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This bulletin board is reserved for townsfolk who wish to post important notices.
― Bulletin Board default message, Wild World

The Bulletin Board is a feature first added in Wild World. It is also available in City Folk, New Leaf, and New Horizons. Up to TBA notices can be added at one time in Wild World, TBA in City Folk, 15 in New Leaf, and TBA in New Horizons. In City Folk onwards, a yellow bird will perch on the Bulletin Board whenever a new notice is added. Other players can also put messages or drawings up onto the Bulletin Board.


FlowerFestival WW

Notices about events will usually appear one week prior to an event.

Flower Fest[]

A Wild World exclusive competition for the resident who can make the best garden.

Public Works Projects[]

In New Leaf, whenever an upcoming event is incoming, the Bulletin Board will display a message of the upcoming event.


Message of the Week[]

In Wild World, small anecdotes or notes occasionally appear on the Bulletin Board, usually with a humorous twist. These notes are suspected to have been written by either Pelly or Phyllis as there are often tales about the writer's sister, and their odd habits.

For a compilation of Messages of the Week, see this page.

Talking to Myself[]

In Wild World, every so often, "Talking to Myself" posts are posted to the board. These are also called soliloquy posts by normal villagers. They are often remotely random, off-topic, and fairly non-sequitur.

Normal villagers think the author of these messages is a girl. When the player is asked who they think it is, they get the option to choose the villager, Mabel, Pelly, or Phyllis. The normal villager will deny themselves, Mabel, and Phyllis if chosen, but will wonder while trailing off if Pelly is chosen.

For a compilation of "Talking To Myself" bulletins, please see this page.

Weather Warnings[]

Notices for significant upcoming weather changes.


These notices tell players of a villager's birthday a week before their special day, and also wishes the player many happy returns when it's their own birthday.

Emergency Notices[]

These are notes that Tom Nook puts up to advertise an imminent Point Special or Spotlight Item. Point Specials are advertised a week before the event, whilst a Spotlight Item is only made known of the day of its sale.

Building Upgrades or Openings[]

Whenever a new building is opened or a building will be upgraded, a notice will be added on the Bulletin Board.



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