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Beans are an equipable item given to the player once they talk to Harvey in the English versions of the game. They were originally a Japan-only release in New Leaf prior to the Welcome amiibo update and would only be in shops for a short while during February for the Japenese Setsubun (Bean throwing festival). After the Welcome amiibo update, which included the campground, beans became available to players worldwide. When thrown in the campground, the beans attract yellow birds that start feeding on them.

Throwing Effects[]

Warning: Throwing beans will scare away nearby bugs and fish.

  • Beans thrown at a villager will surprise the villager and their eyes will change for a split second (or longer, depending on the amount of beans that hit said villager).
    • This has no effect on Special Characters or characters walking around Main Street.
  • Birds will only show up to eat thrown beans at the Campsite; throwing them elsewhere will have no effect.
  • Beans will make a splashing sound when thrown into lakes, rivers, and oceans.
    • Throwing them at Public Work Projects containing water (i.e., fountain) will have the same affect as being thrown on ground.
  • Thrown beans have physics and will bounce and scatter off of houses.
  • Beans thrown on flowers will cause the flowers to move as if being walked on.


The player can get beans from Harvey by talking to him when he is throwing beans to the birds in the Campground. If the player says "Heya Harv!" multiple times to him, Harvey will offer beans to the player.

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