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The Blue weevil beetle (ホウセキゾウムシ, Housekizoumushi) is a bug that first appeared in New Horizons.

Donation to the museum

In New Horizons

When either donating to the museum or selecting "Tell me more about this!", Blathers the curator will say (with abhorrence):

"Yes, yes. The blue weevil beetle does come in beautiful shades of blue and green. The colors are so bright, some say it looks like a living jewel. But I say it looks like a weevil...and weevil rhymes with EVIL. Draw your own conclusions from there. Hoot! I certainly have!

Capture quotes

"I caught a blue weevil beetle! It's the lesser of blue weevils!" —New Horizons

Additional information

Weevils are a type of beetle with characteristic elongated snouts. They are herbivorous and many are considered pests to farm crops. Unlike most insects, weevils use their snouts to drill into their food and then eat it from the inside out. There are over 400 families of weevils and classifying them can be very complicated.

The genus Eupholus from New Guinea feature some of the most vibrant and beautiful weevils. All species within this genus are bright blue and feed on yams leaves, which are toxic to other animals. Because of this, the weevils themselves are also toxic and their bright blue bodies serve as a warning to any would-be predators.

Encyclopedia information

New Horizons

Encyclopedia Information
"I caught a blue weevil beetle! It's the lesser of blue weevils!"
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Further information

Eupholus schoenherrii is a member of the Eupholus genus of New Guinean weevils. The bright colouring is thought to serve as a warning to potential predators to indicate toxicity. The weevils feed on yam leaves which may be the reason for its colouring. The genus is known as one of the most colourful of the weevil species.

In other languages

Blue weevil beetle
Language Name
Flag of Japan Japanese ホウセキゾウムシ Hōsekizōmushi
Flag of France small French Charançon bleu
Flag of Spain Spanish Gorgojo azul
Flag of Germany small German Blaurüsselkäfer
Flag of Italy small Italian Coleottero Schoenherr
Flag of the Netherlands Dutch Blauwe snuitkever
Flagofchinasmall Chinese 宝石象鼻虫 Bǎoshíxiàngbíchóng
Flag of South Korea Korean 유포루스바구미 Yuporuseubagumi

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