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This is really janglin' up my nerves... Tickin' me off somethin' fierce, too!
― Boyd, New Horizons

Boyd (ボイド, Boido?) is a cranky gorilla villager from the Animal Crossing series, originally exclusive to Animal Forest e+ through his e-Reader card.

Boyd returned to the series in New Leaf, as part of the Welcome amiibo update. By scanning amiibo cards, this villager can be met via the campground and invited to the town.

He has the fitness hobby.


Boyd in Animal Forest e+

Boyd is a brown gorilla with beige skin and a black nose with nostrils with shaggy fur; the lighter covering the majority of his body, with the darker brown fur covering his cuffs, belly and ankles. He also has beige hands and feet. On his face, he has thick tan lips and orange tints on both sides of his cheeks, and his eyes are small and black. He initially wears the Good-fortune Clothes, which was changed to the Three-ball Tee in New Horizons. He adopts a seemingly irritated or angry pose, thanks to his furrowed brow, stereo typically associated with villagers of the cranky personality, like him.


Below is a brief description of the cranky personality. For more information, click here.

Cranky villagers will usually appear in a grouchy or agitated mood and are more difficult to befriend than most other villager types. When talking to the player, cranky villagers tend to become angry if the player disagrees with them or refuses to do a favor. Like all cranky villagers, Boyd will be invested in his hobby and will often challenge the player to various competitions. He will easily get along with jock, snooty and other cranky villagers, and occasionally lazy and normal villagers as well. However, he will find it hard to socialize with peppy villagers, as they will seem overstimulated or immature. Boyd will also enjoy spreading rumors about other villagers.


Boyd's house has the same furniture styling as Freya's house, but he has changed the flooring to the Exquisite Rug and the wallpaper to the Library Wallpaper and has a high-end stereo that plays K.K. Jazz.

Boyd house.jpg NL Boyd House Ext.jpg
Animal Forest e+ (interior) New Leaf (interior)
NH Boyd House.jpg NH Boyd House Ext.png
New Horizons (interior) New Horizons (exterior)

Pocket Camp

Boyd was added to Pocket Camp in the February 26, 2021 update.

Boyd's preferred theme is sporty. His profile reads:

❝ Give a gorilla a forklift, and he’ll lift all the forks! Boyd may be a bit rough around the edges, but he’s a good guy to know when you’re moving.❞

Campsite Invitation Requirements

Friendship Level: 0

Friendship Rewards

  • At level 7 friendship, he will reward the player with a good-fortune clothes and sparkle stones (x1).
  • At level 9, he will reward the player with sparkle stones (x1).
  • At level 15, he will request that the player craft a manhole cover.
  • At level 20, he will reward the player with a pic of Boyd and sparkle stones (x1).
  • At level 25, he will reward the player with sparkle stones (x1).
  • At level 30, he will reward the player with sparkle stones (x1).
  • At level 35, he will reward the player with sparkle stones (x1).
  • At level 40, he will reward the player with sparkle stones (x1).
  • At level 45, he will reward the player with sparkle stones (x1).
  • At level 50, he will reward the player with sparkle stones (x1).
  • At level 55, he will reward the player with sparkle stones (x1).
  • At level 60, he will reward the player with sparkle stones (x1).

amiibo Card

Welcome amiibo Card[1]
W Amiibo card back.png
#21 Boyd
pylon set Wet-road sign forklift Garbage bin Plastic canister
Bus-stop stand Detour arrow Manhole cover Metal can Oil barrel
Wallpaper and Flooring
Blue tarp Closed road
W Amiibo 21 Boyd.png
20 Billy #21 Boyd 22 Bitty


In other languages

Language Name
Japan Japanese ボイド Boido
France French Primo
Spain Spanish Bunga
Germany German Boyd
Italy Italian Brando
The Netherlands Dutch Boid
Russia Russian Бойд boid
China Chinese 空空 Kōngkōng
South Korea Korean 보이드 Boideu


  1. Species navigation icons from Nookipedia by Sunmarsh, CC BY-SA 3.0


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