305pm - 4am
MothNear lights607pm - 4am
Mountain BeetleOn trees2,0007pm - 8am
Oak Silk MothOn trees1,2007pm - 4am
Orchid MantisOn white flowers2,4008am - 5pm
Paper kite butterflyNear flowers1,0008am - 7pm
Petaltail DragonflyFlying8,0004pm - 7pm
PondskaterOn ponds1308am - 7pm
Purple ButterflyNear flowers2,0004am - 7pm
Rainbow StagOn trees10,0007pm - 8am
Raja Brooke ButterflyNear flowers2,5008am - 5pm
Rice GrasshopperOn the ground4008am - 7pm
Robust CicadaOn trees3008am - 5pm
Rosalia batesi beetleOn tree stumps3,000All day
Saw StagOn trees2,000All day
Scarab BeetleOn trees6,00011pm - 8am
ScorpionOn the ground8,0007pm - 4am
SnailOn flowers (rain)250All day
SpiderShake trees300All day
Stag BeetleOn trees2,0007pm - 8am
StinkbugOn trees120All day
Tiger BeetleOn the ground1,500All day
Tiger ButterflyNear red flowers1604am - 7pm
Walker CicadaOn trees4008am - 5pm
Walking LeafOn the ground, beside trees600All day
Walking stickOn trees6004am - 8am, 5pm - 7pm
Wharf RoachOn the beach200All day
Deep-sea creatures
NameLocationSale priceTime of dayGames
AbaloneOcean4004pm - 9am
Acorn BarnacleOcean200All day
Ear ShellOcean3004pm - 9am
FlatwormOcean2004pm - 9am
Gazami CrabOcean2,200All day
Giant IsopodIsland9,000All day
Gigas Giant ClamOcean15,000All day
Horseshoe CrabOcean1,5009pm - 4am
Mantis ShrimpOcean1,2504pm - 9am
Moon JellyfishOcean600All day
MusselOcean1,500All day
OctopusOcean1,000All day
Pearl OysterOcean1,600All day
ScallopOcean1,000All day
Sea AnemoneOcean100All day
Sea GrapesOcean600All day
Sea SlugOcean200All day
Sea StarOcean100All day
Sea UrchinOcean800All day
Sea pineappleOcean1,500All day
Slate Pencil UrchinOcean1,700All day
Spotted Garden EelIsland600All day
Tiger PrawnOcean1,6004pm - 9am
Vampire SquidOcean10,0004pm - 9am
WhelkOcean1,000All day
Notes: Location, price, and time, comes from the collectible's most recent appearance. For older information, please see that collectible's individual page. The flat stag beetle is listed under stag beetle, the Ladybug from Wild World and later is listed under Spotted ladybug and the water beetle is listed under Diving beetle. A bold name indicates that collectible makes its first appearance that month. A red background indicates that collectible will not be available in the next month. Collectibles that are available on New Leaf's Island are not listed if they do not appear in the town in this month, however, island-exclusive collectibles such as the whale shark are listed for every month.
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