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Benjamin (ハチ, Hachi?) is a lazy dog villager in the Animal Crossing series. His Japanese name could be a reference to the story of Hachikō, sometimes referred to as Hachi, or the Japanese name for the bee (Hachi (ハチ)).


Benjamin is a yellow and white dog with very thick, black, eyebrows. He also has white whiskers and a big brown button nose with a white tail. He looks similar to Champagne, another dog villager, and Joey the lazy duck. He seems to look like a labrador retreiver.


Below is a brief description of the lazy personality. For more information, click here.

As a lazy villager, he will enjoy napping and talking about food, as well as appearing calm and relaxed through most circumstances. Like other lazy villagers, he will share the same interests such as clothes, fishing, bug catching, and fossil hunting. Snooty and cranky villagers will find it difficult to get along with him, due to his relaxed lifestyle which may cause offense to these villagers. He also may offend jock villagers, who have a conflicting lifestyle of exercise and fitness. He will get along with all other villagers in the town. He gets along easily with the player.


Benjamin has Wandering playing on his stereo. He has most pieces from the Sloppy Series. He has the Common Flooring and Paw-Print Wallpaper.

New Leaf

amiibo Card

amiibo Card
Amiibo card back
#084 Benjamin
Type Dog
Star sign Leo
Birthday 8/3
Roll value 6
Hand sign Scissors
Request A life of self-sufficiency
Amiibo 084 Benjamin
083 Annalisa #084 Benjamin 085 Pancetti


  • His Japanese name is Hachi, and is a reference to a famous dog in Japan by the name of Hachikō. In the history of Hachikō, his owner and himself would regularly meet up at a train station to walk home together daily. One day, the owner suffered a cerebral hemorrage and died. The dog continued to wait at the station for years despite his owner never getting off the train. Locals were at first hostile towards the dog, but changed their opinions when media got ahold of the story. Hachikō became a national sensation and a symbol of loyalty.
  • Before the Welcome Amiibo update, he was the only villager to own Wandering. When the update arrived, a few other villagers owned it too.

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