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A Bubble Wand is an item introduced in City Folk that can be obtained from Phineas in the City on clear days. In New Leaf, the Bubble Wand is obtained through streetpass. If the player hits the 'A' button while holding it, they will blow bubbles. In New Leaf, if the player blows into the microphone on their 3DS the player's character will blow bubbles as well.

In City Folk[]

In New Leaf[]

In New Leaf, it is able to be obtained by streetpassing the same person 5 times. When you talk to that player in the Happy Home Showcase, they will hand the item to the player. If the player equips the bubble wand, bubbles can be blown by pressing the A button or blowing into the Nintendo 3DS's microphone.

New Horizons[]

In the 1.4 summer update (wave 2), the bubble wand is renamed to "Bubble Blower" and comes in a stackable quantity of 10. Therefore, it's not a handheld item of infinite use. It can be won from Redd's raffle booth as one of the awarded prizes. The bubble blower is animated when the player presses the A button.


  • Phineas gives the player advice that it cheers up sad residents, though this is not likely, as when the player blows bubbles next to a resident that is upset, they don't cheer up.
  • If the player runs into bubbles in the air they will pop.
  • Prior to New Horizons, the Bubble Wand is an unlimited-use item; it will not disappear from the player's inventory on use.
    • It is now a limited-use item as of New Horizons. A Bubble Blower can only be used a singular time, but can be stacked (up to 10).


City Folk[]

New Leaf[]

New Horizons[]