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Bayside Beach

A bay with a beach.

A bay is a fan-named area of some towns in City Folk. Bays are uncommon features that appear on the estuaries of some rivers.

Bays are areas of water where the river mouth flows into the sea in what looks like a seaside river pool. Bays are fed by both river water and seawater, and as such river fish and sea fish alike can be found in bays, making them productive fishing grounds.

Close by, there is usually (but not always) a bridge over the river mouth. Also, the bay is separated from the normal sea by a headland, and this headland is the most likely place for the construction of a lighthouse or windmill. The bay is connected to the sea by a narrow channel between the headland and the coast on the other side of the bay, which may also form a small headland (but not as big as the first one).

Rarely, a town can have two bays, formed by the town's river forking into two and having two separate estuaries, which may each have their own bay (although, it is possible for neither to have bays, or for one to have a bay and the other to lack one). Very rarely, a bay can feature a tiny beach, almost always on the coast between the bay's headland and river mouth.

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