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"I caught a blue marlin! Listen to this fish. it's got a point." —New Horizons

The blue marlin known as the swordfish in Animal Forest e+, is a scarce fish in the Animal Crossing series. In Animal Forest e+, it is only seen in the sea around the Private Island, where it makes occasional appearances as an arapaima-sized shadow. However, due to the currents of the island, some are impossible to catch as they are too far out to reach. In New Horizons, it spawns near the pier instead. The fish can be found all day and has a huge size.

Donation to the museum[]

When placed in the museum in all games, the fish can be found swimming back and forth in the ocean tank.

In Animal Forest e+[]

In Wild World[]

After donation, Blathers will say:

"To be honest, this is the first time that I've seen a proper blue marlin, wot wot! As you can see, its bill is quite dangerous. Every year people are injured by them. Still, how can one complain? If you were to drag me out of the museum one night... I assure you I would give you a pecking you'd not soon forget, hoo!"

In City Folk[]

Blathers will talk about the blue marlin when donated:

"Hootie hoo, what a magnificent fish! Look at that sleek, hornlike bill! This fish is quite fast, said to be capable of reaching speeds of up to 62 miles per hour... A regular oceanic speed demon, wot? If you get in its way, beware! It might not be able to stop in time!"

In New Leaf[]

In New Leaf an information board in the aquarium will list information about this fish.

"Blue marlins are famous for their long, swordlike noses that give them the nickname "swordfish." They use their "swords" to knock out their prey before capture, not skewering it as you'd think. Able to swim as speeds above 60 mph, their speed and power make them a true test for any angler."

In New Horizons[]

Upon donation or selecting "tell me about this!", Blathers the curator will say:

"The blue marlin has a distinctive angular shape and no scales. It is an unusual relative of the tuna. These mighty fish can exceed 13 feet from bill to tail. Some accounts even have it fighting with whales! No wonder it's a popular target for sport fishing: unlike most fish, it seems like a worthy opponent."


In New Horizons, certain types of fish can be used for cooking delicious dishes via DIY recipes for "sweet and savory". Blue marlin is an ingredient in a total of 1 recipe:

  • Carpaccio di marlin blu: 1x blue marlin.

Capture quotes[]

"I caught a blue marlin! Why so blue, marlin?" —Wild World
"I caught a blue marlin! Hey there, little darlin'!" —City Folk
"I caught a blue marlin! What a true darlin'!" —New Leaf
"I caught a blue marlin! Listen to this fish. it's got a point." —New Horizons

Japanese Quotes

「力ジキマグロを 釣り上げた! ちよー 大物だ!!」 —Animal Forest e+

"I caught a swordfish [blue marlin]! It's big game!" (translation)

Encyclopedia information[]

Wild World[]

Encyclopedia Information
Blue marlin (Wild World) "They attack prey with a sharp horn before eating it."
Size 7.3 Feet
Habitat Ocean
Season Summer
Icon Blue marlin (Wild World icon)

City Folk[]

Encyclopedia Information
Blue Marlin (City Folk)
"These attack their prey using their spearlike snouts."
Size About 88 inches
Habitat Ocean
Season Summer

New Leaf[]

Encyclopedia Information
"I caught a blue marlin! What a true darlin'!"
Size About 88 inches
Habitat Ocean
Season Summer

New Horizons[]

Encyclopedia Information
NH-encyclopedia-Blue marlin
"I caught a blue marlin! Listen to this fish. it's got a point."
Habitat pier
Months active (north) November to April, July to September
Months active (south) January to March, May to October

Further information[]

Atlantic blue marlin

A real-life marlin.

Main article: Atlantic blue marlin on Wikipedia

The Atlantic blue marlin is a species of marlin native to the Atlantic Ocean. It uses its long, sharp bill to injure or kill its prey, which mainly includes schools of small fish. Marlin, a popular game fish, is also commercially viable due to its high fat content. The marlin is the national fish of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas and is featured on its Coat of Arms.


  • The blue marlin features in the DLC quest 'Animal Crossing: Fisher King' for the game Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, where it can be caught by fishing in area 9, and sells for 1000z. One must be collected and returned to the delivery box in order to complete the quest.

In other languages[]

Blue marlin
Language Name Translation
Japan Japanese 力ジキマグロ Kajikimaguro -
France French Marlin bleu -
Spain Spanish Pez espada -
Germany German Marlin -
Italy Italian Marlin blu -
The Netherlands Dutch Blauwe marlijn -
Russia Russian Голубой марлин Goluboy marlin -
China Chinese 旗鱼/旗魚 qíyú -

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