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The Call Islander is an app that the player can use to invite other islanders (players) to play with them. To use the app and invite multiple players on the switch, it will require at least two user accounts to have an islander.

To use the app, open the NookPhone, and select the Call Islander app. Here, it will ask the player to select one or more players to invite (keep in mind, it will require 2 Nintendo Switches to play with more than two people locally). Once the player selected, it will ask them to synchronise their controller.

The player who first launched the game will be the leader. The leader is in charge as the camera focuses on them. Only the leader can interact with DIY workbenches, open inventory, talk to villagers, and pick and keep items. However, when the other players pick up an item, it won't go into their inventory, but to the Recycling Bin in the Resident Services building. This mode is called Party mode.

If the leader wants to pass on leadership, they can shake the controller, causing their character to wave to the screen. While the leader waves, whoever presses the designated button displayed above their head will become the new leader.

Party Mode is automatically unlocked when you have at least two players on your island.


  • If a wasp nest falls from a shaken tree, the wasps always target the leader, regardless of who shook the tree.
  • Since the maximum number of accounts on a switch is eight, there can be up to eight player houses in total.
  • If a controller suddenly disconnects, the game reverts to the last save on the leader's profile.
  • The player is not able to visit another players island when in party mode.
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