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The Oni is outside! The good luck is inside!
― A Villager exclamation, New Leaf

The Bean Throwing Festival (Setsubun in Japan) is a Japanese event in the Animal Crossing series, first appearing in Animal Forest e+. It was absent in future games until its reappearance in New Leaf. It is based on a real life event in Japan with the same name. The purpose of the event is to celebrate the end of Winter and the beginning of Spring.

In New Leaf[]

In New Leaf, this day is called Bean Day for short. Isabelle can be found by the Town Tree and when talked to, will give the player either a blue or red Oni mask (Blue and Red Ogre masks in English-language games); visitors to towns hosting the Bean Throwing Festival can also interact with Isabelle, but will only be able to receive a blue mask. A unique photo board for the event is also found here.


A photo board is placed in Town for photo opportunities.

With the Oni Mask equipped, the player can then speak to other villagers in the Town. When spoken to, villagers will react in shock and then throw beans at the player. Throwing beans at those with an Oni mask is said to bring good luck, expelling the evil. Villagers will not throw beans inside their homes.

During the festivities, Timmy and Tommy will be selling a box of beans or a Eho-maki (Good-luck roll in English-language games), a type of sushi, for 800 Bells each instead of Fortune Cookies. Upon buying a good-luck roll, Timmy or Tommy will tell the player to eat it facing a certain direction for good luck. Beans can be equipped and throw beans to your front. If you throw beans towards a villager or a player, their eyes will have a shocked look for a very short time. Throwing beans can also be used for chasing off the fishes and bugs, too.

In the updated version Welcome amiibo, Beans can be also obtained from the campground manager Harvey by saying "Heya, Harv!" to him while he is throwing beans feeding his yellow birds. In the campground, beans can be thrown in a shorter distance than normal. In the meantime, birds can be attracted by throwing beans.

In New Horizons[]

Bean Throwing Day will make a return in New Horizons, in which beans can be obtained via Nook Shopping on the ABD. More details on the holiday are forthcoming.