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This article is about the HHD facility from the Animal Crossing series. For information on the cafe as other locations, see The Roost.

The unopened cafe

The Cafe is a facility that appears in Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer.

After completing the School expansion, it is unlocked and can be be built starting on the 10th in-game day, alongside the Hospital and Shop buildings. To do so, the player must speak to Isabelle at Nook's Homes.


There are six different exterior design options available:

Interior Layout[]

There are four different room layouts for the interior of the Cafe available:

Required furniture[]

The following furniture items are required in the design of the Cafe:

  • x1 Cash register
  • x2 Tables
  • x4 Chairs

Unlocked Furniture[]

The following furniture is unlocked when the cafeteria is built:

Flooring and Wallpaper[]

Cafe curtain wall Charcoal Tile