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...Happy Valentine's Day.
― Brewster, City Folk

The perfect temperature to draw out the 175.38 degrees...Here you are.
― Brewster, New Leaf

Brewster (マスター, Masutā?, Master) is a character who works in The Roost all hours of the day in the lower floor of the museum or in his own shop. He is a quiet, aloof pigeon with an interest in coffee. His name is a portmanteau of "rooster" and "brew". In City Folk, he also has an interest in collecting gyroids.

He sells one cup of coffee per day for 200 Bells. He demands that the player drinks their coffee as soon as possible, and gets offended if the player responds by saying they want to let it cool. In New Leaf, this dislike can be swayed if the player purchases enough coffee at The Roost.

His language is often quite blunt and straightforward, but it may begin to soften as the player purchases coffee if they drink it hot. When the player has established positive relations with him, he becomes a lot more friendly and considerate.

In Wild World, he will admit he owns sugar, but only enough for himself. However, if the player visits him enough times without asking for the coffee to cool, he will offer the player some sugar and be shocked if they refuse it. He will also offer Pigeon milk after the player has bought coffee for about seven days.

In New Leaf, he works at the coffee shop, called the Roost, once it has been built as a public works project.

In New Horizons, he was added in with the 2.0 update as an addition to the museum after the player completes certain objectives.


Brewster is a blue rock dove, more commonly known as a pigeon. He has small, round glasses, a small orange beak, pink feet/talons, and a black moustache. He wears a black waistcoat, black bowtie, and a white undershirt along with a white apron.

In Happy Home Designer or Welcome amiibo, the player can design his house or invite him to the Campground via his amiibo Card. When visiting him, they can find his in casual wear. He wears a brown grid-print waistcoat and white undershirt.


In City Folk, after talking to him over the course of a few weeks, he will tell the player he used to own a coffee shop in the City before moving to the town to open up a small business in the museum, after meeting Blathers.

In New Leaf, Blathers is again shown to be his friend as he is the one who suggested The Roost in the first place.

Brewster shows a noticeable interest in gyroids. In each game, gyroids are visible on the shelves within the cafe. In City Folk he offered storage of gyroids, though this is not present in New Leaf.


In Wild World

Brewster's role in Wild World remains the same throughout the series. He will serve the player a cup of coffee a day for 200 Bells and be present when other special visitors and villagers are in The Roost. He will also be present when K.K. Slider is performing. After buying coffee for a while, he will offer the player special drinks which may include Pigeon milk. He will also ask the player if they have a favorite blend, the player can only choose "the usual". He will then tell the player the exact temperature, 176 degrees. When talked to, he will say, "How are you doing?"

In City Folk

Brewster serving his usual coffee at The Roost.

In City Folk, if the player drinks seven cups of coffee without letting them cool, he will offer to store the player's gyroids if the player is holding one while speaking to him. He will store one of each gyroid when spoken to by talking to him from across the bar (not on the stool). He may also offer a shot of pigeon milk like he did in Wild World. On Valentine's Day, he will offer the player hot chocolate instead of coffee, and will say "Happy Valentine's Day!" instead of the usual "Thank you". If the player takes a picture during one of K. K.'s performance and talks to Brewster afterward he'll say, "No pictures during the performance, please.... it bugs the talent."

In New Leaf

See also The Roost and Coffee Preferences

Brewster gives coffee to the player

In New Leaf he runs the Roost once it has been built as a Public Works Project. Unfortunately, he does not offer to store the player's Gyroids in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Instead, he will offer the player a take-out option after the player has drank three coffees. If the player has drank six coffees he will offer the player a part time job making coffees for villagers and special characters. He gives a gift to the player if they complete eight successful orders, and these gifts consist of coffee beans and sometimes Café Series furniture.

After the player has visited the The Roost enough times, they may be able to request what kind of coffee they would like, rather than having a takeout coffee. Brewster may ask what kind of coffee, how much sugar, or how much milk the player would like. Later, the player may choose to either have their usual, or change what they would like.

In New Horizons

Brewster serving coffee in Nintendo Direct.

In New Horizons, once the player has donated a total of 60 items to the museum, with all exhibits (including the art exhibit) having at least partial completion and after Kapp'n has been unlocked, the player can speak with Blathers. He will tell the player that there needs to be another way to draw visitors to the museum. He will gift the player a photo of Brewster, and tell them to look for him. Brewster can be found on a Mystery tour island, accessible through Kapp'n. Once the player talks with Brewster they will begin the process of getting The Roost in their island's museum. Like in previous titles, Brewster is shown to have an affinity for gyroids, and will be looking for them when the player discovers him on a mystery island.

In Dōbutsu no Mori

Brewster has a small role in Geijōban Dōbutsu no Mori. He first appears when Ai enters The Roost to deliver a package for Apollo and only has lines after Sally (Margie) moves.

He was voiced by Takaya Hashi.

In Pocket Camp

Brewster appears in the in game event Brewster’s Sweet Harvest.

In Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Brewster appears occasionally in the background of the Smashville course, and as a trophy in Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U.


The coffee may seem a tad expensive at... 200 Bells a cup, but it's well worth it.
― Wild World, player sitting on the seat

The usual, right? You know the price: 200 bells...
― City Folk, player sitting on the seat

All right then, before it gets cold... One fresh brewed cup... Enjoy.
― Wild World, Brewster insists the player drinks the coffee hot

You want the best flavor, you'll drink this at exactly 176.36 degrees... Piping hot's the only way.
― City Folk, Brewster insists the player drinks the coffee hot

...Say. Don't mean to intrude, but I see you've got a gyroid there... You like 'em? ...I don't tell a lot of people this, but I'm a collector myself. Amazing little things, aren't they? Not much to look at, not at a glance. But then you hear your first, and... I'm sure you know what I mean. And so you start experimenting, blending one with another. Changes everything. Like coffee beans, I suppose. Coo... Collecting 'em's a chore, though. You got a technique? ...I understand. Trade secret. But listen, I'm renting a storage unit here, and I've got some space. I wouldn't mind seeing what other gyroids are out there, so you want to store yours in here with mine?
― City Folk, Brewster detects a gyroid in player's pocket

Try this well-seasoned brew...
― New Leaf, after the player orders coffee

Here you go... One cup of the house special. Drink up... and enjoy.
― New Horizons, after the player orders coffee

amiibo Card

amiibo Card[1]
Amiibo card back.png
#302 Brewster
Type Special
Star sign Libra
Birthday 10/15
Roll value 4
Hand sign Rock
Request I'll leave it up to you!
Amiibo 302 Brewster.png
301 Isabelle #302 Brewster 303 Katrina


  • Along with Sable, Brewster is the only special character in the Animal Crossing series to be able to befriend.
  • In Wild World, certain compliments will cause Brewster to be shocked.
  • Brewster often says "coo" in his dialogue, which the player may also replicate in conversations with him.
  • Brewster has the voice of a cranky villager.
  • In New Leaf, if the player makes a perfect cup of coffee for a villager while working at The Roost, they may say that the player may have even surpassed Brewster, which shocks him.
  • When given a coffee, if the player replies with "It's gotta cool," they will then have the option to say "It's too hot." The player can continue to say this, but Brewster will always say the same thing.
  • The perfect temperature of coffee he suggests in New Leaf can change.
  • Brewster shares his birthday with Hippeux and Bea. All of them have a birthday on October 15th.
  • As shown in Happy Home Designer, Brewster's favorite song is K.K. Swing.
  • Brewster sometimes responds to comments said by sisterly villagers. At least within New Leaf, in the instance where a sisterly villager comments about her perfect coffee (specifically by the player giving her the perfect coffee), he will respond with the shocked emotion; likewise, he will make a brief comment whenever a sisterly villager comments about how Brewster is able to hear everything said in The Roost.

In other languages

Language Name
Japan Japanese マスター Masutā
France French Robusto
Spain Spanish Figaro
Germany German Kofi
Italy Italian Bartolo
The Netherlands Dutch Brewster
Russia Russian Брюстер Bryuster
China Chinese 老板 / 老闆 Lǎobǎn
South Korea Korean 마스터 Maseuteo


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