Brook trout
カワマス Kawamasu
Brook trout cut
#2 #2
Location Price
River Pool 150 Bells
Size Shadow size
About 1 foot Medium
Time of year Time of day
All year All day
Scientific name Salvelinus fontinalis
Family Salmonidae - Salmon
Appearances AC, AFe+
Rarity Uncommon (★★)
Regional names Flag of Spain Salvelino
"I caught a brook trout! I guess this guy's just trOUT of luck!" —Animal Crossing

The brook trout is an inexpensive fish found in Animal Crossing and Animal Forest e+, having replaced the herabuna's role from Animal Forest and Animal Forest+. It can be caught in the river pool. It appears all day, all night and all year but is often quite uncommon.

Donation to the museum

Animal Crossing

Upon donation, Blathers the curator will say:

"Even run-of-the-mill, common fish are valuable resources, you see. All part of the grand tapestry, wot! We will take excellent care of this fellow, oh yes. You can rest assured. Excellent care, indeed."

Capture quotes

Japanese Quotes

「カワマスを釣り上げた! マスマス 元気!」 —Animal Forest e+

"I caught a brook trout! I'm getting healthier and healthier!" (translation)

Encyclopedia information


Further information

Real brook trout

A real brook trout

This fish lives in eastern North America, in lakes, rivers, and ponds at a high altitude. Some of these fish stray out to sea, but, unlike the salmon, they will not stray far from the river mouth. Despite being named a trout, it is genetically more closely related to the char. The brook trout has a dark green to brown color, with a distinctive marbled pattern of lighter shades across the flanks and back and extending at least to the dorsal fin, and often to the tail. A distinctive sprinkling of red dots, surrounded by blue halos, occurs along the flanks.

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