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AC:NH - A Disaster Survival Idea (... but I doubt it gets known.)

As I long to get gainful employment to get some new Joy-Cons, I can't help but think about...

..."What if the programmers decided to make a disaster scenario involving the players' islands?"

Anyway, I highly doubt that the idea will fly. Like my idea for spelunking within the islands.

I was thinking of disaster training of some sort, but like I said, I doubt that would fly.

This is Animal Crossing: New Horizons, not Sim City.


Besides, it's also a cozy game. No unwanted drama is needed. Better I leave that on Fan Fiction, right?

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Kamila Burchette Kamila Burchette 25 March


Hi! I'm Kamila, but plz call me ami! I love cats and food and im a half ukrainian teen living in georgia usa

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Animal crossing qween Animal crossing qween 20 September 2023

who is ur faverout villiger mine is carman :D

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EmeraldEnder EmeraldEnder 23 August 2023


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EmeraldEnder EmeraldEnder 20 July 2023


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EmeraldEnder EmeraldEnder 18 July 2023


至高性 (shikō-sei)|Initial Clothes=Argyle sweater|QuoteNL=}}

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EmeraldEnder EmeraldEnder 17 July 2023


スラグステップ (suragusuteppu)
彈步/弹步 (dàn bù)
슬러그스텝 (seulleogeuseuteb)
слизеход (slizehod)|Initial Clothes=Color-Block Dress Shirt (Green)|QuoteNL=}}

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CherriSwitch CherriSwitch 28 June 2023

Updates on my island!

So, I've been thinking over ideas.. and poles. I have decided Bones will move, I will post a blog on huntingfor lolly sooner or later as well.

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CherriSwitch CherriSwitch 28 June 2023

Kiki is a baby!!

I found Kiki out side my house. ADORBS!!!

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Annie the one and only Annie the one and only 9 March 2023

Here is a ranking of some Villagers I have on my Island.

1: Bluebear. Do we even need to talk about this?

2: Sherb. I just love Sherb!

3: Bob. He is one of my favorite villagers and fits my island theme very good, but he is a solid 3.

4: Hazel. Same thing as Gonzo, she is cute but does not really fit my island theme.

5: Gonzo. He‘s cute, but he does not fit my island theme.

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Comixfan116 Comixfan116 4 February 2023

2.0 villagers; the final smackdown


Everyone loves the 2.0 update. Some, like me, have never known New Horizons any other way. But nevertheless, everyone has his or her opains of the villagers that came with it.

And these made for some fun YouTube videos. Froggycrossing and her boyfriend, Captain Quack, ranked them. Tiger did too. And now, I will. You can at

here's what I did;

Click on it to make it bigger.

And don't hurl insults at me for putting Shino in the bottom tier!

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Comixfan116 Comixfan116 4 February 2023

Theme idea; nintendo island!


Since all nintendo themed "Special" villagers were removed after New Leaf (😿) we have to get creative. We have plenty of furinture (that can be ordered from the nook stop), so the only thing we need is the villagers.

  • Alfonzo for Mario
  • Willow sort of looks like Peach! You just have to give her the dress and the crown.
  • Winnie reminds me of Princess Daisy. You can reuse the peach crown and make a custom design dress.
  • Wart Jr. is hinted to be the son of Wart, a forgotten Mario character first seen in Super Mario Bros. 2. If you like the game, he's definitely an option.
  • Louie could be Donkey Kong!
  • Roald kinda looks like the penguins from Super Mario 64.
  • For you Luigi's Mansion fans, Petri has a similar look going for her to Professor E. Gadd.
  • Marina …

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Comixfan116 Comixfan116 3 February 2023

Brilliant theme Ideas that someone NEEDS to do.


Hi there! Today, we will just discuss some theme ideas that randomly pop in my head that I can't do, but someone should.

  • 1 Cutesy/gothic
    • 1.1 Tips:
  • 2 RAINBOW theme!
    • 2.1 Tips:

Villager ideas:








-Get dreamy furniture, then have Reese and Cyrus customize it to be black!

-Black-and-purple makeup is ideal!

-For outdoor decorating, try to get white pumpkins

Villagers: (Try to get one of each color)

Red: Octavian, Biff, Benedict, Phoebe, Syd, Bill

Orange: Broffina, Bunnie, Sandy, Croque, Billy, Wart Jr.

Yellow: Cousteau, Marty, Tammy, Chadder

Green: Frank, Anicotti, Tad, Jambette, Pango, Opal

Blue: Axel, Chai, Azalea, Hornsby, Moe, Lolly, Tom, Jeremiah

Indigo: Rosie, Yuka, Peewee, Agent S, Ione, Lobo, Ace, Robin, Derwin, Stu …

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Comixfan116 Comixfan116 1 February 2023

My first blog post! Get to know me!


Hi! Welcome to my blog post! This is my first post, so I will tell you some things about my island!

  1. Axel. The island's only jock, and my best friend. He was a starter and I am literally keeping all the villagers I get at the beginning because I get so attached to them, LOL!
  2. Muffy. It's hard to pick a favorite out of the villagers I have, but if I had to pick, it would be her. I redid her house today because it did NOT match her look. It will be changed to my design tomorrow.
  3. Lucy. Lucy was on my city folk save and was our first (and only) normal. When my sister saw her, she invited her to the island right away!
  4. Winnie. Our only peppy. Yesterday was her birthday, so I went to her party and gave her a bag from Kicks. I didn't get any birthda…

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Lunara13 & Irene3 Lunara13 & Irene3 30 January 2023

Playing Acnh again!

I haven't played acnh in 9 months and I finally got a new switch lite and transfered my data to my new switch lite. So I hope I can do future trades and play with you all! :D

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Ariana The Intellectual Ariana The Intellectual 8 January 2023

I played animal crossing for the first time yesterday :)


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Christopher Smith106207 Christopher Smith106207 21 November 2022

My own rendition of certain characters

The last time I posted a 3-D rendition of an AC character, Lucky was my first choice. And I can tell you, making his head bandages in 3-D... wow, that was hard!

Well, I had uploaded these onto my Deviant Art a good while back. (These 3-D pics are 100% SFW and SFV!)

Here's my take on the bubbly and funny "Foxy Vixen Wolf", Audie...

... the gothic yet friendly Muffy (making her hair was quite a job! Plus, a tip of the hat to the artist ComfortBubble, to whom I based her on!)...

... the big, brash, blue buck named Bam...

... the ever-stoic yet regal Abyssinian cat, Ankah...

... the sweet and friendly kangaroo, Carrie...

... the equally cross and grumpy Walt...

... and magical girl/Power Ranger rabbit Mira!

I also need to mention HectorNY from Deviant …

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Alessia Foglia Alessia Foglia 25 August 2022

Fan-Made Villager Species

I’ve Made These Fan-Made Villagers Back in 2021, But I’m Only Posting Them Now. 3 of These Species are Villager Versions of NPC Animals, While 2 of Them are Purely Fan-Made Species. These 5 Species I’m Going to Show You are the Foxes, the Raccoons, the Hedgehogs, the Bats and the Lizards.

  • 1 Fox Villagers
  • 2 Raccoon Villagers
  • 3 Hedgehog Villagers
  • 4 Bat Villagers
  • 5 Lizard Villagers

Info Coming Soon

Info Coming Soon

Info Coming Soon

Info Coming Soon

Info Coming Soon

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LunaLovesRiko LunaLovesRiko 24 August 2022


I still use fandom sometimes, but not as much. Hope to make more edits soon and start blogging!

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CrimsonRedGhoul CrimsonRedGhoul 21 August 2022

Guess the Villager!

So I did this thing where I came up with full legal names for all the villagers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and I thought "You know what? Why not see if anyone can correctly guess which villager I'm referring to when I use the names I came up with for them". So here you go, see if you can possibly guess which villagers these are only based on the legal names I made up for them. Many of these are based on their names in foreign versions of the games, so there's a good hint to keep in mind. Leave your answers in the comments. Good luck!

  1. Derek Antonov
  2. Patrick Berry
  3. Dominik Bouloche
  4. Cassandra Broffina
  5. Qing Chai
  6. Patty Chlebek
  7. Francis Cobb
  8. Marilyn Cox
  9. Eddie Curtis
  10. Byron Deltoro
  11. Mona Dulcinea
  12. Karin Fardilia
  13. Steven Franco
  14. Annette Chèvre Geissler
  15. Myrtle Gor…
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Christopher Smith106207 Christopher Smith106207 20 August 2022

Yesterday at the Roost...

I happened to get a cup of coffee there, and saw a familiar face... After I had my cup of Joe, I walked up to him and started talking with him.

Anyone else had that happen?

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Alesjif Alesjif 23 July 2022


NOTE: Only villagers in New Horizons will be included.

NOTE 2: This is my opinion. Don't start a flame war or generally argue in the comments. I might be a little brutal and make fun of your favorite villagers. If you like one of them, that's cool too!


Best: Alfonso

Alfonso is a well, but basically designed villager with a decent personality. Plus, he's part of Animal Crossing history.

Worst: Drago

The idea of a dragon-like villager is pretty cool, but Drago was done poorly. His lips are questionable, and his eyes are weird.


Best: Pinky

Pinky is a cute panda that definitely fits the peppy personality. Her house is nice and so is her default clothing.

Worst: Beardo (SLIGHT CW)

Beardo is.. interesting. His eyes don't fit him, h…

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Alessia Foglia Alessia Foglia 7 June 2022

The Most Prevalent Villagers of Each Species

Based on Some Animal Crossing-Related Products By Nintendo

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Christopher Smith106207 Christopher Smith106207 27 May 2022

My 3-D Take On Certain Animal Crossing Characters!

I know there is some folks on certain art sites that do their take on certain Animal Crossing characters...

... and much of it CAN'T be here because... seriously... this is a website KIDS come to! I know I can't talk that sort of thing, but I chose not to bring that here. Instead, I did create 3-D art of a few Animal Crossing characters using a 3-D program called DAZ Studio 2.33, another called Anim8or 1.0 to create some props, a program called PosRay to group props, and used purchased 3-D figures from various other websites.

Using morphs of varying degree in DAZ, and creating body parts and props on Anim8or, I created my own take on one character I'm sure EVERYONE knows... LUCKY!

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Candy22222 Candy22222 4 May 2022



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イソニック イソニック 3 February 2022

how to eat cheese

  1. open mouth
  2. put cheese in mouth
  3. close mouth
  4. crunch it like a nut
  5. finish
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Kaelyn5886 Kaelyn5886 21 January 2022

Animal Crossing

Hey everyone of AnimalCrossing Fandom, I am making a journal if you would like to take part use this link

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Pena Kesseli Pena Kesseli 14 January 2022



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Alessia Foglia Alessia Foglia 2 January 2022

New Leaf V.S. Welcome Amiibo: Renders

  • NL = New Leaf
  • NLa+ = Welcome Amiibo

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Alessia Foglia Alessia Foglia 30 December 2021

Villagers' NH Icons

Just Doing This for Fun :P

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Skytuft Skytuft 7 December 2021

Just realized that snack dust doesn't work good in drawing, worst of all i wasted my chips

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JadeLemonade JadeLemonade 24 November 2021


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PearlTeepMEMES2 PearlTeepMEMES2 17 October 2021

DLC Page

This is only a model for the page and the duos are not formed, speaking of that there is not that much info to go off of for roommates.

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Rabbidpony Rabbidpony 7 September 2021

Before You Go (ACNH Version)

I fell by the wayside, like everyone else

“Don’t leave, please, don’t leave, please, don’t leave, please”, feel like I was kidding myself

Our every moment I start to replace

‘Cause now that they’re gone, I hear are the words that I needed to say

When you hurt under the surface

Like troubled water running cold

Well, time can heal, but this won’t

So, before you go,

Was there something I could’ve said to make your heartbeat better?

If only I had known you were the storm to weather

So, before you go,

Was there something I could’ve said to make it all stop hurting?

It kills me how your mind can make you feel so worthless

So... before you go...

Was never the right time whenever you called

Went little, by little, by little, until there was nothing at all

Our eve…

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Rabbidpony Rabbidpony 4 September 2021

Someone You Loved (ACNH Version)

I’m going under and this time I fear there’s no one to save me

This all or nothing really got a way of driving me crazy

I need somebody to heal, somebody to know

Somebody to have, somebody to hold

It’s easy to say, but it’s never the same

I guess I really liked the way you numbed all the pain

Now the day bleeds into nightfall

And you’re not here to get me through it all

I let my guard down and then you pulled the rug

I was getting kinda used to being someone you loved

I’m going under and this time I fear there’s no one to turn to

This all or nothing way of loving got me being without you

I need somebody to know, somebody to heal

Somebody to have just to know how it feels

It’s easy to say but it’s never the same

I guess I kinda liked the way you helped me…

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Meowcatsarecuteimposter Meowcatsarecuteimposter 3 September 2021



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Rabbidpony Rabbidpony 29 August 2021

Arcade (ACNH Version)


A broken heart is all that’s left

I’m still fixing all the cracks

Lost a couple of pieces when

I carried it, carried it, carried it home

I’m afraid of all I am

My mind feels like a foreign land

Silence ringing inside my head

Please carry me, carry me, carry me home

I’ve spent all of the love I’ve saved

We were always a losing game

Small town boy in a big arcade

I got addicted to a losing game

Oh, oh, oh, oh

Oh, oh, oh, oh

All I know, all I know

Loving you is a losing game

[Katie (Me)]

Do you love me or love me not?

Peeling pieces from my heart

And my rose-colored land is gone

Still I carried, I carried, I carried on

[Rudy and Katie (Me)]

Oh, oh, oh, oh

Oh, oh, oh, oh

All I know, all I know

Loving you is a losing game

Oh, oh, oh, oh

Oh, oh, oh, oh

All I know, al…

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SkipperGamez SkipperGamez 6 August 2021

Animal Crossing: Our Island Town

The scene starts with Filbert and Bianca in the plaza.

Filbert: Is Skipper going to check his flowers?

Bianca: Of course he is, hey, have you seen Bianca lately

Filbert: Bianca you’re righ…oh um I haven’t seen her today

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Mew of the elders Mew of the elders 5 August 2021

pet grad

l am meper of the pet grad im a bit of kion but im a cat and have the meow of the elders is it cool?

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YEE56107 YEE56107 20 July 2021

I think I did something bad...

Today I just gave cherry, one of my fav villagers a pyramid I got her photo but would it ruin her house let me know plsssss

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G0rtty G0rtty 19 July 2021

More specific fish (Suggestion)

Anchovy=Eurasian anchovy

Arowana=Asiatic arowana

Bitterling=Eurasian bitterling

Spider crab=Japanese spider crab

Butterflyfish=Yellow longnose butterflyfish

Catfish=Mekongn giant catfish

Char=Arctic char

Clownfish=Ocellaris clownfish

Crawfish=Louisiana crawfish

Dab=Common dab

Dace=Common dace

Piranha=Red-bellied piranha

Scallop=Bay scallop

Sea urchin=Lime sea urchin

Whelk=Knobbed whelk

Sea slug=Purple sea slug

Frog=Australian green tree frog

Guppy=Fancy guppy

Hammerhead shark=Great hammerhead shark

Jellyfish=Moon jellyfish

Snapping turtle=Alligator snapping turtle

Softshell turtle=Florida softshell turtle

Goldfish=Fancy goldfish

Gar=Florida gar

Koi=Butterfly koi

Salmon=Sockeye salmon

Tuna=Yellowfin tuna

Mitten crab=Chinese mitten crab

Moray eel=Yellow-edged moray eel …

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ACNH Maja ACNH Maja 10 July 2021

My Dream Address

This is my Dream Address: DA-2957-4809-6490

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OOFERMAN999 OOFERMAN999 2 July 2021

Animal Crossing OC 3

Name: Sarge

Species: Rabbit

Gender: Male

Personality: Cranky

Birthday: July 21st

Favorite Saying: "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger."

Hobbies: Fitness

Initial Clothes: Military coat (Green)

Initial Catchphrase: Roger that

Appearance: A lavender rabbit that appears to be a cyborg, With most of his body (Including his left eye) being replaced with mechanical parts. He appears to have a massive scar on the back of his head, And his left ear appears to have been stitched back on. His right eye is barely visible in any of his facial expressions, Due to it being wrapped in a gauze, And He seems to be missing a tail. (Is this a bit too edgy?)

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SupergirlDY2 SupergirlDY2 22 June 2021

Diary of a fangirl who plays animal crossing

Day one:

Watching Avengers: Infinity War, while playing New Horizons creates some contradictory scenes. One minute, half the population of the entire multiverce is crumbling into dust, the next, Anabelle is chit-chatting away about how she adores this weird spy comic book.

Day ???:

I am writing an animal crossing fan fiction novel. It is going great.


I've decided I don't need sleep anymore. I'm just binge watching Technoblade on the dream SMP until 3:00 every night.

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Qwertyxp2000 the second Qwertyxp2000 the second 18 June 2021

Cleaning up Special:UnusedFiles

I will be cleaning up Special:UnusedFiles in order to make it easier for more valuable images to pop up in this menu. Mostly deleting images and videos that are either broken, low-quality, or both not useful and unused for over a few years. If you see anything strange happening on the wiki as a result of my deleting of files, report to me.

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Smolwheein Smolwheein 16 June 2021

The story (from my grades post)

The time I got my first framed photo

In Animal Crossing New Horizons, my favorite video game, framed photos are one of the hardest things to get. It could take months as my first one did. Or you could get extremely lucky and get two in one day like I also did. It’s all luck, and I didn’t have much with my first.

         In the game, you have animal villagers on your tropical, private island. They speak your language, have different personalities, different appearances, etc. Personality-wise, the first villagers you find on your own are, normal (female), peppy (female), and lazy (male). You can move in and move out villagers of your choice, and the only one I’ve kept out of those three is the peppy one, Sprinkle. Sprinkle is a cheerful peppy…

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AguaMan275 AguaMan275 10 June 2021


I have now uploaded a dream for all of you do enjoy my island! The Dream Address is: 9649-8441-5080

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DADEG DADEG 31 May 2021

The hammi boy himself

Hamlet just cute so cute the hammi boy himself

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Meowcatsarecuteimposter Meowcatsarecuteimposter 31 May 2021

for bob hunt

if i have a 391 % chance of finding bob i might find him from ticket 100 to 1000 hmm dunno

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FALLing7 FALLing7 10 May 2021

This is a blog

Wow I’m so cool guys look I made a blog

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