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This article is about yellow ocean fish. For the white ocean mollusk, see Sea butterfly.
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Butterfly fish Gallery

"I caught a butterfly fish! Did it change from a caterpillar fish?" —New Horizons

The butterfly fish is a small yellow reef fish that appears in the ocean from April to September. This fish will sell for 1,000 Bells. It should not be confused with the winter sea butterfly. The butterfly fish was introduced to the Animal Crossing series in City Folk.

Donation to the museum

In City Folk

Upon donating the butterfly fish to the Museum, Blathers will say;

"This is a butterflyfish, but the truth is that there are over 100 varieties of this creature... They live in the oceans of the far south, and each variety has its own distinctive coloration. These fish are most often seen socializing in groups among stalks of coral. Rather chatty, wot?"

It can be found in the back tank with the other ocean fish.

In New Leaf

In New Leaf an information board in the aquarium will list information about this fish.

"Butterfly fish are considered very cute pets, popular because of their beautiful nature. They glide through the warm seas by flapping their yellow bodies as if they were butterflies. Their diets are surprisingly hardy, as they gobble coral and poisonous anemones using narrow mouths. Butterfly-fish couples have been known to live together for 10 years or more. Often they can be seen swimming around in pairs. You'll likely never find a better underwater romance."

In New Horizons

Upon donation to the museum or selecting "Tell me more about this!", Blathers will give more information on the fish.

"Ah, the butterfly fish is just charming with its beautiful colors and elegant movements. I refer to it as a butterfly fish, but it's actually a grouping in which there are over 100 types! These beautiful aquatic friends swim in schools amid coral, fluttering back and forth with the tides. The sheer awe one must experience when witnessing such a sight. It must be a dream! So much better than actual butterflies..."

Capture quotes

"I caught a butterfly fish! I didn't even have to use a net!" —City Folk
"I caught a butterfly fish! As mayor, welcome to my pockets!" —New Leaf (Mayor player only)
"I caught a butterfly fish! Keep flying, fishy!" —New Leaf
"I caught a butterfly fish! Did it change from a caterpillar fish?" —New Horizons

Encyclopedia information

City Folk

Encyclopedia Information
Butterfly Fish (City Folk).png
"These are said to use their bright colors to communicate with their peers."
Size About 7.2 in.
Habitat Ocean
Season Spring-Fall

New Leaf

Encyclopedia Information
"I caught a butterfly fish! Keep flying, fishy!"
Size About 7.2 in.
Habitat Ocean
Season Spring-Fall

New Horizons

Encyclopedia Information
"I caught a butterfly fish! Did it change from a caterpillar fish?"
Habitat Sea
Months active (north) April to September
Months active (south) October to March

Further information

Chaetodon butterflyfish.jpg

Main article: Butterflyfish on Wikipedia

The oriental butterflyfish is an Asian reef fish, and one of many different butterflyfish that are known to exist. Coral-eating butterflyfish are typically territorial in nature, and mated pairs will guard specific areas of coral viciously. In aquariums, butterflyfish are often prized for their coloration, however due to their diet most species are troublesome to maintain, and the species most often seen in domestic care are zooplankton feeders.

In other languages

Butterfly fish
Language Name
Japan Japanese チョウチョウウオ Chōchōuo
France French Poisson-papillon
Spain Spanish Pez mariposa
Germany German Falterfisch
Italy Italian Pesce farfalla
The Netherlands Dutch Koraalvlinder
Russia Russian Рыба-бабочка Ryba-babochka
China Chinese 耳带蝴蝶鱼/耳帶蝴蝶魚 Ěrdàihúdiéyú
South Korea Korean 나비고기 Nabigogi

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