• TheJoshinator2015

    You know that the player in the Animal Crossing games catches bugs and fish and digs up fossils, and they can donate them to the museum. But I got ideas for two more categories for museum-worthy items.


    When a player gets a falconer's glove, he/she is able to catch any bird flying around, walking on the ground or swimming in water. Like bugs and fish, birds can range from common to rare, the most common being a Pigeon, a Crow, a Seagull, a Buzzard, an Owl (at night) and many more. Birds can be donated to the museum. The area for them is an aviary. And like bugs and fish, the birds can vary from season to season. In Winter, you get birds like a Tundra Swan, an Albatross and an Arctic Tern. In Spring, you can catch the likes of the Shrik…

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  • Particle Warrior X

    In Animal Crossing New Leaf, I have my town called RoseWood (Mayor Piper) and it has recently been hacked by a person I met online.

    Not all people are as nice as this one, though.

    This hacker, let's call them L. L came to my town in a frog costume, funny enough.

    Anyways, this person told me to save before they started hacking. They didn't steal from me. Once I'd saved, they said a code and vanished into thin air.

    Anyway, after L had left, I'd searched my town. L had left every flower breed (in the entire game) next to the train station, given me all the golden tools, given me half of the amiibo set and given me some fun little handheld items to go with it. They gave me some furniture, and a Bellpoint ATM for my home. They did drop a badge befo…

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  • Creamstar2018

    Shrunk - Mushroom

    October 21, 2018 by Creamstar2018

    I have a question. What happens when you give Shrunk the Famous Mushroom? Does he become big when he eats it? Does he refuse it? Can you even give it to him?

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  • 7 Grand Daddy

    Just recently, I managed to find a video on Youtube that shows all of the animals homes in Animal Forest on the N64.  The video wasn't easy to find but this should be able to help provide with the correct information of the villagers houses.  

    Link to the video:

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  • KT1999

    Sloppy Series plz D;

    July 18, 2018 by KT1999

    Helloz I just got back into this game and really wanted to complete my new chara's house and I wanted the sloppy theme. rn I have the slopppy sinnk and table I at least want the bed anyone up for a trade? I got lots of hybrids or straight up bells. plz thanks.

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  • Nintendolegit

    Making money tips

    June 18, 2018 by Nintendolegit

    First use the stalk market and buy loads of turnips. It is risky but there’s a good chance to make $$$ with multiple friends. Secound selling the special items at the recycling shop. Find this out on the sign outside of the shop. I kept all my ores then sold them all (53 of them) when they were special selling and I got loads of bells. Thirdly selling things on the flea market. Sell the items for x4 -1 bell. Example: sells for 500 the. Sell for 1999 bells.

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  • Nintendolegit

    Golden items ACNL

    June 18, 2018 by Nintendolegit

    To get the golden set you need 3 golden nuggets and 10,000 bells. Take to the recycling shop and give it to the. Guy in the corner at the work bench. Take in mind you need loads of experience for him to accept your nuggets.

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  • Grac5779

    purrl, bob, punchy, tangy, or katt will pay 1mil bells or more

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  • CureMay


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  • Wikiatastic


    May 26, 2018 by Wikiatastic

    I was seeded by a girl named Lucy back in 2007.

    1. Don't play WiFi multiplayer.
    2. Only play with people you know and trust.
    3. Back-up your saves before you play WiFi multiplayer with anyone.
    4. Check their WiFi ratings before playing with them.
    5. Play in the other person's town instead.
    6. Quit without saving if:
      1. A player checks their pockets for more than 10 seconds.
      2. A player demands to save.
      3. A player has dropped invisible objects and is going to the town gate.

    1. Seek out an Action Replay of your own and reverse the damage (idk how)
    2. Create an entirely new town and delete your old town.

    1. Play in the seeder's town and seed their town.
      1. Make sure to remove their house, the Town Hall and Tom Nook's store.
      2. Attempt to brick the cartridge by spawning multiple Town Halls, Museums…

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  • Aino Megumi 2

    Oh noooo

    May 10, 2018 by Aino Megumi 2

    Alfonso and Kittycatlover are scaring me:

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  • Aino Megumi 2

    Some admin

    May 2, 2018 by Aino Megumi 2

    Admin will delete my stuff and revert my vandals

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  • Theblackqueenofhearts
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  • Seeturtles

    HI!! I know animal crossing new leaf isn't exactly in style but I still love playing it.  I don't have any friends to play with though! If you still play this at all, lets exchange friend codes and meet in each others towns :-) It's been years since I've done this - back on animal crossing community with the first AC that came out on DS.

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  • Minicakes


    March 9, 2018 by Minicakes

    Just remembered about this account and thought I should look back on it.... full of cringey pre-teen comments and posts yikes! Thanks to those who had to suffer while talking to me on this website during that era of my life. That's all, probably won't touch this account again any time soon. See ya!

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  • Bellhorder

    beginners guide

    March 2, 2018 by Bellhorder

    hey baes sup? this is my first blog post and i would love you to read this ok lets get to it >

    You have just started animal crossing, you have just got a house and all is good but then you dont save your game and guess who pops up mr restii one of the most hated animals in animal crossing. So what do you do know? i would say that you batteries ran out, this means he will go easy on you. what more bells to get a bigger house? well i find shells are the best way of making bells, so just pick some up then go to the retrail and sell them you will make up to 5000 bells for each trip, also if you unlock the island you can get more and you can also get sharks all year round they make up to 17,000-25,000 bells each but they are realy hard to cach. …

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  • Bellhorder

    Hello guys and welcome to my blog I am new to wiki. I am a cosplayer and a girl gamer and my absolute favourite game is animal Crossing. My house has the maximum bottom floor and one upstairs which is very small I love being there and my favourite part of the game is hitting villages but I don’t want over the head with a net I truly think that’s the best part. So pleas come and check out my page where I will be giving you tips and tricks on animal Crossing for beginners and there will be a shout out competition sometime or another thanks guys for reading my post 👍🏻🦋😉😍

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  • SlySummar

    Animal crossing Olympics

    February 27, 2018 by SlySummar

    Stuff coming soon :)

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  • Ricker106

    So...I've had this in my head for the longest time now and I figured I'd share it with a community of people that are actually caring about others...unlike some communities...Anyway I'll leave more information eventually, for now I'll just leave this information here, oh and fair warning...this story might contain some...dark topics...


    • Ricky -

      • Suffers from Asperger’s Syndrome

      • Has a part-time job at the Roost Café (Doesn't get it until later in the story)

      • Lives with Bluebear and Chow

      • Hardcore Gamer

      • Considers himself a failure to his parents and a disgrace to society

    • Bluebear -

      • Peppy stereotype

      • Ricky’s best friend

    • Chow -

      • Cranky stereotype

      • Bluebear’s caretaker

    • Lucky -

      • Lazy stereotype

      • Lives with Jaydee

    • Coco -

      • Normal stereotype

      • Lives with her 4 siblin…

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  • DonutSkwish44

    Chama's Town

    February 20, 2018 by DonutSkwish44

    Hai~! Welcome to my blog!! ///^.^/// I hope you like it!

    My town is called Galix, and I have a total of 9 Villagers.

    Galix's Dream Address: 5A00-007E-BCEB

    (I update my address everytime I add something to my town,

    so if you can't get into my town you may wanna refresh the

    page or check the page again later.)

    Why I started playing:

    I have been playing since 2013, I got the game for christmas and have restarted the game twice. I'm not gonna restart the game again because I am content with my current town. :3 I started the game because I saw ZackScottGames playing it so I asked my parents for it and then I quickly got addicted and, well, I'm here.

    Town Statys: Perfect

    Town Fruit: Perfect Oranges

    Bells: 123,165

    Villagers: Ribbot, Ursala, Bea, Viche, Cece…

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  • SlySummar

    Evil tom nook

    February 1, 2018 by SlySummar
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  • Lamg.89

    leos erster tag

    January 31, 2018 by Lamg.89


    In der Tat bin ich ein weib okey?!

    In der Tat

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  • QueenTiger


    January 9, 2018 by QueenTiger

    Hi I am new to this wiki. But I have a question how do you get bells in this wiki?  Like for example ShadeTempest when your mouse is over his avatar it says like 6907 bells on it I want to have that as well how do you get it?

    ~Thanks A Animal Crossing User

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  • Yoshifan996

    Where are the Welcome Amiibo Pictures on Pictures on this wiki you can get them on april fools day but for some reason they aren't on it yet someone should upload them to that page.

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  • Shapeshifter of animals

    Please share your friend codes here i a message trusting you btw Rules If you want to visit my town I will have to have seen yours first (unless for a very good reason) Call me Amy or Anna becouse my name in game is not my real one If you accidentally break one of my flowers confess right away with what kind of flower it was Ask before cutting down trees,picking fruit,shaking trees or digging up stuff No swearing

    Ok here is my friend code:2380-7666-7144

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  • Dragonfree97


    November 16, 2017 by Dragonfree97

    migration move gamepedia niwa independent wikia wiki shoutwiki merge fork split alliance

    hi sannse :)

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  • Anastasiareyer

    My town, Lila Bay

    September 20, 2017 by Anastasiareyer

    Lila bay is quite a new town. it has two beaches with one on the west side being the longest. I do enjoy my town, I just have no plan for things which I need to complete. For instance where the campground would go.  

    List of Public work Projects Planned: 


    Police station

    Dream suite


    Dream Villagers: 

    Mira (Uchi) 

    Rosie (normal?) 

    Coco (Uchi?)

    and that's it so far. 

    Hybrids Breeding: 

    Roses: (Currently have Pink x2) 

    Cosmos: (Currently have Pink)

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  • Madisonf3650


    August 30, 2017 by Madisonf3650


    This is a link to a shark

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  • Neko Katsume

    What is amiibo festival? If you want to learn more go HERE.

    Amiibo Festival is a made by Nitendo on the Wii U, it had low reviews.

    %36.60 on Gamerankings, 40/100 on Metacritic.

    Here are some reasons why people hate playing it.

    • Its repetitive and boring for people whenever they play the board game because the player need to tap their amiibo when they have to get a turn to roll your dice, and theres not much competition, another thing here is the dialogue which can repeat over and over.
    • It was made for a cash grab.
    • If the player had no amiibos, they can't be able to play. However it comes with 3 amiibo cards with Rosie , Goldie and Stitches.
    • Some people didn't want to buy the Wii U because its expensive.

    Here are some reasons why some people like pl…

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  • Darkrange243

    new leaf

    August 1, 2017 by Darkrange243
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  • Fashion Heart

    So, as many of you know, the Welcome amiibo Update is here. With the new update, you can get MANY more items, that before. Also, you can scan the new amiibo cards to get the villager you want from that card. But, there's this set of amiibo cards that are really hard to get, and those are the Sanrio amiibo cards. This set has exclusive furniture that you can not obtain from the Catalog, the Nookling stores or in the Campground.

    That's why I'm here, to gift you this furniture. Just tell me what collection you want and I'll gift it to you! Catch me in the chat when you can and ask me for one of the collections down below here!

    NOTE: Even though I can gift you the furniture of the collections down below, I CAN'T gift you the clothes, sorry!

    My personal favo…

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  • CaiquTianshi

    I need memes.​​​​​

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  • Chesse20

    hey whats up i started a wikia for the new upcoming animal crossing game and its just getting starteed but im gonna have a lot of pages someday and its gonna be a blast for everyone and very good informational for people who want to know stuff about the game thanks :)

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  • Tomasto1

    Yeah, it's been a whooping 7 years (almost, I guess, since it was in August) since my last blog post, back when I was an admin here. If you're actually reading my blog and these old posts you'll probably find some real embarassing things I used to say and think back in 2010, when I was 12-13 years old. I'm not deleting or editing these (much like my old userpage is also here, in the edit history), so feel free to look at them and laugh at my preteen self, I don't care. I barely even knew how to write English properly back then from the looks of it... my first language, of course, is Portuguese, as I'm from Brazil.

    I suddenly stopped coming here after I had some internet problems back in mid-2010, and later my nintendo DS (or should I say...…

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  • Neko Katsume

    Added a link to most item photos.

    It has lots of items from the catalog with photos.

    Url: Here

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  • Alezzandrav0324


    May 6, 2017 by Alezzandrav0324
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  • LilPuppy13

    GWC Contract

    April 29, 2017 by LilPuppy13

    May 1st To June 1st, There will be a giveaway EVERY YEAR for the golden watering can

    So, Go to YouTube, and go on FlameFox's Channel, And Look For GOLDEN GIVEAWAY! And it should be There.

    Then, put your friend code in the comment section, and tell me what time you will be on ACNL.


    Monthly Tools
    January Golden Axe

    Golden Net

    March Golden Slingshot
    April Golden Shovel
    May Golden Can
    June Golden Rod

    Golden Slingshot

    August Golden Net
    September Golden Net
    October Golden Axe
    November Golden Rod
    December Golden Can Read more >
  • LilPuppy13

    Golden Watering Can

    April 29, 2017 by LilPuppy13

    How To Get The Golden Watering Can In Animal Crossing New Leaf

    I will be giving out the golden watering can so for more info check the GWC Contract for details

    {This Wiki Has been Postponed}

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  • Immortal Goddess


    April 24, 2017 by Immortal Goddess

    Hello, i'm new and i'm a huge fan of Animal Crossing New Leaf! I would love to talk with somone, also someone to kind of show me around the wiki, showing me important pages. Thanks!

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  • Desuka²


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  • LilPuppy13

    Bug Trouble

    March 23, 2017 by LilPuppy13

    Oak Silk Moth

    Birdwing Butterfly

    Raja Brooke Butterfly

    Emporer Butterfly

    Peacock Butterfly

    Tiger Butterfly

    Monarch Butterfly

    Agrias Butterfly

    Lantern fly

    Yellow Butterfly

    Common Butterfly

    Petaltail Dragonfly

    Banded Dragonfly

    Darner Dragonfly

    Red Dragonfly

    Horned Hercules

    Golden Stag

    Horned Atlas

    Horned Elephant

    Cyclommatus Stag

    Goliath Beetle



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  • Madison654

    Missing Gracie Grace?

    March 21, 2017 by Madison654

    Hey Guys! I don't know if any of you had the same problem as me, but if you already spent the 50,000/75,000 Bells, and still aren't seeing GracieGrace, then this is for you.

    She may not show up if you are using Time Travel, and travelling clumps of days, she will NOT show up. But if you travel day by day, she might just show up every week! But, there is a Trick with it. When you see her, pass the check, save and quit, TT back a day, save and quit, TT forward a day and Gracie will be back for another check. Do this multiple times and you should have the T&T Emporium in no time!

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  • Madison654

    If you want a perfect town, here's the requirements:

    • You Need Between 110 and 200 Trees
    • Lots and LOTS Of flowers
    • Lots of Public's work projects

    No Weeds and No garbage on the ground (not counting buried fossils, buried groids, seashells on the beach

    You should get This Reward:  

    Golden Watering Can

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  • Madison654


    March 20, 2017 by Madison654

    Animal Crossing is an amazing game. FlareHeart, hey, I put you in this wiki for a reason. 

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  • Madison654

    Golden Tools

    March 20, 2017 by Madison654

    Animal Crossing New Leaf

    Obtained: To Obtain the Golden Shovel, You need to Unlock the T&T Emporium, If you Don't have this, unlock and come back.

    Ok, so when you have the T&T Emporium, Buy 50 Fertilizer  from Leif, and on the 50th time he will give you a "Happy Bonus", and it will be the Golden Shovel.

    Animal Crossing City Folk

    Bury a shovel for twenty four hours (Time Traveled can be used) and dig it up again and it will be golden.

    Animal Crossing Wild World

    Same as City Folk.

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  • EthanBoy6573674838292864829639

    Pvz987 is the best.

    Shares the rest 

    Of his troubles

    To make Doubles

    To make us think, 

    He know how to wink




    By the community of FISHROCKET

    Made because of the community of BUGSNET.COM

    look at that HOT CHICK!!!!!

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  • EthanBoy6573674838292864829639

    The Bagworm can be found between October to March, all day with a rarity of Uncommon (***). It Can be found be shaking Trees, for example, if you caught the Spider before, you know how to catch the bagworm.


    Time of Day All Day
    Time of Year October to March
    Location In trees
    Available in Rain No
    Size 50mm
    Appearances AF+, AC, AFe+, CF, NL
    Rarity Uncommon (***)
    Price 300 Bells Read more >
  • Madison654


    March 20, 2017 by Madison654
    Time of Day 7pm to 4am (peek from 11pm to 4am)
    Time of Year June to August
    Location On the Ground
    Size  65mm
    Available in Rain  Unknown
    Appearances WW, CF, NL
    Rarity Rare (*****)
    Price 8,000 Bells

    If Donated With Scorpion, Will have fight like The Horned Hercules

    And Golden Stag

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  • Madison654


    March 20, 2017 by Madison654
    Time of Day 7pm to 4am
    Time of Year July to September
    Location On the Ground
    Available in Rain Unknown
    Size  160mm
    Appearances WW, CF, NL
    Rarity  Rare (*****)
    Price 8,000 Bells

    In New Leaf,

    If Donated with The Tarantula , Will have a fight like the Horned Hercules and Golden Stag.

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  • Faut783


    March 11, 2017 by Faut783

    Uh, long time no see. How was is everyone going?

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