Breezy Hollow (ワサワサの森, Wasawasa no Mori?, Lively Forest) is a location in Pocket Camp where the player can collect fruit and interact with villagers. Breezy Hollow is an area full of trees, either bearing fruit or none at all, and is a perfect place for camping. The player's RV is on the west side of the area while the other player's RV is on the east side. North of the player's RV is a windmill. If a cranky villager is present at the location, they will sometimes claim that they were responsible for building the windmill. There are three benches the player can sit on or two stumps the player can also sit on. Fruit trees that have already been picked can have the fruit instantly restored if the player decides to use fertilizer on them. If the player has no fertilizer, they can use Leaf Tickets to buy fertilizer to restore the fruit. It takes three hours for a fruit tree to grow new fruit once it has been picked. One non-native fruit will spawn on a given tree that is specific to the player. The other two types can be purchased from other player's market boxes.



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