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This article is about the various insects and creatures that can be caught with a net. For the glitches and errors, see Glitches.

Bugs are collectable items in the Animal Crossing series. Players can catch them with a net. They can be donated to the museum, sold to Tom Nook, or placed in the player's home inside a Bug Cage, like a piece of furniture. Most of them are worth a lot less than most fish at Tom Nook's store. A large amount of bugs will only emerge during the Summer, a few unique species emerge in Autumn and Spring, and there are very few during the Winter.


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Darner Dragonfly HHD Icon
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List of Bugs between games[]

In Animal Forest[]

Insect chart in the original Animal Forest.

List of bugs in Animal Forest: Bugs (Animal Forest)

In the original N64 Animal Forest, there are 32 species obtainable.

In Animal Crossing[]

Bugs in Animal Crossing.

List of bugs in Animal Crossing: Bugs (Animal Crossing)

In the Japanese Animal Forest+ and its English counterpart Animal Crossing, there are 40 species obtainable, adding 8 bugs to the game. Pondskater, Ant, Pill Bug, Mosquito, Mole Cricket, Spider, Snail, and Bagworm are new to the game.

In Animal Forest e+[]

Bugs in Animal Forest e+.

List of bugs in Animal Forest e+: Bugs (Animal Forest e+)

In the Japanese-only game, Animal Forest e+ an extra 8 species are added, making a total of 48 bugs obtainable.The new species include the Birdwing Butterfly, Hercules Beetle, Flea, Diving Beetle, Crab, Hermit Crab, Coconut Crab, and Dung Beetle.

In Wild World[]

List of bugs in Wild World: Bugs (Wild World)

In Wild World a total of 56 bugs are obtainable, with many added and many dropped. Dropped bugs from Animal Forest e+ and GCN games include Purple Butterfly, Common Dragonfly, Pine Cricket, Ladybug (GCN), Drone Beetle, Mountain Beetle, Bagworm, Diving Beetle, Crab, Hermit Crab, and Coconut Crab. New bugs include Peacock Butterfly, Monarch Butterfly, Emperor Butterfly, Agrias Butterfly, Moth, Oak Silk Moth, Honeybee, Orchid Mantis, Lantern Fly, Walking Stick, Fruit Beetle, Scarab Beetle, Rainbow Stag, Atlas Beetle, Elephant Beetle, Goliath Beetle, Fly, Scorpion, and Tarantula.

In City Folk[]

List of bugs in City Folk: Bugs (City Folk)

In City Folk, a total of 64 bugs are obtainable. Dropped bugs include Cockroach and (Flat) Stag Beetle. New bugs include Raja Brooke Butterfly, Giant Petaltail, Walking Leaf, Violin Beetle, Cyclommatus, Golden Stag, and Centipede. Returned bugs include Diving Beetle, Bagworm, and Miyama Stag (Formerly called Mountain Beetle).

In New Leaf[]


List of bugs in New Leaf: Bugs (New Leaf)

In New Leaf, a total of 72 bugs are obtainable, adding 8 new bugs. New bugs include Rice Grasshopper, Giant Cicada, Cicada Shell, Stinkbug, Tiger Beetle, Wharf Roach, and House Centipede. Returned bugs include the Hermit Crab.

In New Horizons[]

List of bugs in New Horizons: Bugs (New Horizons)

In New Horizons, a total of 80 bugs are obtainable. Dropped bugs include House centipede, Petaltail dragonfly, Lantern fly, and Fruit beetle. New bugs include Common bluebottle, Paper kite butterfly, Madagascan sunset moth, Damselfly, Giant water bug, Man-faced stink bug, Rosalia batesi beetle, Blue weevil beetle, Earth-boring dung beetle, and Giraffe stag. Returned bugs include Great purple emperor (formerly called Purple butterfly) and Drone beetle.

Golden Net[]

When the player catches all the types of bugs, Tortimer will appear outside the player's house the next day and award them with a Golden Net.

In Animal Crossing[]

In Animal Crossing, he will say this to the player:

"I've been a-waiting for you, player. Word is that you've been catching bugs... Those tiny little monsters... You likely had no idea at the time, but when you caught every last kind of insect we know of in these parts... You became the most famous bug-catching-person in the history of <Town>! Hurrah for you, sprout! To commemorate such a wild and woolly occasion, I'd like you to have this fine Golden Net. I suppose now that you're a big, famous bug-catcher you may not need it... ...But this is the kind of net that really makes a difference when you're having trouble catching butterflies. Yepper! Treat 'er with care, sprout! You won't be getting one anywhere else, and there's no replacing it, you know... Yepper, chasing bugs is good, but I'm partial to chasing Zs. Oooh... Looks like a tough crowd out there today..."

Bug List[]

Here are all of the bugs in the mainline series based on appearances.

Name Image Animal Forest Animal Forest+ Animal Crossing Animal Forest e+ Wild World City Folk New Leaf New Horizons
Ant Ant HHD Icon -
Agrias Butterfly Agrias Butterfly HHD Icon - - - -
Atlas Beetle

Horned atlas(as of NH)

Horned Atlas HHD Icon - - - -
Bagworm Bagworm HHD Icon - -
Banded Dragonfly Banded Dragonfly HHD Icon

Wasp(as of NH)

Bee HHD Icon
Bell Cricket Bell Cricket HHD Icon
Birdwing Butterfly Birdwing HHD Icon - - -
Blue weevil beetle NH-Icon-blueweevilbeetle - - - - - - -
Brown Cicada Brown Cicada HHD Icon
Centipede Centipede HHD Icon - - - - -
Cicada Shell Cicada Shell HHD Icon - - - - - -
Cockroach Cockroach (Wild World) - - -
Coconut Crab Coconut Crab (Animal Crossing icon) - - - - - - -
Common Bluebottle NH-Icon-commonbluebottle - - - - - - -
Common Butterfly Common Butterfly HHD Icon
Common dragonfly Common Dragonfly (Animal Crossing icon) - - - -
Crab Crab (Animal Crossing icon) - - - - - - -
Cricket Cricket HHD Icon
Cyclommatus Cyclommatus HHD Icon - - - - -
Damselfly NH-Icon-damselfly - - - - - - -
Darner Dragonfly Darner Dragonfly HHD Icon
Diving Beetle Diving Beetle HHD Icon - - - -
Drone Beetle NH-Icon-dronebeetle - - -
Dung Beetle Dung Beetle HHD Icon - - -
Dynastid Beetle

Horned dynastid(as of NL)

Horned Dynastid HHD Icon
Earth-boring dung beetle NH-Icon-earthboringdungbeetle - - - - - - -
Elephant Beetle Horned Elephant HHD Icon - - - -
Emperor Butterfly Emperor Butterfly HHD Icon - - - -
Evening Cicada Evening Cicada HHD Icon
Firefly Firefly HHD Icon
Flea Flea HHD Icon - - -
Fly Fly HHD Icon - - - -
Fruit Beetle Fruit Beetle HHD Icon - - - - -
Giant Beetle

Giant Stag(as of NL)

Giant Stag HHD Icon
Giant Cicada Giant Cicada HHD Icon - - - - - -
Giant Petaltail Petaltail Dragonfly HHD Icon - - - - - -
Giant water bug NH-Icon-giantwaterbug - - - - - - -
Giraffe stag NH-Icon-giraffestag - - - - - - -
Golden Stag Golden Stag HHD Icon - - - - -
Goliath Beetle Goliath Beetle HHD Icon - - - -
Grasshopper Grasshopper HHD Icon
Hercules Beetle

Horned hercules(as of NL)

Horned Hercules HHD Icon - - -
Hermit Crab Hermit Crab HHD Icon - - - - -
Honeybee Honeybee HHD Icon - - - -
House Centipede House Centipede HHD Icon - - - - - - -
Jewel Beetle Jewel Beetle HHD Icon
Spotted Ladybug

Ladybug(as of WW)

Ladybug HHD Icon
Ladybug Ladybug (Animal Crossing icon) - - - -
Lantern fly Lantern Fly HHD Icon - - - - -
Long Locust Long Locust HHD Icon
Longhorn Beetle

Citrus long-horned beetle(as of NH)

Longhorn Beetle HHD Icon
Madagascan sunset moth NH-Icon-madagascansunsetmoth - - - - - - -
Man-faced stink bug NH-Icon-manfacedstinkbug - - - - - - -
Mantis Mantis HHD Icon
Migratory Locust Migratory Locust HHD Icon
Miyama Stag Miyama Stag HHD Icon - - - - -
Mole Cricket Mole Cricket HHD Icon -
Monarch Butterfly Monarch Butterfly HHD Icon - - - -
Mountain stag beetle Mountain Beetle (Animal Crossing icon) - - - -
Mosquito Mosquito HHD Icon -
Moth Moth HHD Icon - - - -
Oak Silk Moth

Atlas moth(as of NH)

Oak Silk Moth HHD Icon - - - -
Orchid Mantis Orchid Mantis HHD Icon - - - -
Paper kite butterfly NH-Icon-paperkitebutterfly - - - - - - -
Peacock (Butterfly) Peacock Butterfly HHD Icon - - - -
Pill Bug Pill Bug HHD Icon -
Pine Cricket Pine Cricket (Animal Crossing icon) - - - -
Pondskater Pondskater HHD Icon -
Purple butterfly

Great purple emperor(as of NH)

NH-Icon-greatpurpleemperor - - - -
Rainbow Stag Rainbow Stag HHD Icon - - - -
Raja Brooke Butterfly

Rajah Brooke's birdwing(as of NH)

Raja Brooke HHD Icon - - - - -
Red Dragonfly Red Dragonfly HHD Icon
Rice Grasshopper Rice Grasshopper HHD Icon - - - - - -
Robust Cicada Robust Cicada HHD Icon
Rosalia batesi beetle NH-Icon-rosaliabatesibeetle - - - - - - -
Saw Stag Beetle Saw Stag HHD Icon
Scarab Beetle Scarab Beetle HHD Icon - - - -
Scorpion Scorpion HHD Icon - - - -
Snail Snail HHD Icon -
Spider Spider HHD Icon -
Stag Beetle Flat Stag Beetle (Animal Crossing icon) - - -
Stinkbug Stink Bug HHD Icon - - - - - -
Tarantula Tarantula HHD Icon - - - -
Tiger Beetle Tiger Beetle HHD Icon - - - - - -
Tiger Butterfly Tiger Butterfly HHD Icon
Violin Beetle Violin Beetle HHD Icon - - - - -
Walker Cicada Walker Cicada HHD Icon
Walking stick Walkingstick HHD Icon - - - -
Walking Leaf Walking Leaf HHD Icon - - - - -
Wharf Roach Wharf Roach HHD Icon - - - - - -
Yellow Butterfly Yellow Butterfly HHD Icon
*Note: (AC) = Animal Crossing, (AFe+) = Animal Forest e+, (WW) = Wild World, (CF) = City Folk, (NL) = New Leaf, (NH) = New Horizons.

In other languages[]

Language Name Translation
France French Insecte -
Spain Spanish Bichos -
Germany German Insekten -
Italy Italian Insetti -
The Netherlands Dutch Insecten -

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