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Campers (キャンピングカー, Kyanpingu Kā?, Camping Car) or RVs are vehicles that appear in New Leaf (Welcome amiibo update) and Pocket Camp. Similar to houses, campers can be fully furnished. They can also be customized with wallpaper and flooring. In Pocket Camp campers can have a second floor that is accessible by climbing a ladder.

In New Leaf

RVs at the campground.

In New Leaf, campers are called RVs. They are used by characters visiting Harvey's campground. Special characters, such as Pascal and Blanca, appear randomly with their RVs throughout the week. Wisp can summon the RV of any villager or special character using amiibo cards and amiibo figures.

Villagers in RVs can be convinced by the player to move to the town, if spaces are available. Players can also order any furniture contained in an RV by spending MEOW Coupons. Each item in the player's native town costs 3 MEOW Coupons. However, traveling to other towns will mean that each item costs 5 MEOW Coupons.

There are often clues to which special character is within the RV on the outside of the caravan - for example a red RV with green Christmas trees and snow is owned by Jingle.

Unlike in Pocket Camp, the player can not own or customize RVs in New Leaf.

In Pocket Camp

Players having their camper modified at OK Motors

In Pocket Camp, campers are owned by the players. They are used for accommodation and as transport between locations in the game. The exterior can be modified at OK Motors, where the player can choose between different patterns and colours. The camper's interior can be decorated with furniture, wallpaper and flooring. Additionally, campers of other players can be visited at Breezy Hollow, Lost Lure Creek, Saltwater Shores and Sunburst Island.

Camper expansions

The interior space of a camper can be expanded. Camper expansions are purchased through loans, and players must pay off the previous expansion to make the next one available for installation. Expansions will be finished immediately after talking to Giovanni at OK Motors. The second floor is accessible by climbing a ladder.

Expansion Image Loan Size
Initial Camper Camper interior (Pocket Camp).png None 4x4
Ground Floor Expansion Camper expansion 1 (Pocket Camp).png 10,000 Bells 4x6
2nd Ground Floor Expansion Camper expansion 4 (Pocket Camp).png 100,000 Bells 5x6
3rd Ground Floor Expansion Camper expansion 5 (Pocket Camp).png 150,000 Bells 5x8
Second Floor Camper expansion 2 (Pocket Camp).png 30,000 Bells 4x4
Second Floor Expansion Camper expansion 3 (Pocket Camp).png 50,000 Bells 4x6
2nd Second Floor Expansion Camper expansion 6 (Pocket Camp).png 200,000 Bells 5x6
3rd Second Floor Expansion Camper expansion 7 (Pocket Camp).png 250,000 Bells 5x8


Editing the camper in Pocket Camp

At the start of the game, the camper's interior is decorated with the following furniture:

  • Bucket seat
  • Camper kitchen
  • Large bucket seat
  • Pachira
  • Square minitable

The following wallpaper and flooring is applied:

  • Neutral wall
  • Old board floor

Amiibo Packs

As of November 2016, two RV amiibo card packs have been announced. These include the Welcome Amiibo pack (released for Japan, America/Canada, and Europe) and the Sanrio x Animal Crossing pack (only released in Japan] and [https: and Europe]).

Welcome amiibo Pack

Sanrio x Animal Crossing Pack


In other languages

Language Name
Japan Japanese キャンピングカー Kyanpingu Kā, Camping Car
France French Camping-cars
Spain Spanish Autocaravanas
Germany German Wohnmobil
Italy Italian Camper
Poland Polish Kamper
South Korea Korean 캠핑카