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Bring all lost property to the police station
― Booker, Welcome amiibo and Happy Home Designer

Booker (おまわりさんB・もんばんさんA, Omawari-san B; Monban-san A?, Policeman B; Gatekeeper A) is a bulldog special character who has appeared in all of the Animal Crossing series games (except New Horizons) alongside his partner, Copper as either an officer at the Police Station or a guard at the Gate. His name is a reference to "booking" someone, which means "to arrest". He works twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.


Booker is a tan and white bulldog with a stocky appearance, including a stub of a tail. Fittingly, he has chubby cheeks and lazy, tired eyes. His eyelids are purple, his upils are black and his nose is black. The rims of his eyes and tips of his ears are brown.

In Animal Crossing, Animal Forest e+, and New Leaf, he wears typical police officer attire: blue police uniform with matching cap and badge.

In Wild World and City Folk, he wears typical guardsman attire; red uniform with a white cross on the front and a green helmet. He holds a wooden pike which he pokes the ground with when approached.

In Happy Home Designer and Welcome amiibo, if his house is designed or if he is invite to the Campground, the player can visit his and find him in casual wear. He wears a red flannel shirt and blue denim overalls.


In the earlier games and New Leaf, Booker is a police officer at the Police Station. He is considerably less confident about his skills at this job than his partner, Copper. He runs the lost and found inside of the station.

Booker is instead a guard at the Gate in Wild World and City Folk, though he continues to run the lost and found. He is still steadfast partners with Copper.

New Leaf marks the first time he does not appear alongside Copper as only one of them can appear depending on which police station the player chooses to build as a Public Works Project.

In all games, Booker appears nervous and unsure of himself when talking to the player, hesitating to speak using words like "Um...", contrasting his partner Copper's confidence and bravery. He tells the player that this is because English is not his first language and he feels he isn't very good at it before quickly apologizing and clamming up.


In Animal Crossing and Animal Forest e+

In Animal Crossing and Animal Forest e+, Booker is a police officer running the lost and found inside the Police Station. He gives away any of the lost and found items, without questioning the player on whether they lost that item or not. He appears to question this to himself, by saying "Umm, okay, that's a lot of items," but never acts upon it.

In Wild World

Booker as he appears in City Folk.

In Wild World, Booker stands on the left of the gate inside the Town Gate. He will show the player the lost and found, tell them if visitors are in town (except Pascal, Pete and Gulliver) and change the flag to a different design. Like in the original Animal Crossing, he will give away any of the lost and found items away, without questioning the player.

In City Folk

Aside from slightly different speech, Booker's role in City Folk is exactly the same as in Wild World. He can be found in the same area, inside the town gate on the left hand side. Booker is very shy and unsure of letting the player change things (like the town flag) and letting them look inside the lost and found. He is also unsure of the exact time that people come through the town gate.

In New Leaf

Booker also appears again in New Leaf with his original role from Animal Crossing, serving as a police officer. He only appears in the game if the Classic Police Station is built as a Public Works Project. His RV can appear at the Campground area, and features items from the Camping furniture set.


e-Card [1]
Ac A121 Screen Shot.png
Ac A121 bk.jpg
#121 Booker
Gender Male
Type Special
Star sign Taurus
Clothes N/A
Petphrase N/A
Password C8feld6Bzf@YA2
Profile Booker's your best buddy if you're looking to snag free stuff from the lost and found but's kind of disturbing to think of him as a keeper of the peace. Could this guy really stop a criminal?
Ac A121.jpg
120 Phyllis #121 Booker 122 Wendell

amiibo Card

amiibo Card[2]
Amiibo card back.png
#106 Booker
Type Special
Star sign Taurus
Birthday 4/23
Roll value 4
Hand sign Paper
Request I'll leave it up to you!
Amiibo 106 Booker.png
105 Copper #106 Booker 107 Katie


  • Booker enjoys going out of patrol, and describes that walking around outdoors hardly feels like work. This is likely an acknowledgment to the fact that he is a dog, and stereotypically, dogs enjoy going on walks.
  • When invited to the Campground via his amiibo Card, Booker may share with the player that he modified his RV himself, indicating that Booker is somewhat handy.
  • Booker appears on the cover of Wild World, along with Copper.
  • He shares his birthday with Miranda. Both have their birthdays on April 23ʳᵈ.
  • In all Asian translations of the Animal Crossing series, Booker does not have a proper name, and is instead referred to as "Policeman B", or "Guard A".
    • His Chinese name translates roughly to "Uncle Policeman B".

In other languages

Language Name
Japan Japanese おまわりさんB / もんばんさんB Omawari san B / Monban san A
France French Chausset
Spain Spanish Nocencio
Germany German Wuff
Italy Italian Fido
The Netherlands Dutch Booker
Russia Russian Букер Buker
China Chinese 警察叔叔B Jǐngchá shūshu B
South Korea Korean 경찰관B / 문지기A Gyeongchalgwanp B / Munjigi A


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