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All right! Let's cause some mischief!
― Blanca, New Leaf

Blanca (あやしいねこ, Ayashī Neko?, Suspicious Cat) is a special character in the Animal Crossing series. Blanca's English name likely comes from the word "blank", referring to her blank face. It may also come from the feminine version of blanco the Spanish word for "white".

Blanca's gender is variable. Like Gracie and Saharah, Blanca is listed as being male in Japan and Korea but is female internationally. In Wild World, City Folk, and New Leaf, Blanca has a distinct lazy/jock voice, both of which are male personality types.


Blanca is a white cat with no face. In all games prior to New Leaf, She wears a blossom shirt. Her face can be drawn on by the player.

From New Leaf onwards, she wears a yellow and red harlequin outfit, with a blue ruffled collar. Instead of the player drawing her face, she uses makeup to transform herself into one of the player's villagers.

In Happy Home Designer, she wears a flower-print shirt (different from the blossom shirt) as her casual clothing, and can be given hats or accessories by the player.


In Animal Forest and Animal Crossing

Blanca in Animal Crossing.

Blanca will randomly appear when visiting other towns. The first time the player has met her, Blanca will have no face, and she will ask the player to draw her a new one. If the player meets Blanca again, she may have a different face from the one the player had drawn. After the player has met Blanca and drawn her a face, she may appear in the player's town as a visitor.

In Wild World

In Wild World, Blanca will appear if the "Mysterious Cat" mode is turned on (which can be done by using the Telephone in the attic), and if the player has used WI-Fi. Blanca may appear randomly if the previous two conditions are met.

Sometimes, when Rover is at The Roost, he will ask the player if the player have seen "The Mysterious Cat". He will tell the player he goes from town to town in search of it, suggesting that Rover may know, or knew, Blanca.

In City Folk

Blanca CF.png

Blanca makes another appearance in City Folk. she may appear anywhere in the town as long as WiiConnect24 is enabled on both the Wii and the telephone in the attic. Like in the previous games, she will lack a face and ask the player to draw her one. Blanca's face can be drawn a maximum of two times before Blanca refuses any more in one day. If the player doesn't draw Blanca a face, Blanca will get angry and tell the player that she won't be able to see anything.

Blanca will only appear with a blank face if they originate in the player's town. If the player has received Blanca from a registered friend, then the player will see the face that the other player has drawn, but the player may change or clear Blanca's face. Also, Blanca doesn't know whether the player adds a small or large amount of detail on her face. If the player has drawn on Blanca's face any of the player's registered friends may receive her the next day.

A concern with Blanca's game mechanic was that someone's registered friends (strangers or not) could draw inappropriate things on her face, and that Blanca with these face designs could possibly be transferred to unsuspecting players.

In New Leaf

Blanca appears again in New Leaf. Unlike past games, Blanca is the host of the April Fool's Day festivities. She will appear inside villagers' homes, wearing makeup to look identical to them. The player must decide which villager is the real one, and if they are successful, they will receive Blanca's and that villager's Picture, and Blanca will move on to the next villager's house. Each time she is found out, the player will receive Blanca's picture.

After the Welcome amiibo update, Blanca can visit the Campground. When inside her RV, her bio will read:

Sure, she likes to stir up trouble around the town. But when you see her out relaxing at the campground, she looks so... Well, she still looks pretty creepy.

In Happy Home Designer

Blanca is an optional character in Happy Home Designer. If the player has her amiibo Card, they can design her house. Once her house is designed, they can visit and speak with her. She also be invited to other villagers' houses via her amiibo Card.


e-Card [1]
Ac A178 Screen Shot.png
Ac A178 bk.jpg
#178 Blanca
Gender Female
Type Special
Star sign Aquarius
Clothes N/A
Petphrase N/A
Password KuysIo28mtWNnE
Profile There are many theories about Blanca, none of which can be confirmed. One is that the cat is running from a shady past... while another is that Blanca got a little too enthusiastic while removing makeup one day.
Ac A178.jpg
177 Chip #178 Blanca 179 Kabuki

amiibo Card

amiibo Card[2]
Amiibo card back.png
#114 Blanca
Type Special
Star sign Aquarius
Birthday 2/8
Roll value 1
Hand sign Scissors
Request I'll leave it up to you!
Amiibo 114 Blanca.png
113 Isabelle #114 Blanca 115 Nat


  • In Animal Crossing, Rover will constantly speak of a "strange cat." He'll ask the player if they have seen Blanca. Similarly, in Wild World, when spoken to in The Roost, after a while he will mention "a suspicious-looking cat" and asks whether or not the player has seen them.
  • Blanca is misreferred to as "Bianca" in the Animal Crossing Prima Studyguide, which is Whitney's Japanese name, as well as Bianca's English name.
  • When the player gets a fortune told in Katrina's fortune shop, she may mention Blanca.
  • Blanca's artwork for the original Animal Crossing depicts her drawing a henohenomoheji on her face, a common "funny face" from Japan created using [[Wikipedia:hiragana]|hiragana]]] characters:
    • Two he's [へ] for eyebrows
    • Two no's [の] for eyes
    • One mo [も] for a nose
    • A third he [へ] for a mouth
    • Ji [じ] as the outline of the face (not present on Blanca)
  • Blanca's role in New Leaf, in which she copies other villagers on April Fool's Day, may be inspired by the phrase "copycat".
  • It's possible that Blanca is meant to represent a noppera-bō, a faceless yōkai (ghost/demon).
    • Noppera-bō are said to copy the appearance of someone's family member, and appear with their back turned. When someone approaches them thinking they are family, they turn around, revealing that they have no face. They disappear shortly after frightening their victim, and pose no real threat.
  • On April Fool's Day in New Leaf, if a villager in the town is moving in and has boxes out, Blanca will not visit that villager's house.
  • In New Leaf, if the player happens to start a new save file as the mayor on April Fool's Day, Blanca will appear on the train instead of Rover.

In other languages

Language Name
Japan Japanese あやしいねこ Ayashī Neko, Suspicious Cat
France French Blanca
Spain Spanish Blanca
Germany German Blanca
Italy Italian Blanca
Russia Russian Бланка Blanka
China Chinese 无脸猫/無脸貓 Wú Liǎn Māo
South Korea Korean 아트 고양이 ateu goyang-i


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