A Player receiving news of their new bridge.


Cobblestone Bridge in Animal Crossing: New Leaf.

Bridges are landmarks that cross over the river, connecting the land on both sides. Most towns have two bridges to start with, but if the town has an island, another bridge will appear. In City Folk, another bridge will be built after donating 200,000 Bells to the Town Fund and will take a week to build. The player has to go to the civil center in the town hall and choose Town Fund and Pelly will ask them to vote. In New Leaf, only one bridge is available at the start of the game and they are available as Public Works Projects. There can only be three present at any given time and in New Leaf. Demolishing the original bridge from the town in order to build a new one counts against the player's 30 Public Works Projects.

In all games up until New Leaf there were two types of bridges, Cobblestone and Suspension. In New Leaf, there are four new types of bridges as well as the two original styles for a total of six different bridge styles.

If the player demolishes a bridge in New Leaf that is next to a villager who has moved in, Isabelle will not allow the bridge placement because she now considers it too close to the house and 'might cause problems'.

New Leaf Bridge Styles

StoneBridge WoodenSuspensionBridge BrickBridge ModernBridge FairyTaleBridge JapaneseBridge
Cobblestone Bridge Suspension Bridge Brick Bridge Modern Bridge Fairy-Tale Bridge Wooden Bridge