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The campsite in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a structure that allows villagers to visit the player's island. The player can optionally invite camping villagers to move to the island if there are any vacant housing plots if there are 9 or fewer villagers on an island, or if there are already 10 villagers on an island already. If there are no open plots, the villager will ask to move out a random villager (unless it's an amiibo camper) that currently lives on the island, which can be manipulated to kick out a villager of the player's choosing.

Inviting villagers using the campsite in New Horizons is way more complicated than inviting them through mystery island tours, due to rarity of visitations and randomness of the card game. Luckily, after some point, campers will always be accepting towards moving in.


A ceremony after the campsite is built.

After Resident Services is upgraded to a full building, Tom Nook will reveal his ambition to raise the island's popularity to the point that K.K. Slider will hold a concert there. For the "First Step" of this plan, which involves getting more people to visit and spread the word about the island, Tom Nook gives the player the objective to create a Campsite, as well as the DIY recipe needed to do so.

Upon crafting the setup kit, the player gets to choose the location, as with most other buildings. The site takes a day to complete.

First Camper

The next day after the campsite has been crafted, Isabelle will announce that a camper is visiting. The initial camper will usually be a smug villager. On rare occasions, it can be another villager such as Blanche. The camper visiting is required to move into the player's island no matter what, as they will stay at the campsite until spoken to. Once spoken to, they will ask the player about moving in. After speaking to Tom Nook, he will give the player a housing kit, which the camper will move into once completed.

First campers can only be smug villagers after the campsite is built. This specific villager will immediately move in if spoken to, and will not leave until their house has been placed by the player.

Subsequent Random Campers

A random first camper at the campsite.

Subsequent random campers operate differently in comparison to the first camper.

Campers can randomly appear in the player's campsite and will be announced by Isabelle in the morning announcements. It is possible to talk with this camper and they will play card games with the player for various clothing and furniture. There are no consequences for losing this game, but the player can only win one clothing or furniture per camper.

The player may also be able to prompt them to move to the island. If the player has ten villagers, or nine or fewer villagers and an open plot, they may be prompted to win a card game with them; should they lose, they can continue talking to them and get the opportunity to try the card game again. Camping villagers will never be unable to move to an island and can eventually agree upon multiple attempts.

Initiating Dialogue with a Random Camper and Inviting them

Bracketed numbers are used when the player has already won something from a camper.

Event Probability

(never failed a move-in attempt)


(failed a move-in attempt before)

Regular conversation 50% (71%) 20% (29%)
Card game for furniture 30% (0%) 30% (0%)
Move-in opportunity 20% (29%) 50% (71%)

Players will not get move-in opportunities when there are guests visiting the island.

Any time a player prompts a random campsite visitor to move in, the following will happen. This is rolled each time the player picks the "come to my island" option when it comes up. This assumes that the player has an open plot with nine or fewer residents currently or 10 residents - otherwise, move-in attempts will always fail.

Event Probability
The campsite visitor rejects the invitation immediately 45%
The campsite visitor challenges the player with a card game 45%
The campsite visitor accepts the invitation immediately 10%

There is a 50/50 chance the card game will be a 4-face (25%) or a 2-suit (50%) game.

If the island is full, the camper will say they will talk with Resident Services and will return upset if there are no spaces available. They will then ask if the player knows of anyone looking to move out, which will create a prompt with "yes" or "no" options. If "yes" is chosen, the camper will then say they heard one of the player's villagers saying they would like to move out and will say which one. The player can, however, say "yes" or "no" to whether the camper should talk with them.

Kicking out Specific Villagers using Random Campsite Visitors

The player can use random campers to kick out specific villagers from their island. If the campsite villager chooses to kick out a villager that the player does not want to leave, the player can close the game immediately without saving and repeat the whole process. By doing this, players can make random campsite visitors kick out the villager of their choosing. Failing to do this and answering "no" will cause the game to autosave and the campsite visitor to only target the villager they are to replace when the prompt comes again. This process is tedious and may require several hours for the camper to choose the correct villager to kick out.

Campsite villagers will put the villager they choose to kick out in boxes right away, and will take the plot on the day after the next day.

Villagers that are in boxes or scheduled to move house locations are excluded from this selection.

As of version 1.2.0, there is no risk for adopting villagers in boxes because they were kicked due to the campsite.

Probability of New Campers

Days since the last camper left 1 day* 2 days 3 days 4 days 5 days 6 days+
Chance of new camper 0% 0% 5% 10% 15% 20%

*tent removed

The game only does this roll and decides whether there will be a camper if the player has logged in during a given day.

Random Campsite Visitor Selection

Event Probability
All personalities roll 50%
Missing personalities roll 50%

There is a 50% chance that the campsite will pull a villager of a personality that is not present on the island, and a 50% chance that the campsite will pull a villager from any personality. If the island has villagers of all personalities, the game will do an "all personality" roll regardless. What the campsite chooses from this point onwards is completely random and is not personality-dependent. Villagers that have been to the player's campsite before or have previously lived on the island are excluded from entering the campsite, with some exceptions listed below. This means if the game chooses to pull a villager from any personality, the chances of getting a specific villager are 1/(391 minus the excluded villagers). The game does not roll first on personality then on camper.

Villagers that have somehow been picked up from other player's voids (there can be up to 4) are excluded from appearing in the campsite. They act as though they do not exist when rolling the campsite villager. This is called the "move in queue" and is different from villagers that enter naturally through Tom Nook.

Villagers that have been to the player's campsite before or have lived on the island are excluded from entering the player's campsite again, unless:

  • The game rolls all personalities for a campsite villager and the player has encountered every single villager, then the game will roll all personalities with no exclusions
  • The game rolls missing personalities and the player has encountered every single villager of missing personalities, then the game will roll all missing personalities with no exclusions

Amiibo Campers

Inviting a villager to the campsite.

After construction of the campsite, players can invite Amiibo to their campsite via the Nook Stop terminal found in Resident Services. If a compatible villager figure or Amiibo card is read, the corresponding villager will visit the island and immediately stay in the campsite location until the next day. If a special character Amiibo is read, such as Isabelle or Tom Nook, unique dialogue appears telling the player that they're too busy to stay at the campsite.

Cases where Amiibo campers cannot be invited

Amiibo-scanned villagers that are in the player's move-in queue (obtained from other player's voids) will be unable to visit the campsite (this results in an "answering machine" response). Players need to be aware of obtaining villagers from other player's voids when visiting because it can happen at any time.

Villagers in the player's void, however, can still be invited via Amiibo.

Heeey! You've reached <NAME>! I'm moving right now, so I can't chat, <CATCHPHRASE>!
― Answering machine response from a Peppy villager, Animal Crossing

DIY Requests

Upon speaking enough times with the invited villager, they will request the player craft them a specific DIY item akin to their personality. If the player does not currently own the recipe to craft the item, the villager will give it to them, making Amiibo campsite invitations another source of obtaining DIY recipes. The player won't get an additional DIY recipe for recipes they already possess. If the request is completed before the day ends, the invited villager will give the player a piece of furniture or clothing in return.

Permanent move in

Amiibo campers will not be willing to move in at all on the first day they visit. The player can have an invited villager move to their island permanently if they invite said villager to their campsite on three separate days and complete their DIY requests each day. After each DIY request is fulfilled, the player will have the option to invite the villager to move to the island permanently. During the initial two visits, the invited villager will decline the player's offers, telling the player to "invite them again and ask." However, during the third visit, the invited villager will accept the player's offer to move in and will call Resident Services to complete the move.

The call to Resident Services and subsequent move-in will fail if the player does not have enough empty plots allocated or the island is already at the maximum 10 villagers. In the event of the latter, the player will have the option to negotiate with an existing villager of their choosing and have them move out in favor of the invited Amiibo one. In the event that the island has 9 or fewer residents and does not have enough plots allocated, the invited villager will report that there is not enough room for them to stay. If the player then builds a lot and reports back to the invited villager, the villager will ask if they should try to call again and will be able to successfully move in if the player allows them to.

Villagers obtained this way will move in on the next day or newly built plots, or on the second day from invite if the player chooses to replace an existing villager. If an existing villager is chosen to be replaced, they will start moving out immediately, leaving their plot empty the next day for the newly invited villager to move in.

In other languages

Language Name
Spain Spanish Zona de acampada
The Netherlands Dutch Kampeerplek
South Korea Korean 캠핑장


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