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The campground (Japanese: オートキャンプ場 Auto Camping Site) is a location available in New Leaf, though only after the game has been updated to Welcome amiibo. It is run by Harvey, and can be found on the far left or far right of the player's town up a hill through the cliff face. Throughout the day, Harvey can be seen doing different things.

Several public works projects, including a fire pit, two log benches, a hammock, and a water pump, appear in the campground.


The campground has two main uses. The first is a small shop run by Harvey that has two exclusive items on display that switch out at random (most commonly from Happy Home Designer). The second is the presence of two RVs containing villagers and special characters who can be spoken to, and three pieces of their furniture a day can be purchased. Any purchases made in the campground must be made with MEOW Coupons.

Most villagers who can be invited to the campground through Wisp are able to move into the player's town upon request. When a villager is asked to move into the town and when the villager limit has been reached, the player must select someone to move out, the desired villager will then talk to this one and they will move out. Villagers will not be able to move in if certain special events are occurring in the player's town.

Special characters can only be requested to move into the campground if their corresponding amiibo figure is scanned with Wisp. Some special characters do not have an amiibo figure and will appear in the campground on random days. Special characters who cannot move to the campground will have the option for the player to receive their picture when their card is scanned with Wisp.

Any villagers who are not part of the Welcome amiibo update (don't have an RV on their card) cannot be invited to the campground but are able to move into the player's town when their card is scanned with Wisp.

In addition to villagers with Welcome amiibo cards, the following special characters and villagers can appear in the campground:

Image Character Furniture Description
Blanca's Camper Van.jpg Blanca
  • white brick wall
  • yellow flooring
  • cabana armchair
  • cabana bed
  • cabana lamp
  • cabana table
  • cat tower
  • crayons
  • daisy tee
  • jester tee
  • makeup case
Sure, she likes to stir up trouble around the town. But when you see her out relaxing at the campground, she looks so… Well, she still looks pretty creepy.
Bookercampground.jpg Booker
  • meadow vista
  • dirt floor
  • camp stove
  • campfire cookware
  • picnic table
  • plastic canister
  • propane stove
  • sleeping bag
  • smoker
Booker is completely in his element while camping. If there were merit badges for it, he'd have all of them. Maybe he chose the wrong career!
WVW69jyPKLAZ13AkNT.jpg Cece
  • Inkopolis wall
  • Inkopolis floor
  • Inkopolis chair
  • Inkopolis sign
  • Inkopolis table
  • left Splatfest sign
  • Callie fashion top
  • Callie pants
  • Callie shirt
  • Callie shoes
  • Callie tights
  • Callie wig
  • right Splatfest sign
Cece and her sister Viché are big fans of the Squid Sisters. Cece takes cosplaying her half of the duo so seriously, she only responds to the name Callie.
Celeste RV.JPG
  • lunar horizon
  • observatory floor
  • Cancer table
  • Celeste ribbon
  • gadget shelf
  • New Nintendo 3DS
  • star globe
  • star projector
  • telescope
  • Wii U console
Celeste loves stargazing, and there's no better place for it than out in the country. Plus, when you're camping, you can nap all day long!
Chip RV.jpg
  • sea view
  • ship deck
  • blowfish sashimi
  • fish on a board
  • fish on a board
  • freezer
  • kitchen counter
  • ringside table
  • sushi container
  • sushi platter
  • sushi tray
He'd fish all the time...if only he could catch a single fish. Nevertheless, Chip loves the great outdoors and visits as many campgrounds as he can.
Copper RV.JPG Copper
  • music-room wall
  • parquet floor
  • billboard
  • cardboard box
  • common bed
  • freezer
  • kettle
  • plastic canister
  • rolling closet
  • sink
  • ventilation fan
You can be certain that every item in Copper's van is up to spec and perfectly maintained. But you can't be certain that he knows how to use any of 'em.
  • cabin wall
  • oil-stained floor
  • creaker
  • carpentry set
  • light breakfast
  • natural chair
  • natural low table
  • New Nintendo 3DS
  • rolling cart
  • tool cart
  • tool stand
  • Wii U Console
  • worktable
Cyrus is a master of breathing new life into tired old furniture, but even he needs a break once in a while. So camping breathes new life into tired old Cyrus!
  • modern wall
  • herringbone floor
  • basic trash can
  • blueprints
  • brown seat
  • console table
  • document stack
  • HHA raincoat
  • New Nintendo 3DS
  • stripe bed
  • Wii U Console
Rain or shine, Digby is always ready and waiting to admit you to the HH Showcase. So if anyone deserves to camp inside a luxurious van, it's him.
Epona camper.png
  • Hyrule wall
  • Zelda floor
  • Epona outfit
  • Gossip stone
  • Link hat
  • Link outfit
  • Lon Lon Milk
  • new hero wig
  • new hero's outfit
  • piece of heart
  • Sheik Mask
  • Sheik Outfit
  • Sheik Pants
  • Termina's moon
Clear the streets because the legendary Epona is thundering into town from Lon Lon Ranch! Does anybody have an ocarina handy to calm her down?
Felyne camper.png
  • magma-cavern wall
  • lava floor
  • barbecue spit
  • Felyne Gardian
  • Felyne outfit
  • Hunter
  • Hunter's cart
  • Hunter's hive
  • item box
  • Nabiru mask
  • Nabiru ornament
  • Otomon egg
  • Palico board
  • Poogie
  • Red Wing
  • wyvern eggs
Felyne's camper has been outfitted in a style befitting a rugged outdoorsman and hunter—so it's almost perfectly inappropriate for Felyne.
  • harvest wall
  • harvest rug
  • chef's outfit
  • harvest chair
  • harvest clock
  • harvest wall lamp
  • kitchen island
  • kitchen refrigerator
  • pancakes
  • potato gratin
  • stewpot
  • weeping fig
A talented chef who visits the town each year for Harvest Festival, Franklin only uses the best ingredients - even outdoors. No campfire beans for him!
Ganon RV.png
  • Hyrule wall
  • Zelda floor
  • bomb
  • Ganon outfit
  • Ganondorf outfit
  • Ganondorf pants
  • Ganondorf wig
  • Hyrulean treasure
  • Link hat
  • Link outfit
  • new hero wig
  • new hero's outfit
  • Rupee
There goes the neighborhood! A manifestation of absolute evil has moved in! Yikes! This game just got dark... Maybe he'll play nice with everyone this time?
WVW69jx00YEM741bHA.jpg Gulliver
  • tropical vista
  • sandy-beach floor
  • ball
  • beach table
  • life ring
  • volleyball net
  • wave breaker
Some say he's the worst swimmer to ever be called a sailor, which could be why he's trying out a new form of land-based adventure: camping.
Inkwell MobileHome.png
  • ink-splattered wall
  • ink-splattered floor
  • black anchor tee
  • pilot goggles
  • Splatoon spawn point
  • Splatoon tower
  • Splattershot
  • squid bumper
  • studio headphones
  • Super Sea Snail
  • Takoroka mesh
A Splatoon superfan, Inkwell's decided to leave his past behind and create a new identity as a squid. It'd be going better if his eight legs weren't so obvious.
  • green wall
  • modern wood flooring
  • alpine bed
  • alpine low table
  • alpine panel
  • basket chair
  • Isabelle scooter
  • natural lamp
  • New 3DS - Isabelle
  • PA system
  • town-hall winter top / town-hall summer top
  • Wii U console
Make no mistake—Isabelle is the dynamo that keeps the town humming along. But even she needs a day off, and camping is her favorite way to unwind.
  • Spooky wall
  • Spooky carpet
  • Candy machine
  • Green-pumpkin head
  • Jack-in-the-box
  • Patched dress
  • Patched shirt
  • Pumpkin pie
  • Purple-pumpkin head
  • Red-pumpkin head
  • Spooky wall lamp
  • Tea table
  • Wood display stand
  • Yellow-pumpkin head
When he's not presiding over Halloween, Jack lives simply and frugally. His only two indulgences are his decked-out camping van… and candy.

Jingle's RV


  • party wall
  • white wood floor
  • alpine low table
  • gift pile
  • gift pile
  • poinsettia
  • Santa coat
  • snow globe
  • tree-stump chair
  • Yule log
The logistics involved in Toy Day mean that Jingle is a very busy reindeer year-round. So when he gets a chance, he visits the campground to unwind.
HNI 0100-0.JPG Joan
  • shoji screen
  • tatami
  • daimyo's tray
  • floor seat
  • hearth
  • lucky cat
  • paper wall lamp
  • tokonoma
  • zen tea set
  • zodiac boar
You can only spend so much time growing and selling turnips (99.9% of your time, it turns out). In her spare 0.1%, Joan loves a good camping trip.
Kapp'n camper.jpg
  • Cabana wall
  • Cabana flooring
  • Banana flower basket
  • Blue aloha tee
  • Daimyo's tray
  • Driver's hat
  • Durian flower basket
  • Floor seat
  • Futon mattress
  • Model bus
  • Model sailor
  • New Nintendo 3DS
  • Red aloha tee
  • Sushi platter
  • Wii U console
  • Wood-plank table
Kapp'n traded his taxi and bus for the open sea, but he still likes to get behind the wheel of his old camper van. "The horn toots louder'n I do. Yar!"
Kkcampground.jpg K.K. Slider Even though he's hit the big time, K.K. keeps it real with the occasional camping trip. Light up that campfire, and break out the acoustic guitars!
Kicks camper.jpg
  • stone wall
  • terra-cotta floor
  • cardboard box
  • counter seat
  • counter table
  • glass screen
  • Kicks mat
  • lunch pack
  • New Nintendo 3DS
  • pitcher plant
  • shoe boxes
  • shoe-polishing set
  • succulent plant
  • toolbox
  • Wii U console
Kicks says, "Just because you have one really great pair of shoes, it doesn't mean you don't have room for 30 other really great pairs. Right, guvnah?"
Lottiemobilehome.jpg Lottie
  • polka-dot wall
  • pink wood floor
  • drafting table
  • HHA women's jacket
  • jacquard fleece
  • Lottie's bun
  • lovely love seat
  • makeup case
  • minimalist minitable
  • New 3DS XL - HHD
  • pastel low table
  • perfume bottles
  • red warm-up suit
  • Wii U console
As Lyle's niece and a busy real estate agent, she knows her way around new construction, but she also loves getting away from it all in a rustic setting.
Mabel's RV.jpg Mabel
  • ranch Wall
  • block flooring
  • counter table
  • New 3DS - Mabel
  • New 3DS - Sable
  • quilted tapestry
  • ranch bed
  • ranch tea table
  • slipper rack
  • Wii U console
  • yarn basket
The public face of the Able Sisters, she dearly loves Sable and Labelle, but she needs her own space too. Solo car camping is just the thing!
Medli camper.jpg
  • Hyrule wall
  • Zelda floor
  • Cucco ornament
  • Fairy bottle
  • Heart
  • Hero of Time scroll
  • Link hat
  • Link outfit
  • Medli outfit
  • new hero wig
  • new hero's outfit
  • Piece of Heart
  • Rupee
Fresh from Dragon Roost Island, it's Medli of the Rito tribe! Her flight skills are a little shaky, so she gets from dungeon to dungeon with her camper van.
Nat campground.jpg Nat
  • jungle wall
  • jungle floor
  • autumn-leaf chair
  • leaf bed
  • pile of leaves
  • potted ivy
  • sparrow's nest
  • sprout table
  • tree standee
The biggest bug fan around, Nat is known for intellectual digestion - er, discussion of the insect kingdom. He travels the world in search of new bugs.
WVW69jxmaX83fnoR9B.jpg Pascal
  • sea view
  • ship deck
  • beach chair
  • large bookshelf
  • lily-pad table
  • Pondering
  • sea globe
  • stack of books
  • treasure chest
A philosopher who dispenses pearls of hippie wisdom while collecting literal scallops. Sit at the campfire with this guy if you want your mind blown. Duuude.
Pavemobilehome.jpg Pavé
  • Pavé wall
  • Pavé floor
  • berliner
  • Festivale accessory
  • Festivale pants
  • Festivale tank
  • Festivale tank dress
  • Pavé chest
  • Pavé clock
  • Pavé end table
  • Pavé lamp
  • Pavé sofa
When he's camping, Pavé can finally drop the act and relax completely. Just kidding--he's even more Pavé than ever. Viva Festivale!
Reesecampground.jpg Reese
  • parlor wall
  • pink wood floor
  • antique shelf
  • hearty breakfast
  • mermaid chair
  • mermaid vanity
  • natural bench
  • natural low table
  • New Nintendo 3DS
  • refrigerator
  • Re-Tail clock
  • Re-Tail mat
  • stove
  • Wii U console
Queen of customer service, wife to grumpy old Cyrus, Reese has figured out the secret to a happy and successful marriage: go camping by yourself.
Resetti camper.jpg
  • old wallpaper
  • old flooring
  • accordion screen
  • bathroom stall
  • box with helmet
  • large tea table
  • New Nintendo 3DS
  • overflowing trash
  • half-eaten pizza
  • Resetti model
  • wall fan
  • wall-mounted TV
  • Wii U console
Constantly monitoring your system's status and maintaining a deep well of reserve anger can be tiring, so Resetti likes to unwind with a little camping.
Rover camper.jpg
  • train-window wall
  • school-hall floor
  • Boston bag
  • hanging strap
  • laptop
  • metal-rim table
  • New Nintendo 3DS
  • rolling suitcase
  • Rover suitcase
  • strapped books
  • train seat
  • Wii U console
Rover loves meeting new people, so camping next to strangers is right up his alley. He doesn't even mind when people forget that they've met him before.
HNI 0005 JPG-0.JPG Saharah
  • tent wall
  • tent rug
  • Aquarius urn
  • cabin low table
  • Genie's lamp
  • loom
  • loom
  • round mini cactus
  • tile screen
She can tie any room together with the right carpet and wallpaper, but in her spare time, Saharah lets loose with a little car camping.
Timmy and Tommy
  • plaster wall
  • monochrome floor
  • bunk bed
  • cart return
  • clerk's shirt
  • money box
  • New 3DS - T&T
  • retro sign
  • retro sink
  • shop mat
  • simple panel
  • Wii U console
  • zen low table
The elder raccoon twin, he idolizes Tom Nook and hopes to imitate both his business acumen and manner of speech. And he succeeds at one of them.
HNI 0010-0.JPG
Tom Nook
  • office wall
  • terra-cotta floor
  • golf bag
  • New Nintendo 3DS
  • Nook's Homes car
  • Nook's Homes mat
  • sacks of money
  • sales graph
  • Wii U console
Most successful businessmen of his age can be found on the golf course... and so can Tom Nook. But he also enjoys camping in the comfort of his luxury van.
Vichemobilehome.jpg Viché
  • Inkopolis wall
  • Inkopolis floor
  • Inkopolis chair
  • Inkopolis sign
  • Inkopolis table
  • left Splatfest sign
  • Marie dress
  • Marie shirt
  • Marie shoes
  • Marie tights
  • Marie wig
  • right Splatfest sign
Viché and her sister love traveling to different conventions to show off their latest cosplay—now featuring Marie of the Squid Sisters.
Wolf link RV.jpeg W. Link
  • Hyrule wall
  • Zelda floor
  • Heart
  • Heart Container
  • Hylian shield
  • Hyrulean treasure
  • Link hat
  • Link outfit
  • new hero wig
  • new hero's outfit
  • Princess Zelda Dress
  • Wolf Link outfit
  • Zelda wig
It's about time this hero came around. He's known for being strong but silent, but here he's starting to open up a bit. Just don't ask about his past...
Wendellcampground.jpg Wendell
  • concrete wall
  • paintball floor
  • crayons
  • pasta
  • retro fridge
  • rice balls
  • roasted dino meat
  • scattered papers
  • sloppy sink
  • sloppy table
  • tacos
  • Wendell's painting
With advances in camper-van technology, Wendell can finally feel at home while "roughing it" with a fully stocked fridge and chef's kitchen.
Wisp camper.jpg
  • lunar horizon
  • galaxy floor
  • GameCube drawer
  • NDS Lite bench
  • Nintendo bench
  • Nintendo DSi bench
  • villager statue
  • Wii Remote cabinet
  • Wii U console
He's used to living inside a tiny lamp and is uncomfortable with wide-open spaces and strangers. So why is he camping? He must be here for some reason...
Zipper campground.jpg Zipper
  • egg wall
  • egg floor
  • bunny hood
  • donburi
  • egg chair
  • egg table
  • hot plate
  • imperial pot
  • omelet
Camping gives Zipper a chance to finally get out of that stuffy old costume and—er, we're being told in no uncertain terms that it is NOT a costume.

In other languages

Language Name
Japan Japanese オートキャンプ場 Auto Camping Site
Spain Spanish Zona de autocaravanas
Italy Italian Area per camper
South Korea Korean 오토캠핑장


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