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This article is about the structure. For the furniture item, see Chairs & Sofas.
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A player chats with Purrl on a Modern Bench.

Sitting on a Bench With Another Player

Sitting on a bench with another player.

Benches are items of furniture used for seating in the Animal Crossing series. They take on various appearances throughout the series, appearing as unobtainable furniture inside public buildings in early installments and later appearing as constructable items for the town in New Leaf.


In Animal Forest[]

Animal Forest marked the first appearance of benches in the series. The bench appeared within the Post Office.

In Animal Crossing[]

Benches reappeared in Animal Crossing, this time inside the eReader machine.

In New Leaf[]

Benches reappear in New Leaf as an outdoor seating object, and can be built by the Mayor as a Public Works Project. Both the player and animal villagers are able to sit on the benches together and chat. However, the player cannot sit on a bench if there are already two animals present, but can still join in their conversation.

There are seven different types of benches available to build.